Well, I am sure that all of you have been doing Special Operations. You either finished them, you cannot be bothered doing them or you probably thought. Oh well forget about it. I do not give anything about them. Let me tell you a few things first. Since there are a lot of newbies joining this relatively fun game I will direct you to this page: Category:Special Operations. This is very interesting to read of course but I'll pinpoint a few things for ya first. Also a similar blog of mine exist with similar text. I pasted most of the original text onto this new episode and I basically revamped it (English wise & aesthetically) to make it look more presentable.

Dialga's Advice To YOU:

How to prepare for Special Operations, in the Special Operations itself and after it are all listed below. OK not every advice have to be an essay of 1500 words. I know this one's short but actually sweet. Just as sweet as and short as Rogue's kiss.

Preparing for a Special Operation:

Gold Sale 3

Ok, here's a chemistry joke: A gold atom walks into a bar and the bartender says "AU, get out!".

-FARM LIKE CRAZY: Farm like you have no life. Trust me this will make your life much more easier. I do not need to tell you that there are several good missions to farm (namely mission 4.4 for its energy efficiency). Several users here have written an excellent guide on farming so I'd check that out at the bottom of this blog. With the release of chapter 12, I don't have to be a genius to tell you that I highly recommend chapter 12.2 for its efficiency (namely 20 energy for boss and epic boss).

-RESTOCK YOUR ENERGY STOCKPILE: There is nothing as horrible as not being able to do a several re-runs in SO missions because you are left with no energy left, thus causing you to stare at your screen indefinitely till you get energy.

-SPARE YOUR GOLD: If you cannot make it in time to get the Special Operations limited edition hero then you should always have some gold in your bank account should you run out of time. I personally do not recommend anybody to convert the gold into command points as the command points are seriously more easily gathered. Always. Keep. That. In. Mind. Gold is scarce if you are a free player like me (I haven't thrown any penny yet).

-DO NOT EVER BELIEVE ANYBODY ON ANY UNCONFIRMED NEWS. IF PLAYDOM DIDN'T CONFIRM IT OR IF IT DOESN'T SHOW UP PREMATURELY IN THE GAME (like Captain Britain appeared prematurely or PvP season 4 with the Punisher) THEN IT IS PRESUMABLY FALSE: Nobody is certainly sure what Playdom's intentions are. Unless you're a development manager for this game working for Playdom then I must say you are at risk losing your job just by spreading trade secrets. Bad, bad boy or girl producer, do not be so impatient! Seriously I am saying (or writing actually) this for your own good. There is nothing as frustrating as spending or wasting all your gold or command points on heroes or other required stuff you do not actually need. Patience is hard, but it is rewarding! Read my other blog on Harmful Speculation!

During the interval of the Special Operation:

-ACCEPT RELEVANT GIFTS: While the Spec Ops are ongoing I suggest you should get

Mmm, gifts....

the most out of your Unstable ISOs. They're scarce and pretty expensive. Trust me. It comes in handy and it will help you clear most of the tasks if you just focus on the ISOs gift.

-HAVE A LOT OF FUN: Many people seem to forget this bit but in the end it is still an awesome new limited chapter with new villains and a new story.

-FOLLOW THE TASK LIST VERY CORRECTLY: It is important to be persistent and to keep listening to the task list. Don't just dwell off, this could result in a severe loss of ISOs.

-DO THE TASKS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: There is nothing more relieving as finishing the Spec Ops as soon as possible. It makes you feel at ease and there is no need to rush should you be unable to play for over a week or so.

After the Special Operation ended:


-FINISH YOUR UNSTABLE ISO OR TRY TO GET SOME FEW STARS IN THOSE MISSIONS IF POSSIBLE: Why? In the end the Special Operations features three missions with 3x 250 Silver, 3x 1000 Silver, 3x Exp 3x Gold and 3x 5 command points. If you were lucky or unlucky enough to hit the 1000 unstable ISO then you should definitely try to five star it while you can. Previous Special Operations (SO1-SO6) taught me that all unstable ISOs disappear when the Special Operations end.
5-10 Unstable Iso-8 Purple

Mommy & Daddy say it is important to finish you vegetables, well your pal Dialga says it's good to finish your Unstable ISO's!


