Oh my stars and garters!! Don't tell me you're back with one of your boring episodes? Yes I am back and as boring as it sounds I am here to guide you. Not necessarily to victory but to a more rational way of thinking, logics and perhaps the Gold League itself as a starter. My 'dearest' fellow Agents and Users. In today's episode I will (try) to explain to you my own guide to PvP. Today is the day I will try to help those in dubiety, the novice and the mentally anguished choosing their strongest PvP-Suit.

Now off you go and do some reading!


Pretty much dividing your tactics & opponents and conquering the weak. Or stalling indefinitely and destroy the weaklings.

The Heroes/Gears/Costumes needed to divide your opponents or stall the battle endlessly are:

  • Invisible Woman: Force Cage allows her to nullify and suppress the opponent to use only defensive or subtle actions. Comes in handy when you are Force Caging an opponent without defensive moves.

Another method within this play style is tanking. Why? I'll tell you why. Because you are taking on the other opponents with your tanker by letting him take all the damage for you and dividing your other Heroes or Agent to deal the damage.

  • Heroes with non-removable Auto-Protect Passives: WWII Captain America, Colossus' Alt, and Wonder Man.
  • Related Protect Gear: Blade of the Guardian (LE expired Gold purchasable Weapon), Conductor (LE expired Gold purchasable Weapon and only energy protector), The Knight (SO2 LE expired Gold purchasable Weapon) and the Hoarfrost Mace (SO5 exclusive Gear).
  • Heroes with a non-removable chance to Protect Passive: Nightcrawler, Spider-Man and Wolverine.
  • Related Chance-to-Protect Gear: The Kuzuri (LE expired Gold purchasable Weapon).
  • Heroes who protect when Ally has low health: Valkyrie.
  • Related Sacrificial Protect Gear: The Plasma Beam Handgun (1 Year MAA Anniversary Gift Expired).
  • Heroes who apply a removable Protect buff on themselves or their chosen ally: Black Knight, Captain America, Colossus, Hercules, Luke Cage, Omega Sentinel's Eos Protocol, Phoenix, Red Hulk, Rescue, Scarlet Witch (Probability Field) and the Thing.

Cornering your opponents allows you to divide your attacks onto the other enemy Heroes and Agent.

  • Heroes who apply Cornered: Beast, Black Knight, Hank Pym, Iron Fist, Tactician Punisher, Red Hulk, Satana, Wasp and Wolverine.
  • Related Cornering Gear: The Beyond Corp Wreality Wrench (LE expired Gold purchasable Weapon), the BP-1 Headhunter (LE expired Gold purchasable Weapon), the Scourging Gaze (SO11 Exclusive Daily Reward) and the Survivalist (Exclusive SO9 Gear).
  • Related Cornering Uniform: Infiltrator's Aegis Armor (PvP Tournament 6 Vibranium Reward).

This particular style/strategy revolves around the destruction of the enemy Hero/Agent with the use of the enemy Hero/Agent him/herself. Your main goal is to have your opponents destroying themselves. Isn't that wonderful?

The Heroes/Gears/Costumes that are needed to have your opponents inflict damage on themselves are:

