Good morning. Good afternoon. Good night. It is probably morning/day/night somewhere in this world. Interesting is it not? Knowing that when you sleep there will be somebody waking up and going to work on the other side of the globe. Actually I couldn't care less. Today I bring you styles. Today I bring you strategies. Our own admin Razorgirl has written an excellent guide on these styles but as the time goes by, the heroes get updated, the styles become more progressive and even new styles arise. I'll give synonyms to the strategies and list the ones that you were familiar with already.

The Styles & Strategies

These styles and strategies are not always used by your stereotypical cliche whiny PvP player but it is always handy to have some sort of idea when you are facing them. Styles and strategies change and that is why I would like to keep this blog as updated as it can be so I may inform the naive little newbies and perhaps enlighten the veterans. First of all I will start with the play styles and after I've done that then I can go and list all the other strategies in order to help you achieve at least the Silver League. Okay fine. The Gold League it is.

Dialga's Advice To YOU

The strategies and styles I have listed are as whole and complete as possible. Pick whichever one you like. I've listed them as puzzle fragments so you may pick and choose and ultimately form your own strategy. So my advice to you as a person in tarry searching for advice: Read further, pick your pieces and form a strategy! Have fun & enjoy!


This particular styles revolves around the destruction of the hero/agent by the hand of the hero/agent him/herself. Your/their main goal is to have your opponents destroying themselves. Isn't that wonderful? Such characters/items/costumes who are specifically trained into perfectly causing attacks to cause harm on the dealer itself are:

  • Scarlet Witch: Pretty much logical and easy to get it. Her Hex Spheres can cause serious annoyance when the attacks keep on backfiring.
  • Emma Frost: Needless to say that her Psychic Tap is disastrous if you are a fool and attack while still having the possibility to recharge. Mental Anguish deals a good amount of damage. Also the Only For Killing is a gear which cause Mental Anguish on the opponent.
  • Ghost Rider: Beware. None is without sin. If you take any harmful action, Ghost Rider will acknowledge that as a Sin and will automatically reduce your defence. The sin stacks up and can be easily accumulated. Gear which may provoke a counter attack with sin is the Soulfinder.
  • Fantomex/Omega Sentinel/Hawkeye (Heroic Age, note that the arrow he pulls is completely random): Disoriented. A stunning move. It causes your opponent to randomly attack his/her allies with a 25% chance.
  • Cable: I'll creep in your mind and hurt you inside. The mind control allows your opponent to protect you from his/her allies attacks. Great, although it can be unpredictable. Gears with Mind Control are Loki's Sceptre and the Encephalizer
  • All Infiltrators with Combat Reflexes, Quicksilver (with quickness) Captain America (WWII alt), Black Knight (with Atonement) , Hercules (with Gift of Battle), Storm (alt Nature's Wrath), Daredevil (with Radar Sense), Kitty Pride (scrapper alt), Black Panther (with Guile of the Panter), Beast (when War & Peace is performed), Black Widow (Tactician Grey Suit) and Wolverine: When attacked they perform a defensive counter attack which can make your life sour if you keep triggering them. The gear which may bring Cooperative Defense is the Coulson's Revenge (in conjunction with the other Avengers Assemble buff)
  • Blaster's Power Armour: Simply said, causes migraine and blinded when attacked. Backfiring the opponent who attacked the one with the Blaster Power Armour.
  • Pre-emptive attacks such as Union Jack's buffs in his attacks, Psychic Scanning, Time Displacement, (Quicksilver's alt) and Future Knowledge: Time transcends the mind as for the Future Knowledge, these attacks are proc'd when you are pressing heavily on an attack or harmful unsubtle move towards the opponent (Monstrosity and Damage Amplifier). Weapons that may cause you to pre-emptively attack your opponent are the Mahayuga, Decade and the Hard Nox.
  • Pre-emptive defence such as Cone of Silence & Diamond Body
  • Attacks which exploits the passive: You cannot always predict when your opponent is a mindless machine or flying but when you notice it make sure to exploit them with the necessary exploiting attacks.

The Stalling Stalker/Divide & Conquer

Pretty much dividing your tactics & opponents and conquering the weak. Or stalling indefinitely and destroy the weaklings. The characters/items/weapons are:

  • Invisible Woman: Force Cage allows her to nullify and suppress the opponent to use only defensive or subtle actions. Comes in handy when you are Force Caging an opponent without defensive moves.
  • Magneto: Used to do the same as Invisible Woman for a short period of time. His move was called the Containment Sphere. Nevertheless, I still think Maggy deserves a spot in my humongous play of words that happen to form a blog I suppose.

