Psylocke is one of my most desired hero so I am trying my very best to get to adamantium league by the end of this tournament But I still got a problem with that Gold players since their stats are super high since they've got a lot of heroes

I have got several strategies:

The 1st one is the strategy that made me remain in Vibranium League for the last season

Stealthy + Remove Buffs Strategy:

Grey suit Black Widow + Magik great strategy against blasters + stealthy attacks do not trigger Captain America's shield guard and black widow's 3rd move removes that buff.

Grey suit Black Widow+ Ghost Rider this strategy isn't for my battles I just leave them in my PVP to ensure not so many points will be removed from my rating

My Experimental Strategies You may also try: Source

Grey suit Black Widow + WWII Captain America

Grey suit Black Widow + Scarlet Witch

Avengers Black Widow + Phoenix Five Colossus

Scarlet Witch + Phoenix Five Colossus

Scarlet Witch + Modern Dr. Strange

Phoenix Five Colossus + WWII Captain America

WWII Captain America + Modern Dr. Strange

Phoenix Five Colossus + future foundation Invisible Woman But This Strategy is my current strategy: Agent's Sacrifice Use: Hoarfrost Mace and an item that removes buff

Try to find out what I do using this strategy and don't do this strategy if your not willing to sacrifice your agent. Try either:

Phoenix 5 Phoenix+ Valkyrie 

White Crown Phoenix + Valkyrie

and see if it works or you know how to use them.

I'll add a photo of this strategy soon :D

Just sharing my suggestions It worked for me and I hope it will also work for you.. so don't get mad if it didn't.. Good Luck in PVP..

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