  • The Scarlet Witch: This goes without saying. An easy to use and understand Heroine for this style/strategy. The Hex Spheres can cause serious annoyance and damage to the opponents when the attacks keep on backfiring.
  • Related Hexing Gear: The Hex Wand (LE expired Gold purchasable Gear).
  • Emma Frost: Needless to say that her Psychic Tap is disastrous if you are a fool and attack while still having the possibility to recharge. Mental Anguish deals a good amount of damage and it deals enormous damage while the opponent is suffering from the debuff Weak Mind.
  • Related Mental Anguish Gear: The Only For Killing (Epic Gear Mission 9.4) and the Custom Only For Killing (Epic Gear Challenge Mode Mission 9.4) is a gear which cause Mental Anguish on the opponent. The Traumatic Post features the same debuff on your opponent, however this weapon is expired and currently unavailable.
  • The Punisher (Tactician): When Punisher's Promixity Mine is used, it works in a similar fashion as Emma's Mental Tap. The attacker will be damaged massively whenever he takes offensive or non-sublte action.
  • Ghost Rider: Beware for none is without sin. If you take any harmful action, Ghost Rider will acknowledge that as a Sin and will automatically reduce your defence by 10% and stack to a maximum of 7 times.
  • Related Sinful Gear: Weapons which may induce sin are the Infernal Blade (exclusive SO4 Gear) , the Soulfinder (exclusive SO4 Gear) and the Wretched Defender (LE expired Gold purchasable Gear). The aforementioned weapons are currently unavailable through regular game-play.
  • Fantomex, Omega Sentinel and Heroic Age Hawkeye (note that the arrow Hawkeye draws is completely random): The debuff Disoriented. A stunning move. It causes your opponent to randomly attack his/her allies with a 30% proc chance.
  • Related Disoriented Gear: Currently unknown.
  • Cable & Daimon Hellstrom: I'll creep in your mind and hurt you inside out with my spiky psionic spikes (Cable). Do note that Daimon Hellstrom's first tier of his level 6 move, otherwise called Succubus: Amorous Congress has a 70% chance of applying the debuff. The Mind Control allows your opponent to protect you from his/her allies attacks. Great trick, although it can be a tad unpredictable.
  • Related Mind Control Gear: Loki's Sceptre (LE expired Gold purchasable Gear) and the Encephalizer (exclusive SO8 Gear) has to consume Combat Data in order to apply the Mind Control.
  • All Infiltrators with Combat Reflexes and Heroes with counter-attacks: Quicksilver (with at least 1 Quickness), Captain America's WWII Alt, Black Knight with Atonement has a chance to parry melee moves , Hercules with Gift of Battle, Storm's Classic Alt, Daredevil with Radar Sense, Kitty Pride's Strike From the Shadows, Black Panther with Guile of the Panter, Beast when War & Peace is performed , Black Widow's Tactician Grey Suit, Magik's Fiery Retribution, Human Torch's Cosmic Control Rod (alt), Fantomex (E.V.A), Omega Sentinel (Helios Protocol) and Wolverine's Berserker Rage.
  • Related Counter-Attack Gear: Beyond Corp Driver (LE expired Gold purchasable Gear), Blade of the Guardian (LE expired Gold purchasable Gear), Cryo-Tonfa (In Store, finish Research first), Cr Enchanted Crowbar (Exclusive SO1 Gear and Demonic Lockbox), Fang-L13 (Level 25-35 Deploy Drops), Fury (SO4 LE expired Gold purchasable Gear), Golden Tonfa (Complete Chapter 2 - The Iso Effect), Grecian Sai (Mission 2.3 Epic Boss Reward), Inhibitor Dart Gun (LE expired Gold Sale Gear), Maggia 'Triggerman' (Expired Mobile MAA Offer), Nanite Inductive Nailgun (PvP Tournament 2 Diamond Reward & Story Season 2 Incursion), Sabretooth's Claws (Chapter 4 Premium Mission Boss Reward), Souldrainer (Exclusive SO3 Daily Reward), Soulfinder (exclusive to SO4), The Knight (SO2 LE expired Gold purchasable Gear), Touch of Madripoor (Exclusive to SO6) and the Traumatic Post (LE expired Gold purchasable Gear). You may find the rest of the weapons with counter-attack here -> Counter-Attack.