Another method within this play style is tanking. Why? I'll tell you why. Because you are conquering the other opponents with your tanker by letting him take all the damage for you and dividing your other heroes to deal the damage.

  • Protecting Heroes: Captain America, Black Knight, Hercules, Wolverine, Valkyrie, Thing, Phoenix (you can use her to apply the protect on a stronger hero), Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Omega Sentinel, Colossus & Nightcrawler: They do an awesome job in tanking and therefore your opponent is forced to focus all attacks onto these heroes.
  • Infiltrator Aegis Armour: Applies Off-balanced and Cornered.
  • Protecting Gear: Hoarfrost Mace, Kuzuri, Blade of the Guardian, The Knight and the Density Phase Array: All of these gears allow the Agent to protect his/her team mates from unhealthy abuse and further torture.

OHKO'ing/Glass Cannon Method

The essence of this method/style is to try and to kill your opponents without further ado. No don't even dare let them finish their sentences. The armoury plays a huge roll in this as well and the Defence is often negated for the Offence. The heroes/items/weapons that I'll list are among the strongest regarding their damage outputs but they all suffer from drawbacks such as poor defence or long cooldown time. The notable heroes will be clarified and the other heroes with high attack stats will be listed.

  • Havok: This guy rocks. He is literally unstoppable. His fourth ability plus his second ability is just fatality. I have no words for that. The letdowns are his health, accuracy and evasion.
  • Phoenix: I AM PHOENIX. I wanted to say that for a very long time. Her Phoenix Fire is catastrophic. It is amazingly beautiful and damaging as well. Phoenix's damage output is incredible. She's poor in defence and health though.
  • Black Widow Grey Suit (maximize her attack for superb results) & Captain Britain: One word. Momentum Generator. Actually those were two. Never mind. That makes them unstoppable with their unarmed attacks. Disastrously incredibly stunning.
  • Other heroes with high attack stats: Storm, Human Torch, Dr. Strange, Ms Marvel, Hulk, Thor, Wolverine, Magik, Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Magneto, Emma Frost and Rogue.
  • All Scrappers when facing an Infiltrator (the scrapper takes a second attack and most of the time it's the finishing blow)
  • All Blasters when facing Bruisers (they ignore defence and critically hit, awesome)
  • Gears with ridiculous damage: The Coulson's Revenge (3 rounds cooldown), The Rook (limited ammo), Phoenix Flare (slow recharge), (Custom) Bolt-Action 4 Bore (kicks like a mule), Hotshot (two rounds to cooldown) and Grief & Fury (causes multiple debuffs on the agent).
  • Gears which raises stats: The Sudden Support & Arc Reactor Charge (both long cooldowns).

The Tanking Fortress/Ivory Tower

In this style one relies on the extremely high defence output of a character or defensive skills of a character such as shields, I feel that this is similar to the Stalking Stalker/Divide & Conquer tactic although this style relies on shielding more often.

  • Power Armors: The Infiltrator Power Armour reduces melee attacks/close range attacks by 25 % and the Bruiser Power Armour reduces ranged attacks by 25%. Pretty solid if you wish your agent to take all the pain in a game of PvP. That's mean though.
  • Heroes with extreme high defence: Colossus, Hercules (gains fortified), Captain America and Omega Sentinel (protect with fortification) are prime examples of heroes with high defence or high potential towards high defence.
  • Heroes with S.H.I.E.L.D.-ing (do you get it?) powers: Dr. Strange's uniform may randomly shine with the Light of the Seraphim on him and his allies, the Scarlet Witch is an option with her Chaos Shield, Invisible Woman and her costume grants Reactive Shields for better absorbency of damage, Storm provides the necessary windy shroud of avoidance and lastly Magneto who dazzles us with his Magnetic Fields.

There are also ways of countering these type of tactics and I'll 'happily list' them for you here below.

  • Remove Protection with: Attacks which apply cornered, buff removing attacks such as Das Boot or Flying Kick, the magical debuff Soulfire, The Scroll of Angolob and items such as Nanoplague in PvE.
  • Heroes who exploit Protect: Beast and Omega Sentinel with their first attack.
  • Psychic, Stealthy, Subtle and Psychic Energy Attacks bypass protection.
  • Remove & exploit Shields: Attacks with Soulfire, Buff Removing attacks. Use weapons that'll ignore defence and shields like Super Blade Punch or Coulson's Revenge.
  • Heroes (note, Psychic and Psychic Energy Attacks bypass shields): War Machine, Black Knight, Black Panther, Magik, Phoenix, Emma Frost, Psylocke, Ghost Rider, Omega Sentinel and Shatterstar.

