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  • DemonicMRX11

    The M:AA Lord's Prayer

    December 18, 2014 by DemonicMRX11

    Our Father, who art in Cyberspace
    Hallowed by thy spin
    Thy Holy choice, let it be noice
    On as well as and Gear
    Give us this day our daily loot
    And forgive us our respins, as we forgive EMP drops against us
    For thine is the Random, the Power, and the Facade

    All Hail RNGsus, He died for your spins.

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  • DemonicMRX11


    In case the title wasn't enough of a hint:


    For a while now, I've looked at Hero Templates featuring 's Horsemen of Famine Alt, and wished I wasn't just looking at 2 Generalist icons, wondering whether or not they had the Blaster or Infiltrator Powered version. Thanks to some crazy imaging skills courtesy of Cyrus, soon that will be a moot point, at least on the Templates I make. He's taken time out of his busy schedule to color-match the Generalist icons to not only those 2 Classes, but all 5 of the others!

    Big: Tactician Blaster Bruiser Scrapper Infiltrator

    Small: Tactician Blaster Bruiser Scrapper Infiltrator

    Ringed: Tactician Blaster Br…

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  • DemonicMRX11

    So, earlier this year a splendid cast of Chat regulars came up with an idea (mostly because we were bored, and wanted something to keep Chat alive while including everyone possible). What if past PvP Armory Items became various consumables that could be used in battle? Some of them had obvious potential, or just looked cool. Either way, it could reverse the increasing obsolescence that only offering a PvP Bonus guarantees.

    This group comprised of BLUH! , Darbley , myself , Dr.Ghost , Peeping , and Regulus22 . Darbley was the official scribe of our sessions, and compiled our ideas into a blog. But now dear Darbles has moved onto other endeavors, and has given me permission to rip him off recreate and update his blog. For posterity, it can be …

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  • DemonicMRX11

    A Good Way to Simultaneously Level 2 Heroes At Once

    (I consider this a Work In Progress, as I'd like to make it a little prettier and tweak some things in the future, but otherwise it's solid information as far as I'm concerned)

    Have you just done one or many of the following?:

    1. Picked up multiple Deploys needed for Special Operations X
    2. Grabbed some Heroes towards Mastery of a Season 2 Chapter
    3. Farmed a bunch of CP and splurged on some Heroes you want to try in PvE/PvP
    4. Noticed some Heroes you've been neglecting
    5. Wanted to raise your Hero Bonus up

    The Missions in S1C12 can be great places to level individual Heroes, but mandatory Team Ups prevent you from letting 2 Heroes take advantage at the same time. But there is a great Mission that allows you to…

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  • DemonicMRX11

    So if you're familiar with my Ultimate M:AA Remote Ops Reference Spreadsheet (detailed here and embedded here), you'll know I'm in a bit of a quandary with it. For the benefit of people new to my plight, here's the gist:

    I made the Ultimate M:AA Remote Ops Reference Spreadsheet to help others (and myself) know exactly how much Silver/Experience the Agent/Heroes will get for participating in Remote Ops, based on the Jet/Hero level and the duration of the Remote Op. So I took the in-game numbers and data started calculating these figures by multiplying the amounts by the corresponding Hero Bonuses (ex. Silver/Exp Amount x 1.05 for a 5% Hero Bonus). I badly want this data to be accurate so it can actually help anyone interested in using it.

    I h…

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