  • Related Counter-Attack Buffs: The buff Cooperative Defense may initiate a counter-attack whenever an ally is attacked and the buff Combat Awareness initiates a counter-attack when attacked.
  • Pre-emptive Hero Passives & Buffs: Psylocke's Psychic Scanning, Quicksilver's Time Displacement (Alt), Magneto's Master of Magnetism and Union Jack's L1, L2 and L6 moves may strike the opponent non-stealthy attack pre-emptively.
  • Related Pre-emptive Gear: Weapons that may cause you to pre-emptively attack your opponent are the Mahayuga, Decade and the Hard Nox (with Burning or Soulfire on the opponent first). Time transcends the mind as for the Future Knowledge passives, these attacks are proc'd when you are pressing heavily on an attack or harmful unsubtle move towards the opponent (examples are Monstrosity and Damage Amplifier).
  • Pre-emptive Defensive Passives: Your Heroes may take less damage by setting up a defense pre-emptively or your Heroes may neutralize your opponents pre-emptively. These Emma Frost's Diamond Body, Cable's Cone of Silence, Iron Man Mk 42's Advanced Shield Algorithm, War Machine's Advanced Shield Algorithm (Iron Patriot), Shatterstar's Extreme Reflexes and Angel's Essence Reading.
  • Related Pre-emptive Defensive Uniform: Blaster's Power Armor (PvP Tournament 4 Vibranium Reward) and simply said it causes Migraine and Blinded when attacked.
  • Related Pre-emptive Defensive Gear: The Chronolift (Chapter 12 Premium Mission Boss Reward) may pre-emptively counter your attacker when your Agent's health is low, this I must admit is a bit of a strange weapon to use.
  • Exploitable Passives: Your opponent may already start at a disadvantage when you have attacks that exploit their own passives. The currently exploitable passives are Weakened-Dizzy-Slowed-Exposed (Son of the Demon Set Gear Passives), Burning-Deathfrost-Dark Void-Poisoned (Demon Set + Hard Nox Gear Passives), Flying, Machines (Techno-Organic Endoskeleton Gear) and Protection.
  • Related Paragon Exploiting Heroes: Captain Britain, Deadpool, Havok, Magik, Mockingbird, The Punisher and Thundra.
  • Related Paragon Exploiting Gear: Chakra Strike (PvP Tournament 5 Diamond Reward & Incursion), Omni-Fury (LE expired Gold purchasable Gear), Stark Resilient (if the Agent has Ram's Horn and SO9 exclusive Gear) and the Devolver (if Scrapper's Sample is taken and SO10 exclusive Gear).
  • Related Attrition Exploiting Heroes: Magik.
  • Related Attrition Exploiting Gear: The Grief (LE expired Gold purchasable Gear & SO4 Side Task exclusive Gear) and the Radian Cannon (SO6 LE expired Gold purchasable Gear).
  • Related Flying Exploiting Heroes: Captain Britain & Hercules.
  • Related Flying Exploiting Gear: The Goblin Glider & Custom Goblin Glider (Mission 7.3 Epic Boss Reward & Challenge Mission 7.3 Epic Boss Reward respectively) and the Lightning Rod (LE expired Gold purchasable Gear).
  • Related Exploit Machines Heroes: None currently.
  • Related Exploit Machines Gear: The Circuit Breaker (Store Premium Gear), EMP Blaster (Chapter 2 Premium Mission Boss Reward) and the Oracle (SO8 LE expired Gold purchasable Gear).
  • Related Protection Exploitable Heroes: Beast, Omega Sentinel's Selene Protocol, Satana and Shatterstar.
  • Related Protection Exploitable Gear: The Blade of the Corruptor (LE expired Gold purchasable Weapon).

