• Dando Drysdan

    Saying Goodbye

    November 11, 2013 by Dando Drysdan

    Over the past few weeks I have seen many people announcing that they are leaving the game. Now it is my turn. I am leaving Marvel Avengers Alliance for some of the same reasons that other people have lefts, but also for some personal reasons.

    I have enjoyed playing MAA for the time I have, except for the last few months. During that time, it felt more like a chore than anything and while the battles were fun it seemed kind of boring. At the same time, it also began to seem like a normal part of my routine till it got to the point where I could not go a day without playing it. I would think about the game constantly and wonder when I could play it next. So I am leaving the game.

    So here is short are the reasons why I am leaving.

    1. I Am Addict…

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  • Dando Drysdan

    Thanos--The Easy Way

    October 1, 2013 by Dando Drysdan

    This is where I am going to put the strageies I use when fighting Thanos for this Op. I am not sure how much I will update it, but I will put a few here every now and then.

    Scrapper Form: This form is actually pretty easy, even with Black Hole.

    Agent--Top, Cyclops---Bottom, Juggernaut---Middle. Agent should be in a Bruiser Alt. and be equiped with Laser Spotter, Precision Focus Aperture, Sinister Scepter, and Hoarfrost Mace. Cyclops should be in his Tactician P5 alt. And Juggs is well, Juggs.

    First turn, get your agent astral. That is you top priority. Use NOTHING, but the Sinister Scepter. On Cyc's turn DO NOT use his level 6. Use his level 1. On Juggs turn, use his level 1, unless Flames of Destruction procced on him, then use his level 2. …

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  • Dando Drysdan

    We've all been there. Watching the roulette Wheel spin hoping it lands on even the 3 CP and ending up with the 10th Spitting Viper of the day. Then we get frustrated and come to the board here and start talking about how the CP rate has been dropped for 12.2. So how do we deal with it? Surely there has to be a better way to farm CP without pulling your hair out.

    Here are a few tips about things I have found helpful.

    1. Set a limit on how much CP you want for the day. Make it reasonable. 50 is not reasonable. I personally set a goal of 10 per day so I both make the goal and set a time to stop farming.

    2. After you make your goal STOP FARMING. This way you can limit your frustration towards the roulette. Go finish 5 starring some missions (anot…

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  • Dando Drysdan

    It seems that just about every few weeks someone makes a post about how they want the Spec Ops heroes to be released permanently for a set amount of CP. I have seen this so many times and there has never once been a convincing argument as to why they should make Spec Ops heroes available for a set amount of CP. We all want the Spec Ops heroes, but making them available all the time is NOT the way to do it. In each case, there are three things that these posters seem to forget.

    1. Increased amount of Spec Ops heroes: Just how many Emma Frosts and Mockingbirds do we really want in PvP? If you make Spec Ops heroes permanent release then there is no limit to them and suddenly, just about every team you fight will have Emma Frost. Making them per…

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