• Djcman

    I've been playing MAA for over a year now.  I enjoy tracking how many resources (time and silver) are needed to get my heroes to a certain level.

    I've been using a calculator in Excel, and have decided to share it in Google Drive for all to use: Hero Level Calc.  You will have to copy the file to edit.

    Here's how it works:

    Input your information in all the "yellow" cells:

    • The number of heroes at each level [C3-C17]
      • Note: If you want to evaluate having all the heroes, add the heroes you don't own to level 1
    • The level you want to work towards [C19]
      • Note: Level 14 and 15 work with estimated time and silver requirements
    • Your current silver supply [G22]
    • Estimate how much silver you earn per day [G23]
    • And lastly, how many training rooms are available [F2…
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