Alright I hate some costumes in this game, not necessarily Alts. but just general outfits that look stupid. Thus. In no particular order the heroes with BAD costumes.


May 3, 2013

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Oh goodness where do i start, after years of working with the X-Men and having numerous costume redesigns THIS is what you end up with??? Honestly Scott the hood went out of style, actually it never was in style. The coloration is boring and you look like a loser not some really awesome hero, go back to the nineties, at least then you had some style. Your Phoenix one at least looks cool, despite the hood.

Cyclops Portrait Art

Iron Man

Tony, Tony, Tony, disgusting. No LED's behind the eyes, no flair just disgusting. I get that it was the 60's but still, you could be at least mildly fashion forward. It looks like you are wearing a metal bathing suit over top of gold tights. Melt this suit down and make something cool.

Iron Man Mk V Armor Portrait Art


Oh. My. Gosh. They let you out in public wearing this??? First you wear a pair of underwear, THEN you decide a nice 80's wrestler look is for you? It's awful, and don't blame Sue for making this you still wore it. It's awful and stupid no doubt about that.

Future Foundation Thing Portrait Art Thing Marvel XP


Put some clothes on. That's it.

Hercules Portrait Art


OK I need to apologize to Hercules, because YOU need some clothing, being covered in fur is not a justification for wearing a bikini in combat. Let's show some modesty.

Tigra Portrait Art

Dr. Strange

Well we have a lovely fairy princess, wait that's a DUDE? Ok a set of blue footie pajamas, a tunic, and a cape make up your 'costume' pretty sure someone is trying to unleash their inner child. (or inner weirdo)

Doctor Strange Marvel XP


So Clint Barton walks into his tailor shop and says

"I want a costume that looks like Wolverine's but with more of a loser squire look to it."

"Anything else sir?"

"Yeah, make it the girliest shade of purple you have too."

"Will that be all?"

"No make another costume but with blue, because I love making sure my costume clashes horribly."

That conversation gave us these awful uniforms.

Hawkeye Portrait Art Hawkeye FB Artwork 2

Iron Fist

Yeah, that's it show us those defined body. Guess what, we'd rather you showed us a costume with a zipper. And while you're at it, lower the freaking collar, only villains can justify collars that high. (unless you're compensating for something...)

Iron Fist Portrait Art

Mr. Fantastic

In A world where 95% of heroes have epic form fitting costumes, this guy wears a costume that looks oversized, it disgusting. YOU ARE A SUPERHERO!!!! Lift some weights, get some muscle, I do not care about your "genius level intellect" your brain isn't wearing the costume, you are.

Mr. Fantastic Portrait Art

Ms. Marvel

Wow. this costume puts Emma Frost to shame, she thinks you don't have enough clothes on. This is just poor, you look like there wasn't enough fabric to make a real costume so you stitched some rags together, really the colors are bad and your hair... gross.

Ms. Marvel FB Artwork 2


We thought heroes had finally learned that underwear goes inside the pants, clearly you didn't get the memo. Secondly, green? Not even a nice green, but a green that looks like vomit. You'd think that with Wasp on the team she'd give fashion advice, obviously not.

Quicksilver Portrait Art


Wow, what are you like 15? What would your mother say? Oh wait, clones have no parents. Anyways you still have baby fat and are wearing basically a biker chick outfit, honestly just sad, put on a REAL COSTUME!

X-23 Portrait Art


What the heck is this? Awful armor, just awful. You should be wearing pants that are ripped and purple, not Roman Gladiator costumes from Party City! And the sandals, just wrong. And secondly the grey look, is DISGUSTING, I understand the whole classic thing but really, just gross.

Hulk FB Artwork 2 Grey Hulk Portrait Art

Black Knight

Kill. Me. Now. This is just too much. The cape, meh. The tunic, pretty nasty. But that awful helmet? really? Couldnt have gone Domino mask or something!?!? this is a horrendous costume that defies all laws of UGLINESS!!! seriously.

Black Knight Portrait Art

Kitty Pryde

Oh goodness. Too much blue. And seems a bit lesbian huh? honestly its disgusting girlie. then again while everyone else gets fun original costumes, you can't leave behind the basic training uniform. *facepalm*

Kitty Pryde FB Artwork 2


It's a toga. A freaking TOGA! Everyone else gets high-tech badass Phoenix suits, and you get a toga... o_o. Limitless world-shifting powers and you have no sense of fashion. Somewhere, a Greek is weeping.

Phoenix Five Colossus Portrait Art


Holy Crap, this is nasty, first of all you have a grody Shawn Michaels ponytail going on, with tohose horrible braids draping off. Secondly, the headgear is awful. And your whole color palette is just one of THE WORST THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN! The entire outfit SCREAMS 80's. And lastly, who the hell are you? Go away Shatterstar,I wanted Red Hulk.

Shatterstar Portrait Art


DAMN. seriously girl, that chin is sharper than Reese Witherspoon's and the color's just aren't working for you. Next the whole faceplate is awful, not to mention that pointy diamond underneath your overly defined steel boobs. Lastly the neck piece grosses me out.

Rescue Portrait Art

Union Jack

Really that costume is 'Union Crap. I just hate the solid blue on the mask. It's a sock with eye-holes sewn to a British flag. No style, no flair, nothing. It's just boring dude. Seriously MODERNIZE the outfit, some lights maybe! Then again you and Cyclops could always form a 'hood club'. Idiots.

Union Jack Portrait Art


So obviously the 60's weren't kind to most Heroes, but yet there are some nasty modern costumes in here too. Anyways thanks for listening to my rant, and leave your opinions below!

--DarthArthyl (Colin Ginter) 15:44, April 17, 2013 (UTC)

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