• Devilsnevercry

    PVP PVP PVP...

    March 26, 2013 by Devilsnevercry

    I find it hard to win right now (more AFK wins than online wins lol) with my setup, I don't know why. Maybe my heroes are not competing heavily against the meta right now, not sure what offense to build right now since my AFK setup's more effective. Right now I have Hawkeye(10) Warmachine(10), P5Phoenix(10) ,WW2Cap(11) and TactDr.Strange(11) , HT(10) Storm(3) SW(11), Ironman(10), Ms.Marvel(10), She-Hulk(10), Iron First(8 LOL), NC and BW (10).. Help guys? lol. My agent's running Foley's, curative reach, mahayuga and army of one

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