With the Speed of Light/Untouchable/Hammer Time

This tactic revolves around the usage of high evasion and shielding effects. While similar to the Tanking Fortress/Ivory Tower, this tactic can be pretty unpredictable at times.

  • Using characters with high evasion or character who may apply evasion to everybody such as: Omega Sentinel, Storm (Protective Shroud), Wolverine, X-23, Psylocke, Spider-Man (with/without Future Foundation uniform), Human Torch (Blazing Speed), Scarlet Witch (Reality Warping), Nightcrawler, Fantomex (Misdirection) and Wasp (with her buff Nimble).
  • Using characters with phasing abilities: The Vision and Kitty Pryde are prime examples. I prefer Vision over Kitty simply because he can pre-emptively phase himself. Gears which applies phased onto the user is the Sinister Sceptre.

Me First!/The Impatient Five Year Old/Top Gun

Me, me, me wants a whole lotta turn. You better give me turns!! This strategy is interesting. It allows you to take multiple turns to effectively take your time sipping your tea and wiping out your opponents. First again I will list the heroes and than I will list the gear.

  • Heroes with moves: She-Hulk (Burst of Speed) and Cable's Temporal Shift, She-Hulk's move allows her to take two turns immediately. Cable's Temporal Shift allows him to give him or his allies an immediate extra turn.

Captain Britain can take extra turns but only if the target is dizzy, weakened, slowed and exposed (all of them at once causes the target to receive the Curse of the Otherworld). Ms Marvel (Kree Strike), Shatterstar (Gladetorial Carnage come with increased stats the next round + extra turn) and Rogue (Southern Comfort). These heroes utilized moves whereby you do damage on the first round and on the second round you take two turns (one turn extra on top of the already normal turn you'll have).

  • Heroes who gain turns by being attacked:

Wolverine's the Best There Is (alternate uniform) will proc whenever Berserker Rage or Come at me Bub is proc'd. Spider-Man's Spider Sense (all costumes) will allow you to immediately take an extra turn when you've been hit whilst protecting your team mates. Magneto's Magnetic Field allows him to be shrouded in a shield. When attacked and the shield is broken he receives an extra turn.

  • Heroes who take two turns because they're impatient: Quicksilver & Omega Sentinel. You need no explanation right?
  • Basically all Tactician when attacking a Blaster
  • Gears which may accelerate or grant turns: Quantum Jumper (two round cooldown at start), Magnetic Field Generator or the Custom Magnetic Field Generator and the Power of Four.
  • Gears which do damage and are quick action: (Custom) S.A. Pincer, Heavy Ion Beam and Reboot. These gears will do damage on the enemies when used and provide you with a free quick action to another move.

The Tantrum of a Five Year Old/Volcano

You will have to protect the hero or Agent who is effectively building up towards an omega epic overkill and it actually is similar to the OHKO'd/Glass Cannon Strategy but you'll rely on the gear that will support your massive strength even more rather than just the sheer power. Prime Example: A bruiser agent with Phoenix Flare, Sudden Support, Emma Frost and Captain America. Captain America throws his shield therefore locking on to the targets and giving ranged attacks more damage. Agent will stack the enraged to two. Emma Frost will unlock potential onto the Agent. Agent will use Sudden Support and then will use Phoenix Flare to wipe out the team entirely.

  • Heroes who build up:
  • Hulk with his Hulk up and it gives him a boost in accuracy and attack.
  • Thor with his Might of Mjolnir and it gives him a boost in damage and accuracy.
  • The Black Panther with his L1, L2 move so he can use the Panther Stance for real terror.
  • Deadpool to some degree also has it niches where you may finally unlock his Level 16 Ranger.
  • Fantomex must use his
  • Gambit who must stack his Kinetic Charge for an extra damage or turn.
  • Ghost Rider who stacks sins may use it to benefit his attack when using Burn Out.
  • Havok & Vision gather energy to amplify their energy attacks (Vision gathers every round whereas Havok gathers it every turn).
  • Hercules's Son of Zeus will take less damage when having the right buffs and the Blessing of Olympus may proc to heal with the right buffs (he provides these buffs).
  • Iron Man's Unibeam become stronger every time it is being used.
  • Magik's Soul Charge unlocks the potential of her abilities and may summon demons more frequently.
  • Omega Sentinel has to buff herself with most beneficial buffs before she can use the Plasma Blast effectively (she provides these buffs).
  • Quicksilver's Quickness may stack and increase damage in the One Mile Punch or cause stun in Vortex Lariat.
  • Storm's attacks unlock her potential as the Weather Witch and she can effectively chain her attacks and refresh the Protective Shroud.
  • Basically all Bruiser will gain enraged when attacking a Scrapper.
  • Gears that allows you to build up strength: Mechanical Mjolnir & Gamma Booster.

