As we see the pending pvp season 17, a plentiful amount of heroes, and incredible amounts of new content available within the game we can all agree that the game has drastically changed since it's release 2 years ago. As such I thought I could make a contribution to the maa community. Since this is my first post I thought I could share some of what I see around the game (pvp wise) and some pvp combos I found interesting.

  • Note: Since there are a bunch of teams around that have good potential and synergy the list can take some time. Also if you have teams that are not displayed here feel free to comment below.

Combo 1: Juggernaut and Magneto

This is a very popular combo I saw in pvp since Juggernaut's release as a hero, and with good reasoning I could see this as a favorable combo.

The Good:

This team is almost pure offense. Since Juggernaut is pretty much a tank he can unleash heavy melee damage while increasing his damage output with his level 9. Magneto can be seen as a tanker as well since he has pure damage output potential (especially those enemies with magnetized). Also both of these heroes are immune to psychic debuffs and attacks making this team less susceptible to Emma's and items of psychic attack. I can see this team as respectable with great venom.

The Bad:

The only bad things I can see is that this team alone has no synergy. Juggernaut cannot benefit from magnetized enemies while Magneto cannot benefit from Juggernaut's melee attack. However the agent can change this team drastically as the agent has the choice of choosing offensive melee or siding with magneto to help him exploit those with magnetized (doing this by using weapons that inflict or exploit magnetized).


This team seems very nice to me on account of the fact that we have 2 tankers and an agent with two versatile options of attack and the ability to heal these characters plus remove debuffs. If the agent can create team synergy, I can see this team with a bunch of potential.

Combo 2: Pestilence Beast and Famine Rogue (with infiltrator benefit).

The Good:

This team to me can be ultra superior when it comes to debuffs. Pestilence Beast and his allies have a chance of applying debuffs applied to them and lower the effects of DoT's. Also Rogue with her infiltrator power can counter all attacks thrown at her which are often deadly plus she removes a buff from the opposing team every round and all her attacks are stealthy as long as she has infiltrator power. Additionally beast's passive can grant every one epiphany after an enemy attacks and make debuffs on the opposing team unremovable, his level 1 can prevent class bonuses plus prevent buffs on the enemy, his level 2 can seriously hurt the enemy with mind control and procs counter attacks everywhere, his level 6 can cause widespread havoc with the allies and enemies throwing the contagion and it's debuffs around and his level 9 paired with an agent applying attriation debuffs can be devastating.

The Bad:

From what I see this team can be undermined. Debuffs from this team cannot be removed with debuff removal effects as Beast's paradise lost allows such. If allowed the enemy can apply off balanced to Rogue which can weaken Rouge by some margin. Another trouble I see is that Beast's accuracy can be bad in which the agent need to build on plus faustian bargin only affects the weakened, exposed, dizzy, slowed, burning, chilled, poisoned, and dark void debuffs. If beast's passive affected all debuffs he would be a f***ing monster in pvp and pve (pretty sure that's the reason pd didn't do such). So the debuffs he and his team can apply are limited not to mention it's only a 60% chance of each.

The Verdict:

This team has huge potential in regards of an offensive punch. This team can unleash huge damage numbers to any enemy that steps in their path. The final point I will mention is that the level 6 can backfire on this team as when the contagion is passed on this team the debuffs cannot be removed which can be devastating for both sides. If beast, rogue and the agent can manage to stun all enemies after the contagion is applied, the match would heavily favor this team.

Combo 3: Horseman of Death (you can decide which class) and Classic Storm,

The Good: I saw this team with potential when the horsemen unis first came out months ago, The idea is the synergy. Storm and Iceman (HoD) can inflict chilled and deathfrost on the enemy while at the same time exploiting this by Storm using her level 9 and Iceman using his level 1. Additionally Storm can protect her allies with her level 2 plus make allies resistant to all elements thrown at the team and HoD can disable, stun, freeze, apply doom and despair and exhaust enemies while having the ability to use his level 6 to finish off enemies with less than 30% health plus HoD is immune to burn related debuffs plus he can be practically immortal when his Dead of Winter buff can stack up to 3 times.

The Bad: Since this team is reliant on DoT's and debuffs, debuff removing and debuff resistant effects can heavily negates the synergy of this team. Added to the fact that Iceman is the main source of synergy to this team while Storm has lower than average health which needs to be built on in pve, but pvp bonuses should solve the problem. Also if depower is applied to this team the whole synergy and the team itself has the potential of crumbling.

