We all know that they are about to introduce a Halloween themed Special Operations where we will be able to get Ghost Rider as a reward.

That got my mind to thinking about other holidays that could be brought into the fold using Marvel Heroes. I must admit all I could think about were humorous ones, but maybe you guys can help me get serious.

For Christmas we could have a Christmas based theme and the reward would be Santa Clause. Level 1 power, "gift to the face". Level 2 power, "Rudolph nose blinding". Have not worked out 3rd or 4th power yet.

For Thanksgiving we could get Aunt May as a reward. 1st power, "sweater knitting: binds the attacked person with sweater that they can not get out of (like Invisible Woman's box attack only much weaker)". 2nd power, scold: talk the attacker to a point that they miss their turn."

Maybe for Easter they could do Howard the Duck!

I used to verify that these characters are in some stories.

I am sure that you all can come up with better funny ones or worse, some serious ones. The floor is all yours.

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