It appears that Playdom is no longer doing this. They have substituted a daily gift that if you do not click on in Facebook to accept it you will stop getting their messages. Gifts appear to be of a much nicer type, mostly consumables from previous special ops.

From time to time I have people see from my special operations journals that I collect a daily e-mail from Playdom and they want to know I get them. It is fairly simple but most people do not know that it exists. So if you would like to get an email like the one below that gives you something for free every day, then follow the steps below.

Email received

Get something for free from Playdom's Daily Emails

NOTE: This only works on Facebook accounts. While Playdom may do some thing similar at I am not aware of it as I play only a marginal amount over there.


Sign in to Facebook and go to the Marvel:Avengers Alliance Application

At the top there is a task bar. Find the button that says MARVEL XP.

Menu bar

Click this and you will be taken to a log in for Marvel XP if this is your first time choosing it. There will be an explanation of what is going on and then you will be taken to a splash screen. 


This screen is what greets you the first time you log into Marvel XP

Click on the Sign Me Up button to sign up for the first time. 


Due to some countries having restrictions for children you must put in your birth date and country. Enter your info and Press Continue


Fill in the information required.

Note that Facebook may fill in some of this information for you. You will be asked to create a password and to agree to the terms of service. 

The email address on this screen is the one that your daily email will be sent to. There is no way that I have found to change this once it is set up so make sure that the email address is one that you can continue to use into the future. 

Common Items Received

In a thirty day period These are the items that I received.  I will monitor this to check and see if there is any change. These are the items that you expect to receive but like most everything else in this game, it is a random thing and you may get several days in a row of the same thing. 

Common e-mail gift items
Team First Aid Pack
Panacea Injection
Team Restore
Tactical Strike
Team First Aid Pack 1 Panacea Injection Team Restore 1 Stunner I Tactical Strike

Trouble Shooting

  • If you do not get any emails after a few days check your email spam box. You may need to make sure that it does not see it as spam.  
  • If it is not a problem of spam, post a note below and I will let you know if I am getting them or not. Sometimes Playdom will go several days without sending the emails out. By checking with me you will know if they are sending them out at the current time.  If I am getting them and you are not, you might need to post a trouble ticket to Playdom.

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