What you essentially want to do is to try and to kill your opponents without further ado. No don't even dare let them finish their sentences. The armoury plays a huge roll in this as well and the Defence is often negated for the Offence. The heroes/items/weapons that I'll list are among the strongest regarding their damage outputs but they all suffer from drawbacks such as poor defence or long cooldown time. The teams based on this playstyle are often capable of destroying entire teams or one-hitting an opponent.

  • Energy Abusers: These heroes manipulate Cosmic Energy or exploit energetic energy debuffs like Radiation Exposure to unleash the potential out of their weaponry. These are four Heroes I love using and I'll list the other good energy manipulators too.
  • Havok: This guy rocks. He is literally unstoppable. His third ability plus his second ability is just fatality. I have no words for that. Oh yeah and freaking Paragon Exploiter!!! The letdowns are his health, accuracy and evasion, so be sure to build on that!
  • Phoenix: I AM PHOENIX. I wanted to say that for a very long time. Her Phoenix Fire is catastrophic. It is amazingly beautiful and damaging as well. Phoenix's damage output is incredible. Also her Psi-Blast deals good to incredible damage when fired on an opponent with Radiation Exposure.
  • War Machine (Iron Patriot alt): This guy devastates team if he gets the first round. Apply his overcharged ability and use his 21 Salute Guns for incredible damage. He gives out Radiation Exposure, exploits them with his second move and targets with Radiation Exposure take more damage from Energy moves.
  • Thor (Modern Alt): Blast your opponents to Valhalla or Asguardian hell, whatever you like.
  • Other Energy Manipulators: Cyclops, Human Torch, Iron Man (Mk 42 Armor quickly hands out Radiation Exposure), Vision (Gives enemy team Radiation Exposure with Microwave Pulse),Omega Sentinel (Finest Hour in her Plasma Blast is incredibly good with all the Radiation) and the Scarlet Witch.
  • Related Radiation Gear: Nuclear Fuel Rod (Exclusive SO8 Gear & Season 2 Chapter 1, Mission 4 Heroic Battle drop) and Cosmic Ray Bomb (Chapter 7 Premium Mission).
  • Related Energy Gear: Some good ones are the Phoenix Flare (SO3 LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), the Lasercutter (SO9 LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), the Radian Cannon (SO6 LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear) and The Rook (SO2 Expired Gear and Omega Lockbox drop). There's too much to list so check this page out -> Energy (Type).
  • Momentum Generator Abusers: One word. Momentum Generator Abusers. Actually those were three. Never mind. This set-up will make Heroes unstoppable with their unarmed melee attacks. Disastrously incredibly stunning. Yes it is so overwhelming. Now you can apply Momentum onto one of your allies with the Momentum Generator or you can have Juggernaut do it for the entire team with his Surge of Cytorakk.
  • Related Momentum Generator Abusing Heroes: Captain Britain, Grey Suit Black Widow, Black Cat, Colossus, Hank Pym, Hercules and the Iron Fist. These heroes all do so well so there isn't really much else to say about it.
  • Related Unarmed Melee Gear: Some good ones are Adamantium Knuckles (level 87 + Deploy drops), Face Punch (Chapter 10 Premium Mission) and Chakra Strike (PvP Tournament 5 Diamond Reward and Incursion Drop). The rest of the weapons are listed here -> Unarmed (Type).
  • Arcane Abusers: Bane. Bane. Bane. Yes that is the debuff that'll strengthen your attacks on the opponents and it really does help a bunch! It increased damage taken from Dark Void, Soulfire and Deathfrost. It is possible to one-hit a team but it is more common to one hit enemies with the right Heroes, debuffs & buffs and of course BANE!
  • Team Bane Appliers: Doctor Strange (Modern Alt) here applies with his alt Bane to the entire opponent's team when he uses Vapors of Valtorr. Extremely usefull and his Bolts of Balthakk benefit from it too. Satana also gives out bane when she uses her Fires of Hell and it causes Melt Armor. These heroes are most preferable to use when you are planning an all-magic exploitation OHKO/Glass Cannon Team, though some Heroes and Gears do apply Bane singularly.
  • Related Arcane Abusing Heroes: Doctor Strange, Satana, Magik, Scarlet Witch, Daimon Hellstrom, Ghost Rider and Valkyrie.
  • Related Bane Gear: Sinister Scepter (Exclusive SO4 Gear & Shadowy Lockbox drop), Splinter of Night (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Weapon) and Heir of Hell (Expired SO11 Side Task Weapon).
  • Related Magical Gear: Barrowguard (SO5 LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), Brute (Exclusive SO11 Gear), Possessed Pistol & Custom Possessed Pistol (Mission 8.5 Epic Boss Reward & Challenge Mission 8.5 Epic Boss Reward respectively), Destroyer Power Relic (Chapter 8 Premium Mission), Dark Sigil (Chapter 9 Premium Mission), Hard Nox (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), Hammering Nail & Heir of Hell (Expired SO11 Side Task Weapon), Hex Wand (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), Ring of Balthak (Chapter 9 Premium Mission), Sinister Scepter (Exclusive SO4 Gear and Shadowy Lockbox drop), Sorcerous Sceptre (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), Soulfire Blade (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), Spirit Edge (PvP Tournament 6 Diamond Reward & Incursion drop), Splinter of Night (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), Staff of Mischief (Exclusive SO8 Gear) and Swift Liar (Exclusive SO5 Gear).
  • The Lady in White: Yes Emma Frost is also a Heroine capable of destroying an entire team with her Mental Trauma. It does great damage and causes Migraine. Just be sure to Unlock Potential onto herself or other Heroes or wait for her Cosmic buff to appear.
  • Blasters with Deadly Crits can easily destroy opponents if they have their Focused Attacks buff on.
  • Scrappers with an amazing attack stat are able to destroy Infiltrators on their Follow-Up attack.
  • Stat Raisers: There are some Heroes and Gears that can help you make you attacks or your allies attacks stronger and they are certainly appreciated in this strategic style!
  • Related Stat Raising Gear: Sinister Scepter (Exclusive SO4 Gear and Shadowy Lockbox drop), Arc Reactor Charge (Magnetic Lockboxand Omega Lockbox drops) and the Sudden Support (In Store Purchasable, finish Research first).
  • Related Stat Raising Heroes: Emma Frost's Unlock Potential can buff herself or any other Hero or Agent (P5 alt has the Cosmic buff appearing 20% of the time), Captain America's Inspiring Leadership, Cyclops' Moral Boost buff, Psylocke's Mental Coordination, Future Foundation's Share the Future Heroes, Shatterstar's Gladiatorial Carnage (increased stats for himself only) and Collaborative Effort with three Avengers Assemble buffs.

