It seems that just about every few weeks someone makes a post about how they want the Spec Ops heroes to be released permanently for a set amount of CP. I have seen this so many times and there has never once been a convincing argument as to why they should make Spec Ops heroes available for a set amount of CP. We all want the Spec Ops heroes, but making them available all the time is NOT the way to do it. In each case, there are three things that these posters seem to forget.

1. Increased amount of Spec Ops heroes: Just how many Emma Frosts and Mockingbirds do we really want in PvP? If you make Spec Ops heroes permanent release then there is no limit to them and suddenly, just about every team you fight will have Emma Frost. Making them permanent will not only give YOU the character, but EVERYONE else.

2. No Point to Spec Ops: If you make the heroes permanent release, then what is the purpose of Spec Ops? Why not wait to buy the character? Spec Ops would have no point and there would never be any reason to play it.

3. Devalue the Spec Ops heroes and the work put into them: To make them available ALL the time means that the heroes are essentially worthless. By making them available all the time you make them have no real value. Part of the reason we find Spec Ops heroes so valuable is BECAUSE they are limited time. We fight and work to earn them. To make them available all the time ruins their value and devalues the work players have put into them.

One quick comment on limited 200 CP releases. I think these are a great way to make the heroes available. You never know when it is coming, so you have to be read for it and it keeps the CP cost and availability high while giving people incentive to earn the characters.

Back to the permanent release issue. I doubt PD will EVER release Spec Ops heroes permanently. People would quit playing Spec Ops if they did and they would lose one of their biggest attractions to the game. So if you want the Spec Ops heroes, grind CP, play Spec Ops, and earn the heroes

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