• DeathWorthy

    Some Notable PVP combos

    October 19, 2014 by DeathWorthy

    As we see the pending pvp season 17, a plentiful amount of heroes, and incredible amounts of new content available within the game we can all agree that the game has drastically changed since it's release 2 years ago. As such I thought I could make a contribution to the maa community. Since this is my first post I thought I could share some of what I see around the game (pvp wise) and some pvp combos I found interesting.

    • Note: Since there are a bunch of teams around that have good potential and synergy the list can take some time. Also if you have teams that are not displayed here feel free to comment below.

    Combo 1: Juggernaut and Magneto

    This is a very popular combo I saw in pvp since Juggernaut's release as a hero, and with good reasoning …

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