• Darknessfall

    Going Cosmic

    December 10, 2013 by Darknessfall

    Ok, GotG film is coming and this posti is from there and foward.

    I think we will go Cosmic somewhere during season 2 or if not we should get some cosmic special ops, this special ops would also set-up another Hickman´s Avengers tie ins.

    For me the 5 movie GotG should be recruitable by Command Points and they shoud set the bases form what is to come

    Nick an Maria are probably Skrulls so we should get a Secret Invasion ops soon: Brand and the Super Skrull (Lockbox).

    Adam Warlock as the recruitable hero of the GotG tie in ops.

    Then we get a tie in into the old Anihilation. Silver Surfer and Ronan.

    Then we got Conquest. Nova as the recruitable hero.

    Now a Shi ar ops that lets us get the new Smasher and Gladiator as Lockbox.

    And the obviously coming In…

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