NaT The Race To Recruit MB

Famed for being one of the strongest heroes in the game, Being the first limited hero and generalist hero is now back costing 200 command points

People are now freaking out thinking whether they should recruit her or not.

On the Yes Side

Of course! Playdom has given us a chance finally to recruit her! We are so blessed because we can now recruit her after Spec ops 1 has expired.

If you'll get her you'll feel so happy because you've got a hero that has so many titles and a very strong hero to use in PVP? she could even be the key in getting you to Adamantium league

Even if they nerfed her Mockingbird still remains strong.

Mockingbird is a great hero to recruit she's got those awesome moves like the Critical Intel plus she can change to her enemies counter class when being attacked. (For more info on her click-> Mockingbird)

Yes I totally agree, so if you got the CPs and Gold to convert don't miss this one lifetime opportunity. This is a LIFE AND GAME CHANGING EXPERIENCE

(On my observations & interviews many of my allies did took this opportunity and even cashed in just to recruit her.)

On the No Side

Totally no! 200 CPs for just one hero?????????!?

She's not even worth getting! It's a good thing if you have many gold and many CPs DUH! Your making Playdom even richer! Save your money! Your a moron if you'll cash in just to get her I'd rather buy Rogue, Scarlet Witch or Beast or all the cheap heroes! They might even be the key to an Epic Boss in the upcoming Spec Ops 5!,


Spec ops 5 is coming soon! This is just a trap and they're making you fall for it. Mockingbirdisgoing to take your money and chance to recruit Vision away!

This is just a game don't waste your money just for a game.

I also agree with yes however I am on the NO side.

If you don't really can get her don't go crazy looking for a credit card just to cash in just LEARN TO LET GO.

You won't really get her in the first place if you are going for the title of having her puhhhleassse? Actually you don't really deserve that title since you did not work hard to get her you just cashed in an easily recruited her while those who played Special Operations 1 like had a hard time recruiting her We needed to 5 star 3 different missions!? OUCH! so don't bother to praise yourself with that title

It could also make you crazy and have problems:? (I have an ally who loaned $10,000 just so that he could buy gold now he is having trouble in paying that loan)


We'll the desicion still is up to YOU. It's up to you if you'll recruit her or not just remember:

Calm down this is just a game and this game's purpose is to entertain and relax you it's intention is not to make you furious just because you don't have this and that whatsoever.

Your game is not PERFECT enough to have all the things in the game there are chances but if? you don't have what is needed to grab that chance don't push through forcing yourself on something you cannot get even if you try to and don't get so HIGHBLOODED if you did not get it? just continue to play the game and be ready for the challenges that await you. Just have always fun and play the game fair and square.? NEVER QUIT! QUITTERS ALWAYS LOSE! and one day you're going to remember that this game had made me furious all the time and I never got to enjoy this game or simply, I MISS THIS GAME.

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