So we all got a little frustrated with the way things did not end last night. I was also, even though I was not at the keyboard I was frustrated with it when I got home from work.

My frustration was multiplied in that I could not get a win from my defense team at all, no matter who I put in. I would climb with my team but the AFK would sink me low.

So I thought about the analogy of 100 monkeys could bang at typewriters for 100 hours they might write some Shakespeare! Can we try that in PvP I though. So, the experiment begins.

Planning Stage

First I consulted with a private group I am in on Facebook to get thoughts on a win rate and how many fights should be done. A few numbers were thrown around but it came down to 25% win ration over blocks of 20 fights. Every 20 fights, look at the ration and if 25% OR better keep the team in, if not generate a new team and weapons and start again. The thought is that a random team could be put together that is good.

Building Stage

I used Excel for the building but I ported it to Google Docs and Spreadsheets. It ported just fine. If you want to try my experiment then here is what you need to do.

You will need to set up three pairs of columns, one for heroes, one for weapons and one for uniforms. (I forgot to add that in the first version). For the heroes I listed each hero along with what alt I have for them. That resulted in 106 heroes/alts. For the weapons I did basically the same. If I had duplicates (I am saving them for something that Woods said during Twitter conversation), I took the highest level one only. It resulted in 232 weapons. Lastly I set up the Uniforms, I only keep one for each class, you may be different, but just list them one by one. In all three cases number the items in the column on the side of it.

Next step is lay out a column for your heroes that you will use, weapons and uniforms. Under each you will put the formula the appropriate number of times.


where the value of x and y are the start and stop numbers you want to include. Example under my hero column I would have two cells with =RANDBETWEEN(1,106) as I have 106 heroes/alts.

Sample top of Sheet

Hero WeaponHeroesWeaponsSuit
1Iron Man 11Infitrator1Radian Pistol=RANDBETWEEN(1,106)=RANDBETWEEN(1,232)=RANDBETWEEN(1,6)
2Iron Man 32Blaster2Mindkiller=RANDBETWEEN(1,106)=RANDBETWEEN(1,232)
3Iron Man 73Generalist3Eclipse=RANDBETWEEN(1,232)
4Black Widow 14Scrapper4Scythe of Path=RANDBETWEEN(1,232)
5Black Widow 25Tactician5Spatha
6Black Widow 46Bruiser6Phoenix Pinion
7Hawkeye 17Scroll of Angolob
8Hawkeye 38Radian Rifle
9Hawkeye 59Displacer
10Black Cat 110Mimic
11Captain America 111Infernal Trident
12Captain America 512Lightning Needle
13Colossus 113Stone Golem Club

You would keep listing Hero/Alts and weapons till they are done. I have 106 hero/alts and 232 weapons and only keep 5 suits at any one time. You will need to adjust the randbetween numbers to suit what you have.

Rules of the Game

I had to set up a few basic rules to keep me honest, if you want to try it too then you should follow them.

  1. No matter how much I may dislike a weapon or hero you have to play them. I tend not to play with heroes or items that give me a debuff to make my attack stronger. Not my style of play. I have a hard enough time keeping my team healthy with all the debuffs out there. But not to play them is not true to the experiment.
  2. It is OK to re-iso heroes. I am a level 300 and some heroes have had to have the dust taken off of them for this experiment. In my case I will only limit myself to the ISOs I have on hand, except for the E-ISO. Those I will spend CP or Gold for them, if I have them available.
  3. No matter how bad the team is, they stay in for their allotted time, in my case 20 fights.
  4. Once hero or weapons are set you can not change them except to add to the end of the list. At that point reset your numbers in what ever random number creator needs it.
  5. Your offence team is free to change as much as it needs to.

First Round

Not decided if I will make a separate blog for each team or not. But here is what I have for the first round up. I am not sure if I will have a full 20 in the next week but lets give it a whirl. What could happen? Well, I could wind up in silver!


Hero Level
Kitty Pryde 12
Heimdall 12


Weapon Level (if custom)
Vigilante Toolkit 296
Golden Fan
Netheranium Trident 239
Target Painter


Tactician's Power Armor

Current Results

Date Against Win/Lost Change in Rank
1/29 Sid Junior L -19
1/29 Smith L -19
1/29 Simpson L -20
1/30 Tam L -17
1/30 IA Post It L -17
1/30 Thorn L -12
1/31 Takeshi L -15
2/1 Rick Fury L -14
2/1 Whitten L -18
2/2 Orion L -18
2/2 Iron Janx L -13
2/2 Quinttanlha L -13
2/3 Raven L -17
2/3 Arbi L -15
2/3 Peralta MF L -14

15 Battles 0% wins and -239 points

Your Turn

What are your prediction for the results?

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