Ok, so we are back with a new special ops.  I will be continuing my journals here but due to work/teaching/classes taking, I may be a day or two behind getting these out.  I am also trying to help out back stage here at the Wiki so that does eat a little time as well. So if you are using these for strategy help, I apologise in advance. And now, back to our regularly scheduled journaling. 

SpecOps 5 cover

Daily Gifts

This was started late in the day so I had no gifts to report.

Daily Reward

There was no spin of the wheel for me on this day.

Opening Stats

440 UISO-8, 54 Gold, 30 CP

Same UISO-8 as everyone else.

Daily Bonus Email

This was started late in the day so I had no gifts to report.

Game Play

Game hits while I am at my weekend job on a Friday night. Nothing I can do but read all about it during my breaks as there is no Internet access except on my phone and Flash does not work on Android phones. Get off at 11:00 and get the computer fired up.

Got a job helping with the Wiki this time. Working on the dialog. Got to take a little time editing while I play.

Jailbird Task Icon
Prison Break

1/25 Defeat three escaped prisoners. Low and medium show up on map at start.

Start with Medium. Win.

Deploy and another medium. Take one of the two lows, they are both the same.

Task 1 done with the easy.

Deploy Task Icon
On Call

2/25 Complete a deploy

Going back to some editing.

Back to work here and will run normal missions to do task 2. Have to Finish C9M first. The start again to do deploy. That is now done with a couple of fights in Chapter 9 Mission 2. Get 2 UISO-8 drops as well.

High Threat Task Icon

3/25 Defeat a mini-boss in Mission 1

Two deploys and one low. No mini-boss.

Take the low for now. And after the win, Wrecker shows up. and he goes down.

Jotun Task Icon
Frosty the Giant

Defeat 3 Jotrun

At this point I call it quits for the night. I have had a full day with 8 hours on one job, 6 hours on another and then did some editing of the dialog for the Wiki as well as play. Am tired and a busy weekend is still ahead. 

Table of battles fought

Mission number Type Enemies Team results UISO-8 drop Other notes
1 Medium 2 Waves; wave 1 - Hooligan (blaster), Brute (bruiser); wave 2 - 2 Jotun Ice-crafter (bruiser) Agent tactician suit, Iron Man (12), Scarlet Witch (9) Great (5601) no
1 low wave 1- 2 Felon (infiltrators) Agent scrapper suit, Luke Cage (7) , Magik (8) Amazing (5,637) no
1 low wave 1- 2 Felon (infiltrators) Agent scrapper suit, Luke Cage (7) , Magik (8) amazing (5,475) no Flash Bang 3
1 mini-boss Wrecker Agent Bruiser Suit, Valkyrie (9)(team-up), Hercules (6) Superior (15,354) no

Current Weapons Layout

Coulson's Revenge

Soulfinder (107)

Girl's Best Friend (103)

Energy Fist

Normal Game Play

Chapter Mission Boss Reward Score/Still Need to reach next star/next star Special Notes
9 4 (challange) Counter Strike 250,086/ 328,910 / 3 epic boss reward: Paladin ArrayCrippler

Mission Star chart

Five star countdown
1 2 3 4 5
1 19,500 374,000 748,000 1,496,000 2,992,000
2 12,500 275,000 550,000 1,100,000 2,200,000
3 11,500 248,000 496,000 992,000 1,984,000

End of Day Inventory

392 UISO-8

Unstable Iso-8 Purple

55 gold



30 Command Points

3 CP

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