SpecOps 4 cover

Daily Gifts

50 UISO-8

Daily Reward

Grim Visage
Grim Vistage

Opening Stats

UISO-111, 164 Gold, 63 CP, 46 Infernal Fangs

Daily Bonus Email

No email today.

Game Play

17 days remain.

Dormammu Task Icon
Dark Dimensions

Task 24 - Defeat Dormammu

Day 4

Problem from yesterday still continues today. Trouble ticket is now 21 hours old. It is now over 24 hours and still no response.

Play C8M5 to completion during the day.

Now 11:00 PM and still no word. It has been 1 1/2 days. I can honestly say Playdom support stinks.

Going to go ahead and finish the battles and hope that clears it.

Go for the high. Guess I am rusty, and put in the not so strong heroes also.

Gambit is out and I get a Stinger 3

Back in to the high again, this time with big boys. Well one at least. All my scrappers but Iron Fist (12) are level 7. Maybe I should be scrapper and replace the other one. Black Widow and Iron Fist. Win with a great.

And now the map is all the way open. Two deploys and two mini-bosses and the boss. Should I try to three bird it? I will try anything once, though I am sure that this is a waste of 20 UISO-8. If it does not fly I will go back to one at a time.

Guess I go back to one at a time. Mindless ones are up first. Get the win. Moonstone next. Win. Now to Baron Mordo and a win there. 156, 680 but still need 60,634 to get the third one.

But Quick Silver is still locked up. Not good.

Harness the Power

Start day with 46 Infernal Fangs. End with 47.

Now I have to find Frozen Hell.

Table of battles fought

Mission number Type Enemies Team results UISO-8 drop Other notes
2 High 2 wave: wave 1: 1 Magia Captain (tactician), 2 Mindless One (generalist); wave 2: 2 Maggia Assassin (infiltrator) Agent bruiser suit, Sif (7) , Magik (7) defeated yes cloaking device, deflection patch,tactical strike,
2 High 2 wave: wave 1: 1 Magia Captain (tactician), 2 Mindless One (generalist); wave 2: 2 Maggia Assassin (infiltrator) Agent bruiser suit, Iron Fist (12) , Black Widow (10) great (10,212) no molatov 4, Overdrive Ampule. Zap-8 IV, Stamina Serum 3, Stinger 3,
2 Boss/mini-boss/mini-boss 2 wave: wave 1: 2 Magia thug(scraper), Moonstone (blaster); wave 2: 2 mindless one (generalist), Baron Mordo (blaster) Agent tactician suit, Doctor Strange (10) (team-up) , She-Hulk (11) defeated Healing Serum 3, Napalm 3,
2 mini-boss 2 Mindless One (generalist) Agent tactician suit, Iron Fist (12) , Doctor Strange (10) superior (12,420)
2 mini-boss 1 Magia Henchman (tactician), 1 Mindless One (generalist), Moonstone (blaster) Agent infiltrator suit, Ghost Rider (optional 9) , Black Widow (10) superior (14,436) yes Cluster Granade 3
2 Boss 2 wave: wave 1: 2 Maggia Thug (Scrapper); wave 2: Baron Mordo (Blaster) Agent tactician suit, She-Hulk (11) , Doctor Strange (10)(team-up) amazing (24,480) no Napalm 3, Deflection Patch. Boss reward 3 CP

Current Weapons Layout

Goblin Glider

Coulson's Revenge (96)

Girl's Best Friend (103)

Golden Tonfa

Normal Game Play

Chapter Mission Boss Reward Score/Still Need to reach next star/next star Special Notes
8 5 1CP 399,696 / 388,266 / 5 Epic Boss Reward: Deft ISO-8 Shard,

PVP results

No PVP tournament going on at this time.

Mission Star chart

Five star countdown
1 2 3 4 5
1 0 0 0 256,228 1,309,372
2 0 0 60,634 692,634 2,010,634
3 0 110,877 333,877 779,877 1,671,877

End of Day Inventory

13 UISO-8

Red Unstable Isotope-8 Task Icon

164 gold



67 Command Points

3 CP

47 Infernal Fangs

Infernal Fang Task Icon

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