We've all been there. Watching the roulette Wheel spin hoping it lands on even the 3 CP and ending up with the 10th Spitting Viper of the day. Then we get frustrated and come to the board here and start talking about how the CP rate has been dropped for 12.2. So how do we deal with it? Surely there has to be a better way to farm CP without pulling your hair out.

Here are a few tips about things I have found helpful.

1. Set a limit on how much CP you want for the day. Make it reasonable. 50 is not reasonable. I personally set a goal of 10 per day so I both make the goal and set a time to stop farming.

2. After you make your goal STOP FARMING. This way you can limit your frustration towards the roulette. Go finish 5 starring some missions (another way to get CP), level up your heroes, Go play PvP (on second thought, scratch that last one) Take some time away from farming CP.

3. When you get items you already have (and you will) look at what they do. When I was farming 12.2 I kept getting PEW Dingos and selling them. Then I saw their armoury bonus and for a non-paying player they are pretty good. Take a look at the item.

Hopefully this will be somewhat useful to people and maybe save a few tufts of hair. Happy Farming!

(For the numbers on farming CP look at Potkettleblack's guide to CP farming. Link to Guide:

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