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Been a while since I did a blog entry. Since PKB has talked about getting out of the business of strategy guides, I thought I would give it a chance.

So here is my attempt. As always, you have to decide what is important to you and if it does not match you needs.

My objectives:

  1. Get the hero with as little ISO as possible.
  2. Get the lockbox hero the same way
  3. Get the weapons as I can.
  4. 5 star the missions just so I can say I did it.

Your millage may vary.


Main Tasks

In general you need to break it up into research milestones.

Day 1

1. Dark Elf Mask Task Icon Dark Times

2. Leaping Slash Task Icon To Arms

3. Hammer Throw Task Icon Thunderer

4. Destroyer Task Icon Weapon of the Ancients

5. Kurse Task Icon Behemoth

6. Dark Elf Mask Task Icon Face Off

These tasks can be done in two hours. In fact, I had time to do the mission 1 dialogue and do these in 2 hours (cutting it close for the class I had to teach tonight).

Run these as is.

Things to watch for: It is very easy to not have tasks 2 and 3 done in the battles set up for you. In that case you have to hold back. I use a lot of my health and defense items and let the major hero do the battle.

With the Thor one, Kurse runs away quick. I hope you have Thor because if you do not you will have to run it through again. It may be possible to run it out of the Special OPs but I did not try. I wound up running him against a normal battle to finish it out.

If things are like in the past, do not use anything that gives an extra move to get it in quicker. For some reason they did not count. Not sure if it is still broken but do not want to try.

Once research started decision time. Run the rest of them (wasting ISO) or finish it. I purpose a third option, wait for the research and then get what you need for the next one. No elves in mission 2 so see below. Someone tested this and it did work, things changed. See messages below.

Day 2

7 through 11

Do not collect your Group Boss yet. You will still have at least 2 more days. It is bad etiquette as your allies can beat on him till you collect it. And, you have a task tomorrow that you need the lockboxes from it. Share the wealth and you will get some lovin back tomorrow.

7. Dark Elf Mask Task Icon Unmasked

You have to get and use 5 masks. Quick look in the store and I find it costs 2000 Silver and 10 Shield points for each one. You may not have a lot but I can tell you I have a lot of them 10,000 silver and 50 Shield points and I have them and can use them in these fights. You can not unlock them to buy them till research is done so it is a wait and see. If you do not have Silver/SP you are going to have to wait till they drop in mission 1. I am sure many of you can remember waiting for the nuts to drop in the Squirrel Girl tasks a while back. If you can afford it then get them.

If you did as I did hopefully you will get to use them, if not you have to go back through mission 1 at least 1 more time. This is not bad as you have to get three stars eventually.

8. PVP Task Icon Versus

Unless PvP is down, and it has been off and on, then this is an easy one. Just hope you catch it when it is up. Use the practice fights.

9. Jotun Warrior Task Icon A Giant Problem

Have not run it yet but seeing seven battles excluding Boss/Mini-Boss. Minimum of 2 each, should not be any problem. Look ahead to task 13. You will be needing to use Heimdall a lot. Get your Jotun done with out doing any bosses.

10. Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Mission Accomplished

Hopefully you got that in your mission 1 runs. If not, backtrack and do them.

11. Stone Golem Club Task Icon Gone Clubbing

And day two ends as it always does on special ops. Time to do research. Sit back while it is going on and start to review the rest of the tasks like I will to see what needs to be done when.

What I did

Task 7, you do not have to actually hit anyone once the mask is equipped. Just putting it on a hero counts, even if they never get a chance to use it power.

Finished mission with 321,214 which was enough for 2 stars. That takes care of a future task.

Task 8, so simple a caveman could do it. Remember it is fight them, not to win them. Won all 5, why can that not happen in real competition.

Task 9, well, it is possible to have only one Jotun in a battle. In the end, it worked out. Have Heimdall set up for where I need him for task 13.

Task 10, done already, got the blueprint.

Task 11, research, 24 hours. Take a break. Would go outside but it is raining.

Day 3

Task 12 through 16

12. Stone Golem Club Task Icon Blunt Instrument

You should have at least one more battle with the Jotun (I have a low level one). Do it but do remember to equip the thing first.

13. Heimdall 1 Task Icon Sight Beyond Sight

Hopefully you just did the Jotun. You should have the two mini-bosses up. While I would love to 3 bird this thing, that is not going to give me time to do this task and Enchantress is needed for task 15. So you only have the two group bosses to deal with.

Once research started decision time. Run the rest of them (wasting ISO) or finish it. I purpose a third option, wait for the research and then get what you need for the next one. No elves in mission 2 so see below. Someone tested this and it did work, things changed. See messages below.

Take each boss one at a time. Use as much delay tactics as you can. Throw health on yourself. There are new Halloween drops in allies maps, use them. Do what you can on each boss to make sure that you can get what you need in. Vigilance and Gjallarhorn have cooldowns (2 and 3) so plan ahead. You can do this if you take them one at a time. If not, back through again, no real loss as you still have to three star it some time but I am trying for minimal ISO use.

14. Mischievous Lockbox Task Icon Son of Secrets

I did tell you to save your group boss, right. If not, you may have to hope for some group bosses with low health or it is time to break out the gold.

15. Enchantress Task Icon Some Enchanted Evening

Do what you have to do.

