Good day. It is me again. Dialgatron. You as the average/common reader will ask this stereotypical question. What the heck are you trying to say? Well, it is simple. In this episode of Dialga's Advice to YOU, I will be advising you to NOT believe the speculations. EVER. Really. Listen to people like me and you'll come a long way.

Harmful Speculations

I know what you are thinking know. Why? Because I am a psychic. I creep into your mind when you do not notice it and I enjoy reading your thoughts. Not to mention I love eating peoples dreams when I am in astral mode. OK all the bad and disturbing jokes aside, harmful speculation is simply: speculating in a harmful way. Easy right? Yes. Easy to do and easy to fall into. What distinguishes harmful speculations is the fact that harmful speculations is based on delusions and lies. Most people spreading these speculations have the sole goal to harm one player into necessarily buying or slotting stuff they actually don't want to do. With what reason may you ask? Well some cynical and evil people made it their duty in life to harm others. Their apparent gain is pleasure and nothing else. Speculations are fine. Advising is fine. It is NOT fine when you force your speculated will upon somebody with incorrect facts and lies.

Structure of Harmful Speculations

  • 1 Begin of The END: A thread is opened or a healthy discussion is taking place in the comments section of a page. Users and AWCs discuss in all freedom about THEIR OPINIONS and THOUGHTS.
  • 2 Provocation: A rather creative AWC or user starts by making fanon or fan-related nonsense jibberish about a moveset or a hero. A rather creative user or AWC may also exploit stuff from the game or photo shop characters to make it look realistic. The discussions will proceed further.
  • 3 Force of Will: (Yes reference to Cable intended): There will always be a naive and innocent user or AWC who wonders whether this is real and asks about it. The evildoer & spreader then jokingly or evilly confirms it then (honestly, I have a very bad sense of humour and when I say bad it is BAD so I do not get what is so funny about misleading people). The naive AWCs and users will start believing it and there is nobody who stops them in time.
  • 4 Consequences: The speculation will be spreading like a virus. Heroes are bought, rumours are spread, gold has been spent and I ate a sandwich with blueberry jam which happened to be expired when this all happens. The world is in literal chaos. Or at least this Wiki, Playdom Forums, GameFAQs boards and Facebook Groups.
  • 5 End result, Whine-a-Palooza: We as the trusted contributors/editors, admins, rollbackers, bureacrats and moderators are all blamed for something we didn't prevent. We DID warn a lot but some people are too darn lazy to read (I understand that reading may hurt your eyes and I understand that thinking may hurt for some but at least give it a try). As a result, users/AWCs will open useless and irrelevant threads where they can whine & dine like it the year 1999 (I hope you liked my rhyming skills).

Examples of your everyday cliché harmful speculations

  • EXAMPLE: Hey the SO heroes are blonde so that means that all SO must be blond. Let's see we have Mockingbird-Emma Frost-Magik-Ghost Rider-Valkyrie- Havok- Hank Pym. So this means that the next SO could be Darkstar, Dazzler, Dagger or Snowbird. Wow I really see a pattern in this, so it really true haha lololol.
  • CLARIFICATION: There are some people who actually believed this. Besides this player's everyday doses of LOL, this is complete and utter rubbish. So yes there is a chain. So yes there is a pattern. But it doesn't necessarily have to be this way. If PD or the producers didn't confirm it then it is FALSE. Guess what? Vision is bald. Does this have to mean that the upcoming SO heroes have to be bald? NO it doesn't necessarily have to be.
  • EXAMPLE: Hey you guys, I think the next hero needed for deploy in SO 9 would be the Punisher. SO6, SO7 & SO8 already had Deadpool, Cable & Psylocke. The next deploy is certainly Punisher and a newly released hero. PD did this because it is relevant to the story. Ya you should get and farm for Punisher, bro.
  • CLARIFICATION: I am going to kill two birds with one stone (figuratively) and I will tell you how. Firstly, yes there is a pattern. But as it went with the blonde nonsense rumour, this is also NOT confirmed. This is the mere average thought of an average player and the other moronic fools who will follow and copy this thought. Second part is that the heroes needed for the deploys aren't necessarily of any worth to the theme or story of the SO. Take a look at Psylocke, Captain Britain and the Black Knight. They were supposed to be part of a supposed SO called the British Invasion (unconfirmed rumour) and yet they were used for a SO that didn't have anything to do with them. This shows that PD has all the power. They can recycle them and re-use them for another SO if they wish. It doesn't matter because there isn't any background logical mathematical pattern or formula to it. It is just harmful speculation.

Reasons of the evildoer

  • Trolling
  • Gloating/unholy glee/taking pleasure in another's suffering
  • Create chaos
  • Innocent awfulness as cleverly pointed out by Xobai.

Dialgatron's advice to YOU

  • To the evildoer:

Stop it. Really. Do yourself a favour and cut it out. I know you are reading this and I know some of you will dislike me for it. You people create another chaotic realm of harmful speculations whereby the innocent suffers necessarily. I very well know that the world doesn't exist in pinkish glitter unicorn mode but I would like to ask you to restrict yourselves to just normal speculations. Normal thoughts and opinions are fine. They are not fine when you are pressing it without facts onto a newbie or any other person. This is not the way to make friends. So stop it.

  • To those in tarry:

The Bureacrats, the Admins, the Moderators, the Rollbackers, the prominent users and the trusted users are always here to help. Do not ever fret to ask any one of us if you are in tarry. We are delighted (most of us) to repeatedly (most of the time) answer harmful speculated questions. It is okay. If we can help you snap out of it, it makes us sleep better at night (at least for me). So ask questions if you have them and ignore harmful and forceful speculations. If it isn't confirmed by PD or the producers, it is false.

The End

Hopefully you learned a thing or two now from your pal Dialgatron. Note that this harmful speculating is not a thing of the past. It grows and grows everyday as MAA grows with popularity (for the time being). I also hope that it somewhat opened your eyes when you read this and if it didn't well, too bad then I guess. Furthermore I hope I kinda kicked the evildoers in the groin by posting/creating a blog like this. I would like to have some focus as this matter is indeed of paramount importance. People get eaten and digested by rumours in real life too (politics, celebrities etc.). The moral of this guide is not only to be aware for evildoers here but everywhere as well. You will encounter problems like these which may have a bad impact on your work, school or life if you actually start believing and spreading false rumours and speculations.

That being said, I can only hope and wish you the best. Questions? Message me or comment below. You may also always praise me but that goes without saying (just kidding).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!



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