A Good Way to Simultaneously Level 2 Heroes At Once

(I consider this a Work In Progress, as I'd like to make it a little prettier and tweak some things in the future, but otherwise it's solid information as far as I'm concerned)

Have you just done one or many of the following?:

  1. Picked up multiple Deploys needed for Special Operations X
  2. Grabbed some Heroes towards Mastery of a Season 2 Chapter
  3. Farmed a bunch of CP and splurged on some Heroes you want to try in PvE/PvP
  4. Noticed some Heroes you've been neglecting
  5. Wanted to raise your Hero Bonus up

The Missions in S1C12 can be great places to level individual Heroes, but mandatory Team Ups prevent you from letting 2 Heroes take advantage at the same time. But there is a great Mission that allows you to level 2 Heroes right up up until the Boss fight.

Potential Advantages/Disadvantages

Before you try this route, I'm going to stress that it isn't the most Energy efficient route. At all. That would be 1.12.5. Luke Cage's Premium (1.10.6) can also yield more Experience. The only downside is it isn't very friendly to Blasters or Tacticians. However, Dr. Strange's Premium Mission on 1.9.6, Darkness Rising, can be a great place to quickly level 2 new Recruits, regardless of Class, making it universally friendly.

Mission Details

1.9.6 has become my go-to spot when I got 2 Heroes in need of Experience. Obviously you'll need to have Dr. Strange, but you should have him anyway already. If not, what are you waiting for? He's still a solid Hero and his Enchanted EISO granting Baleful can be great fun to use, or a nightmare to face unprepared. But I digress...

With the proper setup, you can fly through this Mission, it's even able to get a new Hero nearly half way to Level 4 in only 1 run. I'll admit, I don't usually bring my new Recruits all the way to the MiniBoss unless they are really strong and/or I'm sure my Agent or another Hero can Protect them.

I have this Mission long 5-Starred already, so that in addition to being a Premium Mission that already scales to my level, Challenge Mode is unnecessary. Either way I play, I get 30 Experience per Mindless One I kill, regardless of color. Most of the Battles contain 3 Mindless Ones. Let's look at the Mission, and do some simple math.

3 Mindless Ones per Battle = 90 Experience per Battle
3 Easy Battles = 270 Experience
2 Medium Battles = 180 Experience

Simple so far. However, some of the Hard Battles have 2 waves of 2 Mindless Ones, meaning you can occasionally get up to 120 Experience per Battle.

3 Hard Battles = 270 to 360 Experience

The MiniBoss is 3 waves of 3 Mindless Ones. Therefore:

MiniBoss = 270 Experience

Obviously, Dr. Strange insists on being part of the fight against the Boss, Dormammu, so you're back down to only 1 Hero. But say your Heroes weren't at equal Level or Experience amount, and one of them isn't ready to Train yet. The Boss Battle of Dormammu and 6 Mindless Ones will get you 245 Experience.

Boss = 245 Experience

2-Birding Dormammu will get you 305 Experience, but that's obviously less than the 515 Experience you get from fighting them separately, so forget that...

So when we add all of that up, we can see one complete run of the Mission will get us anywhere from 1,235 to 1,325 Experience for one Hero (1,025 to 1,115 if you 2-Bird), and 990 to 1080 Experience for both Heroes with all but the Boss Battle completed. Not bad at all.


Let's switch to Strategy for this Mission. I've made it sound easy so far, but that's with a proper setup. These are Mindless Ones after all, not overly difficult, but the have that one annoying and devastating ability. Abyssal Stare, which applies Stare of the Abyss, yech! Fortunately there are a few ways of making this a non issue.

  1. Use an item that cures Bleeding, Burning, Chilled, or Poison.
  2. My personal favorite, equip a Gear with the Heavy Metal passive. You are now immune to their greatest strength!

You can also use their tendency to change to the Class that attacked them against them. Say you want to level an Infiltrator, make your Agent a Tactician and bring another along. Try to have both of your "weaker" classes have an Area of Effect attack that can turn all of the Mindless Ones to that weakness at once for your "trainee" to exploit.

How I Do It

My loadout when I run this contains these Gear:

  1. Fist of the Colossus. There for the Heavy Metal passive, nothing else.
  2. Slingshot (or Slingcannon if you got it). Solid AoE Gear, and deals extra damage in case the "strong" Class turns any Mindless Ones before I or the other "weak" Hero does.
  3. Synthetic Cube. Makes my Team a little harder to hit, and speeds things up in multi-wave Battles
  4. Watcher of Attilan. Draws most Abyssal Stares to my immune Agent.

If I'm only leveling a single Hero who can't quite cut it in Chapter 12 yet, there are a few Heroes I like to use, but mostly I default to ones with the AoEs. But a few stand out depending on the situation, I'll list the ones with AoEs (by default Class), some exceptions, and * my favorites.

Leveling Tacticians: Cable, Daimon Hellstrom, Doctor Voodoo, Domino, *Dr. Strange, *Havok, Human Torch, Iron Man, Nico Minoru, *Scarlet Witch, Sunfire, Vision
Leveling Blasters: *Anti-Venom, Ares, *Bishop (very effective), Captain Britain, Heimdall, Hercules, Hulk, Iceman, Thor, *Wonder Man (Protect and Damage Over Time immunity make up for lack of AoE), *X-23
Leveling Bruisers: Ghost Rider, Magik, Omega Sentinel, *Quicksilver, Sabretooth, Shatterstar
Leveling Scrappers: Agent Venom, Elektra, Gambit, *Invisible Woman, Nightcrawler, *Satana, *Spiral, *Wasp
Leveling Infiltrators: Black Bolt, Black Knight, Captain America, Cyclops, *Dr. Strange, Fantomex, Hank Pym, Hawkeye, Loki, Magneto, Moonstone, Mr. Fantastic, Red Hulk, War Machine/*Iron Patriot

If you are unable to tank/be immune to Stare of the Abyss with your Agent, Colossus and Thing are able to tank, while being immune to Stare of the Abyss as well. Bishop and Havok (with his Grounding EISO) can also tank, but they are still susceptible to Stare of the Abyss. Phoenix has the ability to make anyone tank, but she isn't immune either.

In Closing

Hopefully this blog has given you all you need to take advantage of this Mission, and you have a round the clock Training schedule that keeps your Heroes advancing.

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