Ultimate M:AA Remote Ops Reference Spreadsheet By: DemonicMRX11, 2013

NOTE: This is a Work In Progress! See Help me verify the data on my Ultimate M:AA Remote Ops Reference Spreadsheet? for details.

Disclaimer: I just made the spreadsheet, all game/other credit goes to Disney/Marvel, Playdom, and any other affiliates of Disney/Marvel/Playdom involved that I may not be aware of.

Introduction: This spreadsheet is designed to be a quick reference tool for the Remote Ops section of Marvel: Avengers Alliance's gameplay. It contains cost and requirements for unlocking each of the 8 Jet Bays, as well as cost and requirements for upgrading your Jets. It will also help you determine the amount of Silver or Experience your Agent (Silver) and Hero (Experience) will receive based on the level of Jet used, the duration of the Remote Op, and the level of the Hero used.

Instructions for Use: The first sheet, named Costs & 3 Minutes, contains all the costs and requirements for unlocking Jet Bays and upgrading your Jets:

- Number of Crew needed
- Cost (in Silver)
- Required Agent level
- Gold needed to unlock Jet Bays early (when applicable)

It also shows the data for Remote Ops lasting 3 minutes in duration. There are 2 rows listing the duration and name of the Jet followed by 3 columns in these sections of data: Hero Level; listed from 1-12; and Silver and Experience, listing the amounts of each you and your Hero will receive. Here's what that first sheet looks like:

The rest of the sheets are named according to the duration of the Remote Op their data reflects. They contain the same formatting as the 3 Minutes section of the first sheet, minus the first row listing duration as that would be redundant.

You simply need to choose the proper duration (sheet), the proper Jet, and the proper Hero level, and the amount of Silver and Experience you will get from that specific Remote Op in the 2 cells to the right of the chosen Hero level. For example, using the Costs & 3 Minutes sheet, you can see that sending a level 9 Hero out for a 3 minute Remote Op would net you 60 Silver and your Hero 9 Experience. Easy to figure out :D
Here's a look at the rest of the sheets:

10 Minutes:


20 Minutes:


1 Hour:


2 Hours:


4 Hours:


6 Hours:


12 Hours:


1 Day:


Important Note: You may remember my "Everlasting Protection Buff" from my earlier spreadsheet, The Ultimate M:AA Team Management Spreadsheet. You won't find it on this spreadsheet though, for good reason. I cannot fully guarantee that all my data is bonafide, 100% accurate. I know, I'm bummed too :(

The reason for this is when I was calculating this data, I would often get decimals. When I got those decimals, I would round up any at .5 and higher, and round down at .49 and lower. But I'm not sure how Playdom rounds those decimals, for all I know they round up at .51 instead of .5 like I did. So if you notice any of my figures are off while doing any Remote Ops of your own, you can correct them yourself.

Please share any errors/corrections you find/make in the comments so that I can make those corrections to the download file and save future users the trouble. I will comment as well when changes are made. Instead of constantly updating screenshots, please refer to the embedded example of the spreadsheet found here, which is where I will be displaying any fixes, and will be the "up to date" most accurate information. I'm hoping for minimal if any fixes but the data hasn't yet been fully verified, and I'm hoping having this data out there expedites the process, and the benefit of having it outweighs the fact that it doesn't quite meet my strict standard of accuracy yet.

Update: I have corrected some errors I found on the 10 Minutes sheet in the Blackbird section. Some Experience amounts were incorrect, but I totally spaced on checking the Silver amounts as well until now, Silver hasn't been an issue for me in a while. Sorry about that, I will be paying better attention to both amounts from here on out.

In Closing: Above all, enjoy this reference tool, share it with your allies, etc.

Special Thanks:

The M:AA Wikia (Marvel: Avengers Alliance Wiki)

The Playdom M:AA Forums (

The Mods of those sites

Also to you, of course. Especially if you can help verify this data ;)

Download Links:

Available upon request :D

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