This style is best known for the usage abilities that may allow them to avoid an attack or multiple attacks and this tactic is known for it's never-ending usage of phasing. While similar to the Tanking Fortress/Ivory Tower, this tactic can be pretty unpredictable at times. Beware of attacks that guarantees a hit like Catastrophic Attacks or Psychic and Psychic Energy Attacks. As for the Phased watch out for Psychic Attacks, Psychic Energy Attacks and Ethereal Strikes strikes will harm the Astral form, Phased and the Intangible.

  • Tricky Heroes who likes to Avoid: These Heroes are capable of avoiding attacks and even AOEs a certain percentage of the time. Beware that even if they have pathetic evasion or the debuff Slowed, they still can avoid your attacks because of their Passives. Such Heroes include: The Scarlet Witch (20% negation chance), Storm with Protective Shroud, Fantomex (20% negation chance), Human Torch (25% negation chance) and Nightcrawler.
  • Related Tricky Avoiding Gear: The Hex Wand (LE expired Gold purchasable Gear).
  • Untouchable Heroes: The Vision and Kitty Pryde are prime examples and currently the only examples. I prefer Vision over Kitty simply because he can pre-emptively phase himself when he ís going to be attacked.
  • Related Phased Applying Gear: The Sinister Scepter (Exclusive SO4 Gear & Shadowy Lockbox drop).
  • Related Non-Phased Removing Gear: The Sorcerous Sceptre (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), The Hex Wand (LE expired Gold purchasable Gear). and Subtle moves and or attacks.

Me, me, me wann whole lotta turn. You better give me turns!!

