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    In the end, we value all currency in the game in gold, so that is how we will measure things.

    Since 1 gold buys 2 CP then:

    1 CP = 0.5 gold

    Silver is a little harder to value and may vary from country to country. I am going to use American numbers here as that is where I live. Your mileage may vary.

    In the game I can get 20 gold for $5 or 268,000 silver for $5 so we will assume that 20 gold = 268,000 silver for the sake of argument. If this is true 4 gold = $1 and 53600 = $1. Lastly 1 gold = 25 cents and 25 cents = 13400 silver. So:

    1 gold = 13400 silver.

    For every 13400 silver, we get we have 1 gold, otherwise measure it in fractions of gold.

    You are welcome to provide your exchange rates for your country in the notes.

    Couple of different ways …

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  • Docbobm

    So we all got a little frustrated with the way things did not end last night. I was also, even though I was not at the keyboard I was frustrated with it when I got home from work.

    My frustration was multiplied in that I could not get a win from my defense team at all, no matter who I put in. I would climb with my team but the AFK would sink me low.

    So I thought about the analogy of 100 monkeys could bang at typewriters for 100 hours they might write some Shakespeare! Can we try that in PvP I though. So, the experiment begins.

    First I consulted with a private group I am in on Facebook to get thoughts on a win rate and how many fights should be done. A few numbers were thrown around but it came down to 25% win ration over blocks of 20 fights. …

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  • Docbobm

    Iceman Cometh..

    December 12, 2013 by Docbobm

    So, the new announcement today. We were waiting for BIG news. And we got Iceman.

    I am OK with Iceman in the game. I have wanted him in the game for a long time. In the 60's when I read comics, he was a big part of the X-Men. I can remember him teaming up with Spider-Man and Human Torch in their respective team-up comics.

    But this: was not what I was expecting.

    To be fair, is not what I was looking for either. (That is from X-Men #1, I used to own it, 12 cents. Mom made me throw it away, never be worth anything she said).

    I can only hope that they can capture the joy of the character of my youth.

    But even with that, it was just another minor announcement. When they t…

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  • Docbobm

    Finding Heimdall

    October 30, 2013 by Docbobm

    Been a while since I did a blog entry. Since PKB has talked about getting out of the business of strategy guides, I thought I would give it a chance.

    So here is my attempt. As always, you have to decide what is important to you and if it does not match you needs.

    My objectives:

    1. Get the hero with as little ISO as possible.
    2. Get the lockbox hero the same way
    3. Get the weapons as I can.
    4. 5 star the missions just so I can say I did it.

    Your millage may vary.

    In general you need to break it up into research milestones.

    1. Dark Times

    2. To Arms

    3. Thunderer

    4. Weapon of the Ancients

    5. Behemoth

    6. Face Off

    These tasks can be done in two hours. In fact, I …

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  • Docbobm

    PVP 10

    August 16, 2013 by Docbobm

    My current status in PVP

    Current Lockbox collection

    Thursday August 29, 2013

    Sorry have not had time to do any analyzing, but this works for the better as I want to do some comparisons of recent battles v. the whole set of battles done.

    First, the lockboxes, got 13 so time to open 10:

    Molotov V Neural Wave Disruptor Tactical Strike The Immobilizer Elektra: The Hand Vol. 1 #1
    Command Points Command Points Reactive Deft ISO-8 Three Battle Coin Superpower Shackles

    14 groups of 10, 7 comics, 7 duplicates

    Down to just needing one comic.

    So here is the top 10 in the metta as a whole:


    Very little change as a whole. As an experiment I am going to go back abou…

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