So if you're familiar with my Ultimate M:AA Remote Ops Reference Spreadsheet (detailed here and embedded here), you'll know I'm in a bit of a quandary with it. For the benefit of people new to my plight, here's the gist:

I made the Ultimate M:AA Remote Ops Reference Spreadsheet to help others (and myself) know exactly how much Silver/Experience the Agent/Heroes will get for participating in Remote Ops, based on the Jet/Hero level and the duration of the Remote Op. So I took the in-game numbers and data started calculating these figures by multiplying the amounts by the corresponding Hero Bonuses (ex. Silver/Exp Amount x 1.05 for a 5% Hero Bonus). I badly want this data to be accurate so it can actually help anyone interested in using it.

I have only Level 5 Jets currently, and my highest level Heroes are at Level 10, so it's impossible for me to verify some of this data myself. So I'm coming to you in hopes you can help me help any and everyone interested in this data. It doesn't even have to be that difficult for you, if you're already doing some Remote Ops anyway just pay attention to your rewards and comment what they are if it's a total I haven't confirmed yet :)

PROTIP ON HOW TO HELP: Just send some Heroes out on your Jets, and then Abort the flights. The Abort screen that comes up tells you the EXACT amount of Silver and Experience you'd lose by aborting, and that's the info I'm looking for. Easy, huh?

I won't be nit-picky on how you post your data (duh, and/or hello?!, you're the one helping me ;) ), but if you're posting multiple Hero Level data in 1 comment, I find it easiest and quickest to update if you post the Jet Level and Flight Duration as some sort of a "heading," and then have the Hero Levels under it going from lowest to greatest. Bonus points if you italicize something I got wrong, then I know right off the bat what to change and what's fine :D

I've embedded a brand new (as of 10/26/13) Google Doc below of a variation of my Ultimate M:AA Remote Ops Reference Spreadsheet. You'll notice I've stripped most of the color away, with the exception of 2. The Legend on the "Costs & 3 Minutes" sheet will inform you of these color's significance. Data highlighted in Green has been Confirmed and data highlighted in Red is Unconfirmed, simple. I have since realized from my original attempt that I should've been rounding down or just discarding any decimals I got. So these numbers should be more accurate, and more have been confirmed since.

This will be updated regularly as corrections come in, and will be the best source for accurate info and which data I still need verified.

Thank You in advance for the help you provide towards this goal of mine. I looked for quite a while for this data before deciding to do it myself, but not just for myself. Since I couldn't find it myself earlier, I want to spare people looking for it the frustration I had.

Wall of Fame:

  • GazelleStampede (x274, too many to list...)
  • ZeCrazyEye (x244, Stingray flights [Hero Level 1-8], Quinjet flights [Hero Level 6-13], completed Blackbird flights)
  • Alexjr26 (x198, Sparrow flights [Hero Levels 7-14], Stingray flights [Hero Level 13 & 14], Viking flights [Hero Level 13], Quinjet flights [Hero Level 13 Exp & 14])
  • Kopan (x147, basically most of the V-130 flights)
  • Captianhobbs (x107, Stingray flights [finished Hero Levels 9-12], Viking flights [finished Hero Level 10-12])
  • Bbbb434 (x68, Viking flights [finished Hero Level 5-9])
  • Skeletalwaffle (x51, Blackbird flights [Hero Levels 13 & 14], V-130 flights [Hero Levels 13 & 14])
  • Scarlettolivia (x30, the first collector)
  • PsyclOwnd (x25, 1 of 2 collectors from the forums)
  • WonderStar (x12, 1 of 2 collectors from the forums)
  • Djcman (x5, V-130 flights [Hero Level 13 Silver])

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