One of the most common questions we all have is "Who should I recruit next?" The answer is typically: "It depends." What we really need to know to answer that is: A) Who do you have and B) What is your goal?

This guide will help you create a list of heroes based on achieving Season 2 Chapter Mastery. At one point in the past, I didn't pay much attention to who to recruit until I somehow wound up with a bunch of CP with no characters in mind. So in the middle of a Spec Ops, I decided to recruit the required heroes for the Epic Boss so that I wouldn't have to spend gold on the final task. Isn't this supposed to be about Season 2 and not Spec Ops? Yes, bear with me.

Eventually, I realized this might not be the most effective way to recruit heroes. So here is what I decided to do.....

Step One: Hero Inventory

Go to each chapter mastery page and see what heroes are required. Make a list (in Notepad, Notepad++, Evernote, Keep, or OneNote) of the heroes you are missing.

Step Two: Hero Overlap

Count each time a hero is required for chapter mastery, put that number next to the hero's name.

Step Three: Pick a Chapter

There were two criteria I used when I created my list: 1) Which chapter required the fewest heroes to master. 2) Which chapter mastery do I want the most? What I discovered was even though I wanted the chapter 8 mastery for Kuurth, the heroes I needed would also allow me to get the chapter mastery for Chapters 4 (Captain Marvel) and 3 (Daredevil) in that order. Since I had already done the overlap step, this was very apparent to me.

Step Four: Make your Chapter Mastery List

Here is a snippet from my list:

  • Domino (3) [135 CP] (PMU)
  • Spiral (3) [135 CP]
  • Chapter 4 Mastery Available (Captain Marvel)
  • Doctor Voodoo (4) [90 CP]
  • Magik (5) [200 CP]
  • Punisher (3) [135 CP] (PMU)
  • Chapter 3 Mastery Available (Daredevil)
  • Cable (3) [135 CP]
  • Shatterstar (4) [135 CP]
  • Tigra [90 CP]
  • Union Jack [90 CP]
  • Chapter 8 Mastery (Kuurth)

Just a few things to note: the numbers after the character names were how many times they were required heroes; PMU: Premium Mission Unlock - I recruited these characters first because of the unlock bonus.

So, at the time I made the list, Spec Ops 30 was running and there was a character sale as well, I had enough CP and gold such that I purchased Domino and Spiral, then recruited Magik, as she was needed for the Epic Boss. Later, before the sale ended, I realized I still had enough CP to recruit Doctor Voodoo and gold to recruit Punisher. I did this because I knew I could get back some of the CP I spent on Dr. V and half the gold I spent on Punisher via Chapter 3 mastery rewards, so it was a quick and easy decision. It was only easy because I had made this list ahead of time and knew what I needed.


Now before you go and blow your CP stash, I usually wait until I know which heroes are the required deploys for the Epic Boss so that I don't have to farm CP under the pressure of beating a SO deadline. The other exception is if a character goes on sale and you really want the character. My rationale behind the SO exception is that previous SO characters have been required in other SO and since they cost a whopping 200 CP, better to get it now than have to farm CP to pay later.

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