16. Eclipse Task Icon Lab Practical

48 Hour research time.

What I did

Task 12, Did it without any problem.

Task 13, I actually did it with one min-boss. It helps that one of the cooldown moves is a quick action. But using the regular stall tricks kept it going long enough to get it done with one. Mixed blessing as this lowers score.

Task 14, collected Group Boss. Done (as well as all the other ones backlogged).

Task 15, go it done by two-birding it. Not much of a fight put up, I was surprised.

Task 16 stated as we type.

Finished the two fights left and exited to see I am just short of two stars.

Thoughts are to run mission 3 since it is open. This will finish the lock box task (or at least bring it closer). If I can get that task done I will run mission 2 to get the Jotun one started. Then after 2 days research we have a chance of coming back and to mission stuff. This will also make two starring them easier.

Day 4

Send 10 UISO-8 to each ally you have. Hopefully they will send some more back.

If you have not 2 stared mission 2 then time to go back and do it. You need it for task 18. Make sure to leave a fight available, you will need it for task 17.

What I did

Update when I get there.

Day 5 and beyond

Task 17 through 25. This is assuming UISO-8 and energy are in abundance. This is where things can really slow down.

Make sure to hold off collecting from allies/gifts today. Also if you have group bosses do not fight them yet.

17. Eclipse Task Icon Dark Side of the Moon

If you left a fight open in mission 2 then do it with this weapon. Mission 3 should be open after research but I do not take chances.

18. Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Mission Accomplished

With luck you are done, otherwise, well, you know what you got to do.

19. Unstable Iso-8 Blue Task Icon Hoarder

This is why you plan ahead. If you did not, burn the gold.

20. Fog of Chaos Task Icon Trickster

Plan ahead again, two round cool down. Do what it takes to make it through then beat on them.

21. Kurse Task Icon Grim Strength

Hope you had some group bosses to fight. If not, you are at the mercies of Playdom on this one. I have seen the allies bosses show up at multiple times of the day so you may be lucky, or not.

22. Svartalfheim Task Icon Field Trip

Am assuming that these portals take us to Asgard. I am also assuming there will be enough of them to go around. There are a total of 5 portals in the mission (2 hard, 2 mini-boss, 1 boss). It can be done but lowers score efficiency if done in one pass.

23. Malekith Task Icon The Accursed

Malekith has information. Writing after the fact, he was not all that hard to beat.

24. Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Mission Accomplished

Standard stuff for most Special Ops. You should have 2 stars in each one unless you are low level player. If you do not have three, time for another run of each one till you get them.

25. Malekith Task Icon Darkness Falls

Epic Boss, hopefully you have the heroes for deploys. I do. If not you should have been farming CP up to this point and maybe beyond. Yes the CP count is high but you can get all of them now.

Update info on the villain when I get information.

What I did

Day 5:

Have to really go back to day 4. Got bored and wasted ISO. Ran the two Lockbox tasks and then started getting lower amounts of ISO.

Task 17 completed but only had to run back to mission 2 to get 2nd star. Depleted ISOs.

Day 6:

Task 18 done. Time however was not on my side as along with work I had family commitment to attend to. Did 19 and 20 as well. Task 21 must be finished later.

Day 7:

Playing when I can I eventually get all the group bosses in to complete the task. I use up UISO to get a run of mision 3 and complete 22.

Day 8: Got the ISO and beat the boss for 23. Running back to mission 1 and 3 to get the 3rd star for each one. Get mission 3 done, run out during mission 1. Task 24 tomorrow I am sure.

Lockbox Tasks

These are more like put them in where you can in main tasks.

1. Dark Elf Task Icon Pointy Ears

I made mistake here and if you are coming in late hope you will not. I always collect from allies before anything else. If I had finished off research this and the other side task would have opened. So all the group bosses I fought the Elves did not count towards it.

Hopefully this will not hurt me to much. No info on the battles for mission 3 yet,will update later. Just have to be a little more careful next time.

2. Jotun Warrior Task Icon Frostbite

This is a little frustrating. Mission 2 is the place they are but that should have been run to 2 start already. This task is probably best to do during the 48 hour research but it will eat up UISO-8 maybe causing a longer time to complete main task. Not sure if I want to wait till done main tasks or not. Playing it by ear.

3. PVP Task Icon Victory

Do this as soon as 2 is done. No UISO-8 required.

4. Svartalfheim Task Icon The Dark World

If 2 was done during 48 hour research, then this should be done when mission 3 is started. I have a feeling it may require two runs through. Film at 11.

Added later, it will take 3 run throughs. There are only 5 portals and you need 12.

5. Kurse Task Icon Kurses, Foiled Again!

If timing good, do this with main task 21, if not, hope you have some dance partners allies lined up.

6. Watcher's Blade Task Icon Watch This

First time I read this I thought about the joke about something bad happening when you hear a redneck say, 'Someone hold my beer and you all WATCH THIS'. Thankfully it will not be something that stupid. Use the Task 20 reward again.

7. Spec Ops Mastery Star Task Icon Completionist

4 star them all. Some may have this done, if not, you should have enough time to get it done. Have not been able to not get one done yet.

Special Tool task

Nothing special here. Collect the Cold Iron from your Group Boss fights. The ones you got before this task opened count as well.

Best of luck to you all.

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