As the title/advice suggests, do not EVAH leave them behind. Or do if you want to cause an error and lose your heroes therefore forcing you to contact Playdom's very 'friendly' and 'helpful' help desk. Just don't do it always double check it before the timer explodes.

How bad did I do in SO?

Be social and curious for once in your lives and have a look at my progress. Or don't. Whatever makes you happy.

-SPECIAL OPERATIONS 1: 99% completed. Almost gotten myself Mockingbird, if it weren't for the lack of energy and unstable ISOs then I would've definitely gotten her. HERO I GOT: Not Mockingbird, sadly. EDIT: After PD's anniversary, I managed to grab her for a mere 160 CPs.

-SPECIAL OPERATIONS 2: 2 of the 25 tasks completed. I was on holiday during the period of SO2. I was kicking myself for this because it was THE most easiest SO so far and the hero I would unlock would be the future White Queen of PvP. HERO I GOT: Not Emma Frost. I later purchased Emma Frost for a relatively 'cheap' and 'justified' price of 200 CPs, during the Christmas Sale.

-SPECIAL OPERATIONS 3: 100% completed. I loved this Spec Ops. It was by far an original and revolutionary Special Operations where you were forced to choose a side. HERO I GOT: Magik has been my first and most favourite SO heroine so far.

-SPECIAL OPERATIONS 4: Cannot remember how many tasks I have done but it was certainly a fun Spec Ops. I couldn't complete it due to some busy things I had going in my life. My last task and weapon I got was the Soulfinder HERO I GOT: I finally bought Ghost Rider during the Holy Easter Sale. Hmm can anybody find a connection to that?

-SPECIAL OPERATIONS 5: By far the most bland and boring Spec Ops in my opinion. Of course the Wrecking Crew had to be involved with the Wild Hunt. I keep seeing them over and over again and AGAIN... HERO I GOT: One of the most underrated heroes, Goldilocks, I mean Valkyrie.

-SPECIAL OPERATIONS 6: Interesting new Spec ops with the new collection system. The story however and the game play felt a bit bland. The bosses were new, exciting and sadly underwhelming.[ HERO I GOT: Havok & Magneto. I thankfully and luckily got Magneto on the last day of the operations.

-SPECIAL OPERATIONS 7: A rather odd mixture of new & old in this SO. Liked Kang, but do not like MODOK & Fixer in this SO. Well perhaps it is a prologue to SO8. Who knows? HERO I GOT: Hank Pym, not my most favorite guy, but after three rounds damn he can pack a punch.

-SPECIAL OPERATION 8: Probably more exhilirating than SO7 but still meh. Group Bosses are fun when the ally actually leaves them for you. I just ran into enough of them to complete the tasks. HERO I GOT: Vision & Omega Sentinel. Love those tiny transistors. Will be updated with every new Special Operation!

Final Thoughts

So this sums up pretty much everything I wanted to say to you. In case you want to know my progress in Special Operations, just look down with the additional info. Feel free to leave a message on my message wall and comment on this page if you feel like. All help is appreciated and suggestions are very much appreciated as well.

I have enjoyed re-writing this blog with my usual sarcasm and nonsense. I am also happy to have helped at least one poor soul on this wretched earth who dedicates his/her life to Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

Please let me know whether you changed anything on this blog. I do not want to be held responsible for things I did not say or do so once again please inform me on that. I will psychically tap you if you any of you were to change something drastically without my approval.

Nevertheless I hope you enjoyed reading and I wish you luck on your progress!



Additional tips & tricks (All rights reserved to these people):

Always handy to check these guys out as well. Seriously people. Applause them for their hard work on giving info!

-Potkettleblack's excellent guide on farming: User blog:Potkettleblack/Farming: Or How to Grind and Get Command Points

-Xobai's excellent guide on spending gold: User blog:Xobai/The Non-Payer's Guide to Gold

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