I've been playing MAA for over a year now.  I enjoy tracking how many resources (time and silver) are needed to get my heroes to a certain level.

I've been using a calculator in Excel, and have decided to share it in Google Drive for all to use: Hero Level Calc.  You will have to copy the file to edit.


Here's how it works:

Input your information in all the "yellow" cells:

  • The number of heroes at each level [C3-C17]
    • Note: If you want to evaluate having all the heroes, add the heroes you don't own to level 1
  • The level you want to work towards [C19]
    • Note: Level 14 and 15 work with estimated time and silver requirements
  • Your current silver supply [G22]
  • Estimate how much silver you earn per day [G23]
  • And lastly, how many training rooms are available [F24]

HELP! I need more silver: After using the calculator for a while, you will soon realize the need for silver (especially levels 13-15). Enter the Group Boss and PKB's blog Take Every Boss from 100 to 0. Follow this method, and your allies GB will keep your coffers full. Be considerate and don't use it on your boss.

Good luck to all.

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