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  • Darkdragonwing

    True or False?

    January 20, 2013 by Darkdragonwing

    ~Idk if true or edited what do you think?

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  • Darkdragonwing

    PVP Season 3 Journal

    December 24, 2012 by Darkdragonwing

    Psylocke is one of my most desired hero so I am trying my very best to get to adamantium league by the end of this tournament But I still got a problem with that Gold players since their stats are super high since they've got a lot of heroes

    I have got several strategies:

    The 1st one is the strategy that made me remain in Vibranium League for the last season

    Stealthy + Remove Buffs Strategy:

    Grey suit Black Widow + Magik great strategy against blasters + stealthy attacks do not trigger Captain America's shield guard and black widow's 3rd move removes that buff.

    Grey suit Black Widow+ Ghost Rider this strategy isn't for my battles I just leave them in my PVP to ensure not so many points will be removed from my rating

    My Experimental …

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  • Darkdragonwing

    Famed for being one of the strongest heroes in the game, Being the first limited hero and generalist hero is now back costing 200 command points

    People are now freaking out thinking whether they should recruit her or not.

    Of course! Playdom has given us a chance finally to recruit her! We are so blessed because we can now recruit her after Spec ops 1 has expired.

    If you'll get her you'll feel so happy because you've got a hero that has so many titles and a very strong hero to use in PVP? she could even be the key in getting you to Adamantium league

    Even if they nerfed her Mockingbird still remains strong.

    Mockingbird is a great hero to recruit she's got those awesome moves like the Critical Intel plus she can change to her enemies counter class…

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