This strategy is interesting. It allows you to take multiple turns to effectively take your time sipping your tea and wiping out your opponents. Beware of the Exhausted debuff that some Heroes may give and eventually Exhaustion itself.

  • Hasty Impatient Heroes: These Heroes take two turns every round and one of them has an increased chance of taking the lead of a battle. They are Omega Sentinel and Quicksilver respectively.
  • Heroes who take an extra turn by their moves: You got it. These Heroes take an extra turn by using one of their moves. Sigh. I repeated myself. Nevertheless these Heroes are: She-Hulk, Cable, Ms Marvel, Rogue, Captain Britain, Shatterstar and Rescue
  • Heroes who gain turns by being attacked: Wolverine's Brown and Tan uniform, Spider-Man's Spider Sense and Wonder Man's Wonders Never Cease.
  • Tactician's Tactical Options
  • Related Turn Granting and Damage doing Gear: S.A. Pincer (In Store, finish Researching first), Heavy Ion Beam (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), Reboot (SO8 Daily Reward Exclusive) and the Vickers Machine Gun (Season 2 Chapter 1 Premium Mission). These gears will do damage on the enemies when used and provide you with a free quick action to another move. Other related gear can be found here -> Quick Action.

Protection for the Hero or Agent who is effectively building up towards an omega epic overkill is vital and it is actually similar to the OHKO'd/Glass Cannon Strategy but you'll rely on building up your massive strength slowly rather than just the sheer power. The drawbacks in this particular strategy is that the opponent may gain the upper hand in battle while you are building your strength. Also beware of buff removal attacks, Soulfire and the dreaded Curse of Angolob!

  • Stacking Heroes Through Passives: Hulk (Hulk Up & War Frenzy), Hank Pym (Passive), Havok (Cosmic Energy), Vision (Energy Charge), Juggernaut (Momentum), Ghost Rider (Eye of Judgement), War Machine (Charged Capacitors) and Red Hulk (Heat Generation).
  • Related Stacking Gear: Warbringer Axe (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Weapon).
  • Heroes that Require Certain Buffs Through Moves to Hit Hard(er): These Heroes unlock the potential of their abilities by using the buffs in their moves. By meeting certain requirements these Heroes will boost themselves in their attack and stats. Such Heroes are: Black Panther (Eye of the Tiger & Heart of the Tiger), Thor (Might of Mjolnir), Fantomex (Focused & E.V.A.), Gambit (Kinetic Charge), Magik (Soul Charge), Quicksilver (Quickness), Union Jack (Capital Defense, Stiff Upper Lip & Steady On), Storm (Blizzard), Omega Sentinel (Strengthened, Fortified, Agile, Focused, Shielded or Healing), Wonder Man (Same as OS), Thundra (Same as OS) and Hercules (Strengthened, Fortified, Agile and Focused).
  • Related Buffs Bestowing Gear: The Mechanical Mjolnir (Chapter 8 Premium Mission), Blade of the Guardian (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), the Neurotrope (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear) and Ionic Hammer (SO10 Exclusive Gear). Other Stat raising Gear can be found here -> Focused, Strengthened, Agile, Fortified.
  • Heroes that Require Certain Debuffs Through Moves to Hit Hard(er): These Heroes unlock the potential of their abilities by using the debuffs in their moves. By meeting certain requirements these Heroes will boost themselves in their attack and stats. Such Heroes are: Ghost Rider (Vengeance), Satana (Weakened, Slowed, Exposed, Dizzy and any other DoT debuff) and Daimon Hellstrom (Burning, Dark Void and any other DoTs debuff & Stat debuff).
  • Related Debuffs Bestowing Gear: The Demon Set & the Son of the Demon Set.
  • Bruisers will stack Enraged whenever they attack or get hit by a Scrapper

This is a tactic probably best for AFK set up. It is a team which exist entirely out of support. Don't ask me where I've seen this but there are seriously people running an all supportive team. You could run this team in offense if you want your PvP story to be never-ending or you could run a team like this on defense so that you may force people into refreshing their browser. I am 'joking' though. There are heroes who do have a one supportive move and three offensive moves too.

