Smash Bros predictions/hopes (for now) 


will likely go back to MAA stuff after the game comes out.

Going to include those that will return (hopefully) That have not been confirmed as of yet.

NOTE- This is still an early draft and it looks like crap.

Many users of this wiki also like Smash bros series, and I'd rather not go to the ssb wiki, as they scare me.

Confirmed As of this Time(JAN 4th):


Pit - Pit returning is no surprise to me, as he was wildly popular in the last game.  They made him a very main character in the subspace mode(Along with Mario, and Kirby) and he wasn't a locked character.  The guys who made his game (Kid Icarus) are one of the primary makers of the upcoming game, so as i said; no surprise.


Bowser  - Bowser, obviously a returning character, Mario's prime villain/antihero if you will.  Appearing in almost every mario game, probably more frequent than luigi (I don't actually know so don't hate me), he was in this no matter what.                                


Pikachu - Seeing as Pikachu is the spokesperson for Pokemon series there was not a doubt in the world, also appearing in all three previous titles for Smash Bros he's a veteran, and he's going no where.         


Fox - Another Veteran since the first game of SSB, the protagonist of the Star fox series. He's here for the long haul I assume.    


Kirby  -Super Tough Pink Puff.... The guys who produce Kirby games are the ones who make SSB so he's probably at the top of their list before even Mario....         


Wii Fit Trainer - Riiiiiiight..... Didn't see her coming tbh, "but she looks to be fun" he said wishfully.  As long as she is not too similar to Snake from SSBB, I'll be happy. 


Samus  - I really hope we get Zero Suit, and I like seeing the Metroid Prime suit :D I knew Samus would be making a return, her franchise is a very popular one, I loved all 3 Metroid primes.  We'll see if she brings any friends this time.... or enemies...                                                        1cDde0v.png

Megaman  - Apparently people've been wanting this guy for a long while. Many were shocked that he wasn't in Brawl, I welcome Megaman, I guess.


Link - Another veteran from the first game, Link makes an expected return. Hopefully this time he can actually jump a little further rather than being a let down.  

    rXHk7sJ.png DjekfZA.png

Villager  - I have never played an Animal Crossing game, but they had the stage SmashVille in the last game, so most people figured we'd get a character from that game within the next game of Smash Bros.  PS. I am in so much hype for this character just due to the meme, and well.... Dat face, Dat determination, Dat Smash.                                                                             


Donkey Kong   - Yet another of the original 12 from the first Smash Bros game, A welcome return in my opinion. He was my favourite in Super Smash Bros Melee, but kind of became one of my least favourites in Brawl. I still Like...     


Mario  - Nintendo's face of the company. So obvs, yo. Hopefully he is somewhat decent.                


Olimar&Pikmin - The tiny guy who rose to the challenge in Brawl, he quickly became one of my favourites in it.  Obviously returning as his 3rd game just recently came out.  Let's see if we get the newer pikmin from the newest game.  


Luigi - That guy, who likes to slide all around the stage and kind of be annoying. (In my opinion at least) Hopefully he gets more Luigi's Mansion references this time, because seriously how does he not?  Anyways, yet another 1st game veteran, no shock. Except for him being shocked.


Peach - The defensive character who loves to heal and be princessy. (Please add Daisy) Not a shock to me that she is making a return as she's been in the last two and has original moves, AKA not a clone character...Falco.    


Toon Link  - The better link of the two in the last game.  I'm happy he's making a return unlike some others.  Though he was very much a clone character i still liked him, I'm not wildly surprised, but still felt like he was a candidate for missing the upcoming game sadly. He dodged the bullet I guess. 


Sonic - The guy who sucked unless he had his Final Smash.  He was  a mystery if he'd return, but I guess Nintendo wanted to keep the face of Sega, he was a popular character in the last so why not keep him?                                        


Marth  - Been around since the 2nd game (Melee) I've always liked using him, Not TOO surprised he's back but i wouldn't have been too startled if he wasn't going to make it.      


Rosalina &Luma - Really? Who didn't see this coming?  She looks to be pretty good. Luma looks to be the fighter of the two, while Rosalina is more defensive, a welcome newcomers in my view. :)


Zelda - OMG where's Sheik?!!? Nonetheless Zelda was a guarantee in my opinion, been popular since the 2nd game when she joined.  Zelda is awesome in all the last games; I hope they don't tamper with her too much.  I hope to see Sheik though.   3JHZZGD.png

King Dedede - Sweet!! This guy is so awesome just confirmed! (January 10th) I very much expected him to show as he is the main Kirby (villain?).  I wasn't huge fan of his gameplay, but I love Dedede himself. u6z6lMK.jpg Lucario - That's right! He's back!  Apparently he's actually going to be quite good in this upcoming game, which i am looking forward to.  Don't get me wrong i like the character, but in the last game... he was just.. well, not amazing.  Anyways really looking forward to playing his upgraded self.

9Rvk2ZK.jpg BL47KzF.jpg Little Mac - He's In!! I'm so happy Little Mac is finally confirmed.  :D !!!!!!! 

