SpecOps 4 cover

Daily Gifts

50 UISO-8

Daily Reward

Grim Visage
Grim Vistage

Opening Stats

UISO-59, 161 Gold, 52 CP, 43 Infernal Fangs

Daily Bonus Email

Team Restore
Team Restore

Game Play

18 days remain.

Dormammu Task Icon
Dark Dimensions

Task 24 - Defeat Dormammu

Day 3

Problem with the game. Last night I started to do the deploy of Quicksilver as I had received one UISO-8 in normal play and that made 10. So I sent him off and got the reset browser warning. Now when I go to deploy Quicksilver I can not as it says he is already deployed. I do not wish to continue because one must do all deploys to get to Dormammu. So I will put a trouble ticket in to Playdom and hope for the best.

I looked at their FAQ and it says to send any hero on three minute flight and then close the browser. At the end of the time reopen the browser and the problem should be resolved. I am doing that now. The second option is not one of choice for me. I must take a mission that is active and abandon it. Guess what is the only mission I have open is. Mission 2 for special ops. Not going to do that with out a refund of some UISO-8. Well, the three minute flight is done, let's see what happened. Did not fix.

I sent off a very polite request to either refund the UISO-8 I would loose if I reset the mission or see if they could clear the error on their end.

Ran as much as I could in C8M5. Still have a few battles left on it.

It is now 3 hours and I have not heard back from them. We are at 4 hours and it is still waiting assignment to a help desk operator.

Finish up C8M5 and agent levels up as well as get number 4 star for it. Now at 5 hours with it not being assigned. Still have the problem. Have picked up a few UISO-8 as drops and now stand at 60, enough to do everything on the map if I could go forward.

Thirteen hours and still no reply and it is still waiting to be assigned.

If I do not hear something soon I will finish the mission and go back through it again as I am sure that I am fairly sure will not have three stars. It is just frustrating to wait.

Harness the Power

Start day with 43 Infernal Fangs. End with 46.

Now I have to find Frozen Hell.

Table of battles fought

None fought, missions on hold.

Current Weapons Layout

Goblin Glider

Coulson's Revenge (96)

Girl's Best Friend (103)

Golden El Diablo

Normal Game Play

Chapter Mission Boss Reward Score/Still Need to reach next star/next star Special Notes
8 5 Lasting ISO-8 Shard 392,608 / 1,123,394 / 5 Agent levels up to 107, epic boss reward: 5 command points
8 5 1 CP 337,432 / 785,962 / 5 Epic Boss Reward: 5 CP

PVP results

No PVP tournament going on at this time.

Mission Star chart

Five star countdown
1 2 3 4 5
1 0 0 0 256,228 1,309,372
2 0 0 849,314 1,062,093 2,167,314
3 11,500 223,000 446,000 892,000 1,784,000

End of Day Inventory

61 UISO-8

Red Unstable Isotope-8 Task Icon

164 gold



63 Command Points

3 CP

46 Infernal Fangs

Infernal Fang Task Icon

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