This is where I am going to put the strageies I use when fighting Thanos for this Op. I am not sure how much I will update it, but I will put a few here every now and then.

Scrapper Form: This form is actually pretty easy, even with Black Hole.

Agent--Top, Cyclops---Bottom, Juggernaut---Middle. Agent should be in a Bruiser Alt. and be equiped with Laser Spotter, Precision Focus Aperture, Sinister Scepter, and Hoarfrost Mace. Cyclops should be in his Tactician P5 alt. And Juggs is well, Juggs.

First turn, get your agent astral. That is you top priority. Use NOTHING, but the Sinister Scepter. On Cyc's turn DO NOT use his level 6. Use his level 1. On Juggs turn, use his level 1, unless Flames of Destruction procced on him, then use his level 2. DON'T use his level 9, not yet.

The reason I say to wait and use Cyc's level 6 and Jugg's level 9, is because the first move Thanos uses is Black Hole and if you use those moves to early, their buffs are removed and you can't get them back until about 2 tuns later, by which point this entire team will have become rather pointless without these two moves.

So after we survive Black Hole, we lead off with the Agent using the Laser Spotter and Prescision Focus Aperture. Why these two gadgets? Well, the laser Spotter gaurentees you will hit, so you don't have to worry about missing. The reason for the PFA, is to raise the critiacal rate. Hit Chance and Critical rates are both tied to Accuracy, so raise it to exploit criticals. On Cycs turn, use the level 6 then his level 1. This allows us to counter all attacks for 2 turns, and to have a free follow-up when we attack. On Jugg's turn, lead off with his level 9, then use his level 1 (Unless Flames of Destruction Procced, then use the level 2).

So where do we stand now? By now, our Agent should be a Ghost Tank, buffed with Agile, Strengthened, and Focused, as well as have Combat Experience and Unstoppable force. He should also be double enraged. Cyc and Juggs are not the major players with this set-up (Though Juggs will do some pretty hefty damage), the real player here is the agent even though you will be refreshing to maximize the Ghost Tank. The reason for this, is that Thanos must attack the Agent every turn, he only has Single Target Attacks (With 2 exceptions), so everytime he attacks, it will be against the agent. And every time the agent is attacked, he will counter with brawl which is powered up by Focsued and Unstoppable force. This tactic can take a Thanos around 70% to 0% in one run.

(This is still a work in progress. Next to come:Tactician Form)

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