The Verdict: I love this team's synergy in which I tested it several times with good results. A final footnote is that if you buy the lightning rod from the store (64 gold) you can devastate the team since the weapon exploits chilled and static charge. (Also you can use Storm's level 1 and use the lightning rod with good damage output). If you can afford such this team is a very good offense build, however the AI on defense can screw around with this team (personal experience), If you can farm Storm's e-iso you won't have to use her level 2 at the start of combat. Overall though this is one personal favorite team I have. considering I got iceman from the Apocalypse spec ops.

Combo 4: Sabretooth and Nico Minoru

The Good; This team is built around resurrection and bleeding synergy. The advantage of this team is that when ko'ed Sabretooth will revive to half health with frenzy (attacking twice) and when ko'ed Nico will be immune to debuffs and prevented from ko'ing then revives to full health and granted haste with the whole back from the brink passive, not to mention that Nico has a bunch of tricks at her disposal with her versatile arcana. Also since Nico's level 1 can apply bleeding Sabretooth can trigger bleeds with his level 9 and exploit the attriation debuffs that Nico applies to her enemies with his level 2 which can be proven very devastating.

The Bad: A bad thing that I can see is that the revival effects with Sabretooth and Nico can be bypassed with despair and actions with fatal blow and brutal strike and just brutal strike. So this team is vulnerable to elektra, x-23, iceman, and others alike that can apply these effects. Also the bleeding synergy is not the best in which the resurrection synergy is what keeps this team alive. Furthermore if the team are resilient to harmful magic effects and such, Nico's value in the match will be downgraded.

The Verdict: While this team is reliant on nothing bothering the resurrecting synergy of this team I can say that this team has high potential plus Nico's staff of one can trigger a bunch of nasty effects on the opposing team.

Combo 5: X-23 (Horseman of war uni recommeded) and Wolverine

The Good: This is a classic team based around bleeding synergy. Both can apply bleeding to enemies while also exploiting the bleeding stacked on the enemies. Also their level 1's apply ravaged in which their enemies take extra damage from bleeding. Additionally both have adamantium claws in which all their attacks ignore defense, they both have a healing factor in which heals them overtime while they both have a chance to revive to 1% health when ko'ed. Also X-23's level 9 can ko enemies with less than 30% health remaining which is quite handy. Furthermore if X-23 has her HoW uni, the whole team is granted warbringer and is granted war frenzy when attacked in which further strengthens their damage output.

The Bad: The only bad thing I can see about this team is like that with the Storm and HoD team. If the enemy has debuff removing actions or buffs like mystic shroud, the team has almost no synergy in which they have to rely to heavy damage output in order to make progress. Also the enemy can apply depower in which they no longer can apply bleeding or other debuffs when they attack. Since bleeding is a contributing factor to this team's synergy removing such will cause the team to have little efficiency.

The Verdict: If the agent can contribute to the team synergy found here, this team can ultimately be devastating. However when using this team you need to be aware of the counter chances the opposing team can have as stated with the cons of using this team.

Combo 6: Horseman of Pestilence (Beast's uni, tactician uni is recommended) and several other heroes. (Anyone that can inflict bleeding, burning, chilled, dark void, iso-8 corruption, poisoned, and/or radiation exposure)

The good: This team is built around attrition debuffs. Beast (HoP) and a hero that can inflict attrition debuffs is seen here as very favorable. Note that Beast must be at least level 9 to make this combo have maximum efficiency. This is because HoP's level 9 jekyll and hyde has a property called exploit attrition which will exploit any of the debuffs that I have listed above. The best part of this team is that the debuffs cannot be removed from the opposing team because HoP's faustian bargain suppresses most effects that removes or prevents debuffs on yours and the opposing team which further strengthen this team. Another merit of this team is that it will work with any hero that can inflict one or more of these debuffs. (More is better though) So you have a good variety of heroes to choose from. This includes but is not limited to Iron patriot (War Machine's uni), Black cat (claws uni recommended), Satana, Dr.Strange (uni recommended), Blade, Human Torch (uni is recommended) etc. 

The bad: Since this team relies on building and exploiting certain debuffs shutting them down means that the team you choose will possibly crumble. This team's kryptonite is the depower debuff. When applied status effects whether good or bad will not be applied to the actions of your team. A personal experience I had was when I had Horsemen of pestilence and famine against a team with Spiral. Especially when her dancing queen passive triggered and she used flashbolt on my teammates she was a real annoyance. Since her dancing queen passive triggered 3 times during the fight I was faced with stat removal debuffs and not only that she used 3 of her dance moves which helped her team and created havoc amongst my team. Ultimately I won with only my agent left standing. So keep in mind that if you do face Spiral take her out first as if she's the last one to live there will be hell to pay. 

The verdict: With this team in play you have a favorable chance of winning. So long as you continue applying debuffs and exploiting them you will stand strong and mighty.

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