The Ultimate M:AA Team Management Spreadsheet v11.2

By: DemonicMRX11, 2013-14

I just made the spreadsheet, all game/other credit goes to Disney/Marvel, Playdom, and any other affiliates of Disney/Marvel/Playdom involved that I may not be aware of.


This spreadsheet is designed to help you keep track of your Marvel: Avengers Alliance Heroes and the resources you need to level them. It also tracks any and all of your Alts, EISOs, and AISOs.

Instructions for Use

Upon opening the file you will notice 8 sheets in the bottom left corner, labeled Reference, Heroes, Alt. Uniforms, S2 Mastery, CREISOCRAISOUpcoming Level, Level 10, and Level 14. b5cfMTX.png

I've added an Everlasting Protect Buff (EPB) to the sheets so functions and other parts unrelated to usage aren't messed up. Some functions, data found on sheets, and data input by you influence what is displayed on multiple sheets, and any single alteration could render those outputs incorrect, and therefore worthless. FRhPRh9.png

The Buff is totally OP, respect it.

You'll also notice the headers for each sheet are "frozen." They will remain at the top while you scroll, so you'll never wonder what column you're looking at again!



Reference is just that, a reference to how much XP, Silver, how many S.H.I.E.L.D. Points, and how long the training is, for each level.



(Scaled to show all)

Heroes is a list of all the current Heroes that can be recruited in M:AA by default Class. You'll notice a “Cost:” Column, that details the Command Point (CP) cost of each Hero. To the left of that, you'll see the "Level:" column. In this column, you can place the number corresponding to the level you have that particular Hero at, or keep track of how many Covers towards a Lockbox Hero you have (Make sure to keep the "/8 Covers" part or it will treat your X Cover(s) as a Level X Hero, skewing data). I assume by the time you’re using this spreadsheet, you at least have Iron Man, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, so they appear at Level 1 by default. There is also a "Total:" at the bottom of each Class section that automatically keeps track of how many Heroes you have from each Class. At the bottom, you'll notice “Total Heroes:” and “% Complete:.” The former keeps track of your total recruited Heroes, and the latter calculates the percentage of Heroes you’ve recruited so far.

Alt. Uniforms


(Scaled to show all)

Alt. Uniforms lists all Alternate Uniforms available in M:AA. There is a "Price" column reflecting the CP cost or requirement for obtaining the Alt, and a "Got It?" column to record which ones you have.

S2 Mastery


(Scaled to show all)

S2 Mastery keeps track of all the Heroes need to unlock the Chapter Mastery Alts available in Season 2. You will see headings for each Chapter, and below it columns for the Heroes you need, their CP cost, whether or not you have them, and the amount of CP you need. There are also totals for the CP cost of the Chapter, and the total cost of CP you need to recruit everyone for Mastery.

All of this information is tied to your input on the Heroes sheet, and requires no extra input from you. Once you've stated you have a Hero at Level 1 or greater, it gets checked off on the list. The Chapter headings also keep track of this data. Once it notices you need 0 CP, aka you have everyone you need, it will change from "Chapter X" to "Chapter X READY TO MASTER!" Cool, huh?




CREISO keeps track of what Character Restricted Empowered Isotope-8 you've collected, and how many of each one you've collected. Please input "Yes" in the "Got It!" column for every CREISO you have. This allows the sheet to tell you how many of the CREISOs you've collected, along with the percentage you have of all available CREISOs. This is displayed to the right of the "How Many?" column, where you may record the number of duplicate CREISOs you have, but data in this column will not affect your total or percentage.




CRAISO keeps track of... You know, just reread CREISO, and substitute "AISO" for the Character Specific Augmented Isotope-8 it tracks. Just remember to input "Yes" in the "Got It!" column if you'd like to see your total and/or percentage. Good? Good.


Anyone catch this while it lasted? 

Upcoming Level


Upcoming Level carries over all the Level information from the Heroes sheet that you input. Once you have, you will be able to see the amount of each resource you will need in order to train them to the next level. It's obviously cumulative for all the Heroes you have at that level, you've got the Reference sheet if you need to figure out what you need for only one Hero after all.

Level 10 & Level 14



Level 10 and Level 14 display all the cumulative resources you need to attain levels 10 and 14 respectively. Like the Upcoming Level sheet, the number of heroes you have at each level automatically carries over from your input on the Heroes sheet, so there's nothing you need to do but read. You'll notice "Done" at the bottom left of these sheets. The cell to the right of that will express the number of heroes that have already reached level 10/14 according to your input on the Heroes sheet. This is purely aesthetic on my part, I like to see all the heroes I have represented on each sheet.

TL;DR (So Far)

  1. Put the level of each Hero you own in the Level column of the Heroes sheet. Keep track of the number of Heroes you have in each Class on the same sheet if you want.
  2. Say “Yes” in the Got It? column for any Alts you have on the Alt. Uniforms sheet.
  3. Do the same on the CREISO/CRAISO sheets.
  4. Don't mess with my EPB and get stuck with inaccurate, worthless data.


Being a spreadsheet, EPBing everything unnecessary to interact with, and including these nifty instructions, I've tried to make this as idiot-proof as possible. But if you still don't get how to use this, or have other questions about it, feel free to post in this blog, on my Message Wall, or find me in Chat.

In Closing
Enjoy, feel free to rename the file, share it with your allies, did I say enjoy yet? Let me know how you like it, any additional features you'd like to see, that sort of thing. I'd love to hear your input.

Special Thanks
If you're curious about my gratitude, download it and check out the readme. Haven't I told you enough already? Try it ;)

Download Links

1 .zip file containing 1 .xlsx file and 1 .rtf file

Click here to Download!

View an embedded example of my personal spreadsheet on my Profile in the Spreadsheets tab.

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