  • Supportive Annoying Health Healing Heroes: Scarlet Witch, Omega Sentinel, Doctor Strange, Rescue, Angel, Iron Fist, Constrictor (has a chance with Quartermaster) and Daimon Hellstrom.
  • Related Health Healing Gear: Neurotrope (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), Scroll of Ocirebi Nomaj (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), Scroll of Melsalam (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), Scroll of Oziroch (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), Shepherd's Staff (PvP Tournament 9 Side Task) and the Curative Reach (In Store, finish Research first).
  • Supportive Stamina Healing Heroes: Iron Fist, Constrictor, Emma Frost and Mr. Fantastic.
  • Related Stamina Healing Gear: Bifurcator (Chapter 12 Premium Mission).
  • Supportive Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S.: Dr. Strange, Magneto, Invisible Woman, Rescue, Scarlet Witch and Psylocke.
  • Related Gears of S.H.I.E.L.D.-ing Gear: Custom Magnetic Field Generator & Magnetic Field Generator (Chapter 4 Mission 4 Epic Boss Drop), Nanite Inductive Nailgun (PvP Tournament 2 Diamond Reward & Incursion drop) and the Savant's Spear (PvP Tournament 8 Diamond Reward) are examples of good shielding supportive gear and/or weapons. The rest of the gear can be found here -> Shield.
  • Supportive DoTs Reducing Heroes: Daimon Hellstrom (Reduced), Wonder Man (Immune to all DoTs) and Valkyrie (Asguardian).
  • Related DoTs Reducing Gear: Signpost (SO4 Exclusive Gear), Scroll of Oziroch (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear) & Shepherd's Staff (PvP Tournament 9 Side Task).
  • Supportive Resurrection Heroes: Angel, Valkyrie & Phoenix
  • Related Ressurection Gear: Odin's Staff (SO5 Exclusive Gear) & Chalice of Souls (SO11 Exclusive Gear).
  • Supportive Debuffs Removing Heroes: Rescue, Phoenix, Omega Sentinel, Iron Fist, Constrictor and Beast.
  • Related Debuffs Removing Gear: Ionic Emitter (SO10 Exclusive Gear), Scroll of Melsalam (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), Scroll of Angolob (PvP Tournament 3 Diamond Reward & Incursion Drop), Neurotrope (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear) and Scroll of Ocirebi Nomaj (LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear).

The goal of the Spamming DoTs theory is to douse your enemies with constant re-applicable debuffs. It is infuriating to watching your Enemy Agent 'Scroll' off the debuffs or. It is even more nerve-racking to see Emma's Cosmic Buff reappearing all of the time. So they 'scroll' it off, you put it back on. Simple as that. It helps as your DoTs on your opponents are also lowering their stats. Keep on spamming my apprentice, keep it on spamming. A drawback would be that while you are spamming away you're opponent is building the necessary strength to hit you to hell. Spamming is not everything in a battle so do keep in mind to heal or attack for once.

Spamming DoTs Heroes: Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Human Torch, Storm, Nightcrawler (Swashbuckler), X-23, Omega Sentinel, Hawkeye (Heroic Age), Magik, Iron Patriot, Iron Man Mk 42 and Vision.

Related Spamming DoTs Gear: Dark Sigil (Chapter 9 Premium Mission), Nuclear Fuel Rod (Season 2 Chapter 1 Mission 4 Heroic Battle), Touch of Flame and Shadow (Chapter 10.4 Epic Boss Drop), Fury (SO4 LE Expired Gold Purchasable Gear), Laufey's Needle (SO5 Exclusive Gear) and Binding Contract (SO4 Exclusive Gear & Unstoppable Lockbox Drop).

This is probably THE most unpredictable and THE most difficult strategy. The strategy is infamously known for the usage of a clear stable psyche, your brains and the ability to adept and overcome in any situation.