Old Characters and my thoughts by rating on if they'll return using a 10 point rating system: (some may seem low, but that's just to show the higher up ratings are extremely likely)


Jigglypuff 9/10 Reason?  Because Jigglypuff is a veteran of the original 12, I realize she hasn't been wildly popular though the 9 is only due to seniority.. I guess 


Ice Climbers 9/10 Reason? Ice Climbers have climbed their way up into my favourite's categories from melee to Brawl. These two will hopefully be going absolutely no where, if they do my life will be shattered.


Diddy Kong 10/10 Reason? I feel like Diddy is a guarantee, Donkey Kong's number 1 companion, he is surely in the game one way or another.


Wario 10/10 Reason? The man has his own franchise now, (Warioware).  He started as mario's rival who joined him on many occasions, branching off on his own but still goes back to his roots.


Lucas 7/10 Reason? Now, to be fair, I don't know too much about the Earthbound games.  But, he was very much a clone character, better than the original but none the less a clone. I hope to see him back though.


Ness 9/10 Reason? Veteran from the original. His game is kind of dated but I feel he'll be back due to popularity.


Meta Knight 9/10 Reason? He's in for sure.


King Dedede 8 1\2 /10 Reason? Well he just got confirmed (Jan 10th) so i guess i don't need to explain why he'll be in it.


Yoshi 10/10 Reason? Like he needs a reason..


Ganondorf 8/10 Reason? I just don't see him going anywhere just yet. Staple of The Legend of Zelda games.


Zero Suit Samus 8/10  Reason? Metroid The other M was released after the last Smash Bros, so i figure she'll be making a return.  ALSO I freaking LOVED zero suit much better than normal Samus. (My Blog, My Opinion)

Shiek 6/10 Reason? Many people prefer Sheik over Zelda, but when was the last time Sheik was involved in a game? (I seriously don't know, help me out)

R.O.B. 6/10 Reason? I'm on the ropes about R.O.B. he was unique and pretty good character, but i feel like he was only included due to the story mode.  Let's hope he gets a return.

Falco 7/10 Reason? Please change him if he does make a return.  I honestly don't like this character so I may be a little biased.  And if the starfox crew has the same final smash again i will all-together hate them again.

Wolf 5/10 Reason? IF they keep the same movesets, i would much prefer Wolf make a return, he was slightly different from the other two, which actually made him my favourite of the three. the 5 is because... I just don't know if he'll make it, call it a gut feeling.

Captain Falcon 10/10 Reason? He's back because he's a veteran, popularity, and well, Falcon Punch.

Pokemon Trainer, 8/10, Reason? For the original starters i believe they have a good chance. Generation 1 is arguably the best games(not my opinion, but many others) 

Lucario(Mega Lucario?) 6/10 Lucario wasn't all that popular.  Once you played him a few times you learned to avoid using him. But with the newest games (X/Y) he has a chance that he may be in his mega form.  

Ike 6/10 Reason?  If he's anything like Roy, then his time has come and went, sad to say.

Mr. Game & Watch 9/10 Reason? Been in the last two games, been in my top 5 favourites in each. I have high hopes for this one.

Snake 1/10 Reason? For some reason he has fanboys.. I'm not one of them. Please leave.

Dr.Mario 0/10 Reason? He was a gimmick at the time and he wasn't a good one at that. He wasn't in the last game and I doubt he'll make a comeback

Young Link 0/10 Reason? People want him, I don't one Link is enough.

Pichu 0/10 Reason? The worst character ever? yes.


Mewtwo(one of the megas) 5/10 Reason? only because he wasn't in the last I have him at 5, though I do expect the first Smash return

Roy 1/10 Reason? Fanbase. I'm not in the fanbase.

Predictions on who MAY come as playable:


Little Mac (Punch Out) 


Daisy (Mario Sports)  - I'd LOVE to see her in the game.  I have very high hopes; hopefully my hopes are not wasted though.

Koopa Kid (Bowser jr) (Super Mario)

Chrom (Fire Emblem)

Waluigi (Mario Sports Games)

Female Pokemon Trainer maybe (different starter pokemon) (pokemon)

Mega Evolution of one of the new X/Y pokemon (pokemon)

Krystal (from Starfox)

Birdo (Mario series)

Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong)

Funky Kong (Donkey Kong)

King K Rool (Donkey Kong)

Palutena (Kid Icarus) 

Demise (Legend of Zelda)

Blood Falcon (F-Zero)

Black Shadow (F-Zero)

Ghirahim (Legend of Zelda)

Marx (kirby)


Simon Belmont (Castlevania)(Apparently ISK likes this)

PacMan (Pac-man) - Apparently Namco (creaters of Pacman) are involved in this game so he's likely to be added. My opinion... if you're a fan of pacman you don't want to hear it.

Mii (Wii system games) - Please no.

Ridley (metroid) - Size of Ridley is the biggest issue, but many are hopeful.  I mean they grew olimar, i don't see TOO much of a problem with shrinking Ridley... Who am I kidding Ridley shouldn't be playable..

Maxwell (Scribblenauts) - I hope not


Someone from WarioWare - Ashley/Kat/Ana


So, this is Ashley she's in the game, just not sure what she is in the game. Assist? Playable? 

Assist Trophy/ other stuff

Skull Kid is confirmed


Toadette (Mario Stuff) I expect her to at least make an appearance in the game. (Hopefully) (Maybe Assist Trophy)

Boo (Super Mario)

Petey Pirahna (Mario Sports franchise)

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