Nursing Support

This is a tactic probably best for AFK set up. It is a team which exist entirely out of support. Don't ask me where I've seen this but there are seriously people running an all supportive team. Aside from the fact that battles may take forever and ever and ever, I'll list the best heroes & gear for support.

Supportive Heroes: Scarlet Witch, Omega Sentinel, Valkyrie, Psylocke and Dr. Strange.

Supportive Gear: Everything which heals, Everything which bestows you Mirror Images, Scroll of Melsalem, Scroll of Angolob and Scroll of Oziroch.

Spamming Pesticides

The goal of the Spamming Pesticide theory is to keep on applying debuffs whenever and wherever you can. I made up this theory to effectively counter the Scrolls and Cosmic Power. It is annoying as heck and you may endlessly spam your targets with DoTs until they are defeated. It doesn't matter if they'll scroll it off, you can just apply them again. It helps as your DoTs on your opponents are also lowering their stats. Keep on spamming my child, keep it on.

Heroes with unlimited amount of spamming DoTs abilities: Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Human Torch, Storm, Nightcrawler (Swashbuckler uniform), X-23, Omega Sentinel, Hawkerye (Heroic Age uniform), Mockingbird and Punisher.

Gears with unlimited potential of spamming: Dark Sigil, Staff of Mischief, Touch of Flame and Shadow, Fury (with all the debuffs on the Agent) and Laufey's Needle.

The Tactician/Smart/Smarter/Smartest Man In The Room

This is probably THE most unpredictable and THE most difficult strategy. Our very own bureaucrat, Potkettleblack is a master in this. And sure I've been to other user profiles only to see the same or similar strategies. What's so difficult about it Dee? Well it's because it revolves around the usage of a clear stable mind, your brains and the ability to adept and overcome in any situation. The people who utilize this strategy are constantly changing, they are constantly improving and taking notes of battles so they may overcome their opponents in their meta. Beware though, it requires a lot of thinking and time. I'm sure that thinking may hurt for some but you may give it a try. So simply said, no specific heroes, no specific items. You keep on changing and switching to maintain your position and gather combat data to be extremely difficult.

The Edge of Death

LOCKED. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. ACCESS DENIED. I made up my personal strategy which I call the Edge of Death. I am fairly certain that many utilise similar if not the same tactics. I'll leave this one locked indefinitely until YOU as reader are interested enough to approach me and beg for it to be unlocked. Just kidding. But what I do want is to see whether I've done this guide well and if there are many positive reactions I'll happily open/share this for you.

Dee's Final Words

I hope you as reader have had a lot of fun reading my blog. If you didn't then I will have 'No Holds Barred'. I've made this blog to enlighten and help you in your quest to be a Pokemon Master. I mean excel in PvP. I'd appreciate it if you leave the PvP specific questions here rather than in other articles so we keep it clean and organized. I am available quite often and if you feel the need of attention or congratulating me then you may always comment or leave a message on my wall.

T'was a long road of typing and thinking, you'd better appreciate it (just kidding). I'll keep this blog as updated as can be and notify me if you feel that there's need for drastic change!

Onward to the future and beyond my PvP-friends!!



Credits & Kudos TO

  • Razorgirl: For laying the base and foundation of the strategies. You have been an inspiration to many naive novice players. I hope I did well by making a follow up to your original blog.
  • Potkettleblack: I've mentioned you in my blog and I think it's well deserved to at least credit you for that and your constant work on giving advices PvP and PvE.
  • Dialgatron: For creating/writing a long blog to help the troubled.

What? Can't I congratulate myself on a job well done? It took me a long time to write this just so you may have something to read. Besides I feel like I deserve some spotlight now (just kidding, sometimes you shouldn't take me to serious ;) ).

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