The people who utilize this strategy are constantly changing, they are constantly improving and taking notes of battles so they may overcome their opponents in their meta. Beware though, it requires a lot of thinking and time. As Mystique once said in Season 2 Chapter 1 Mission 2: 'Don't think too much. It'll hurt less that way.'. I'm sure that thinking may hurt for some but you may give it a try. So simply said, no specific heroes, no specific items. Just be sure to keep your Armoury Bonus updated every now and then. You keep on changing and switching to maintain your position and gather combat data to beat the extremely difficult and be the extremely difficult.

My own strategy and style I came up with. Now I am sure that there are many people who use styles similar to this, I do think I am one of the few to employ a strategy that involves driving my Agent to the Brink of Death and to then have its power multiplied or strengthened even more. The trick in this strategy is almost letting your Agent KO'd and have him/her then revived for more damage potential.

A stat raising Hero can then buff the Agent up for a lot of damage and I would finally end the battle with the Grief or a strong Desperation Attack. Also the debuffs applied on my Agent are slowly but certainly draining his life force.

  • Edge of Death Heroes: Valkryie, Angel, White Crown Phoenix, P5 Emma, Satana, Magik and Doctor Strange.
  • The Darkest Dark Bargain Gear: The Demon Set that consists out of the Hot Shot, Grief and the Hard Nox are frequently used by me (or parts of the set) for their combination with Satana & I use the complete the Son of the Demon set sometimes.
  • Pool of Insane Desperation Gear: Desperation Attacks does significantly more damage at low health so they are sure viable! The gears are the Handheld Hohlraum (Chapter 7 Premium Mission) & Crooked Grin (SO11 Exclusive Gear).
  • Edge of Death Classes: I prefer to be a Bruiser for the maximum Enraged and a Blaster sometimes for the beautiful crits.

Heed my words. There isn't such thing as the ultimate omega overkill team or the ultimate combo. It simply doesn't exist. You should know what's best in your own meta and level tier. I have created this blog for you to comprehend the dangers of your everyday cliché opponent better if you are already used to most PvP Tournaments, plus I have given the drawbacks. With this blog I hope that you may find the pieces you need in order to complete the wayward and confusing puzzling team that you require in your PvP-meta.

So my advice to you would be to pick The Fairy Tactician/Smart/Smarter/Smartest Man in the Room style/tactic. Why? Because your meta is prone to changes very quickly overnight. The only bit of reasonable strong recommendation I can give is that you should get your PvP Armoury Bonus as high as possible. You could spend a bit of your Gold or find moderately good PvP items in Lockboxes or Spec Ops Supply items. It doesn't always guarantee a win but it sure as heck can give you the edge you need in fight.

If you just rather wish to choose or go ahead with one of other strategies I listed, be my guest! I hope I gave you some good explanations and theories. Use your own smarts to tweak and figure out the winning offensive and AFK teams on your own. You are your own Strongest PvP Suit!

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

I hope you as the avid reader had a lot of fun' reading my blog. If you didn't then I will have 'No Holds Barred against you. I've made this blog in order to enlighten the young & the brave and to help you in your quest to be a Pokemon Master. I mean excel in PvP. Even if you do not apply pieces of these styles you should know thine enemy. And now you know!! *Insert Thanks Dialgatron!! Now I know!!* And knowing is half the battle!

I would love to keep this blog as updated as can be so if you have any further questions, remarks or improvements to add, just be sure to comment on this blog or to post a message on my Message Wall! I am available quite often and if you feel the need of attention or congratulating me then you may always comment or leave a message or a biscuit on my wall.

Onward to the future and beyond my PvP-friends!!



P/s: If you know the origins of my parodied/referenced title Your Strongest PvP-Suit and other sentences or bullet points throughout this blog, you will win a thumbs up and a half eaten biscuit! It's very yummy though, it has chocolate frostings...

Notable PvP-Work From Professional Users

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