• Davwad2

    Hero Recruitment Guide: PvP

    January 19, 2016 by Davwad2

    This is my guide for recruiting heroes if you focus solely on PvP. This will be brief.

    Rank the stat bonuses you want the most, recruit characters from those classes first, early, and often. Once you have recruited the heroes from that class, then move onto the next one. The only exception is if there is a specific character you want because of the meta. If that is the case, then my other guide should be able to help.

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  • Davwad2

    One of the most common questions we all have is "Who should I recruit next?" The answer is typically: "It depends." What we really need to know to answer that is: A) Who do you have and B) What is your goal?

    This guide will help you create a list of heroes based on achieving Season 2 Chapter Mastery. At one point in the past, I didn't pay much attention to who to recruit until I somehow wound up with a bunch of CP with no characters in mind. So in the middle of a Spec Ops, I decided to recruit the required heroes for the Epic Boss so that I wouldn't have to spend gold on the final task. Isn't this supposed to be about Season 2 and not Spec Ops? Yes, bear with me.

    Eventually, I realized this might not be the most effective way to recruit hero…

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