You know what I am talking about, so let's go straight to the answer!


Playdom rules

  • All future members are playable heroes already in the game since July 03, 2014 (1).
  • The former Worthy (from the comics) won't be used, except for Sin/Skadi. So, no Hulk, Thing or Juggernaut (2).

I'll consider this rules as 99% sure, once Playdom can change their minds by some reason...

So, these are our candidates:

Playdom rules (99% sure)

Overused, Horsemen and Season 2 prizes

It's really unliked that they will put overused chars like Iron Man and Thor among the Worthy, they are probably using this storyline to revamp some overlooked characters (like She-Hulk and Luke). So, heroes with many related gear, villains and storylines are out. Also, heroes with two or more alts (at least three different uniforms) had pleny attention already; they shouldn't be among the Worthy either.

Another group we can exclude are the Horsemen of Apocalypse, they already were turned into villains in the Apocalypse SpecOps, it's unlikely that it will happen again here.

And once the Worthy alts will be chapter mastering prizes, we can bet that he heroes who already got an alt in this system won't be chosen again.

Excluded candidates:
Beast Icon 1 Black Widow Icon 1 Captain America Icon 1 Colossus Icon 1 Cyclops Icon 1 Daredevil Icon 1 Hawkeye Icon 1 Iceman Icon 1 Iron Fist Icon 1 Iron Man Icon 1 Ms. Marvel Icon 1 Phoenix Icon 1 Rogue Icon 1 Scarlet Witch Icon 1Spider-Man Icon 1 Thor Icon 1 War Machine Icon 1 Wolverine Icon 1 X-23 Icon 1

Playdom rules, no overused, no Horsemen, no prizes (90% sure)

Movie universe

The movie universe is now a major aspect for Marvel and all chars that appears in the movies are getting highlights on M:AA. So, the guys that are involved with Hollywood are out (including the ones Stan Lee mentioned as future movies; if Stan Lee said, we believe). Not counting Fox and Sony movies. Wasp wasn't confirmed at Ant-Man's movie, so I'm not excluding her and even if Scott Lang is the main character of the movie, Hank Pym will surely receive highlights.
Black Bolt Icon 1 Black Panther Icon 1 Dr. Strange Icon 1 Drax Icon 1 Falcon Icon 1 Fandral Icon 1 Gamora Icon 1 Hank Pym Icon 1 Heimdall Icon 1 Hogun Icon 1 Loki Icon 1 Quicksilver Icon 1 Rescue Icon 1 Rocket Raccoon Icon 1  Sif Icon 1 Vision Icon 1 Volstagg Icon 1

Playdom rules, no overused, no Horsemen, no prizes, no Hollywood (75% sure)

Everybody gets a shot

Playdom will probably use this storyline to give the first alt for the heroes who wasn't received one yet.
So, everybody who already got an alt is out!
Angel Icon 1 Black Cat Icon 1 Deadpool Icon 1 Emma Frost Icon 1 Human Torch Icon 1 Invisible Woman Icon 1 Kitty Pryde Icon 1 Mr. Fantastic Icon 1 Nightcrawler Icon 1 Psylocke Icon 1 Storm Icon 1

Playdom rules, no Hollywood, no alts (60% sure)


My first thought was that Playdom would choose the "older" characters who wasn't got and alt yet, but if we stop to think, there is a long long way until the chapter 12 of Season 2. Until the final chapter, all the heroes released until July 3 will already be "old" in the game.
I also thought to exclude Lockbox and Convert Task heroes, but again, until S2C12, they all could be available (@MAAInsiders just announced that we will get some news about Lockboxes).

All the remaining characters listed above have good chances, so now I'll talk briefly about them individually. Minor things to consider:

  • The alt will bring a revamp to the character, so heroes who actually need revamp has higher chances.
  • The Worthy titles can be a hint to the host, especially because Attuma was the "Breaker of Oceans" in the original storyline. So, the hero background could influence some choices, especially "Breaker of Faith" and "Breaker of Souls". I have no idea of what they will do with the "Breaker of Oceans" once, apart from Iceman, there is no water-related character on the roaster.
  • The sprite can help our speculation. Playdom hasn't changed the sprites essence of the character when they release an alt, see She-Hulk for example. So, the hero doesn't need to use a hammer or another melee weapon, but we have to think if it's possible to put a hammer on him/her (at least in his/her back).
  • The characters who already were villains are less interesting options to be corrupted by the hammers. We can't exclude them, but it's likely that they will pick the ones who hasn't been on the ohter side yet, to add more variation.
  • Characters released earlier n M:AA has a higher need of a new uniform.

The unlikely
Agent Venom Icon 1 Symbiont guys are already possessed with "someone else" and I don't see them getting another resident. Recent char.
Anti-Venom Icon 1 Symbiont guys are already possessed with "someone else" and I don't see them getting another resident. Recent char.
Cable Icon 1 The hero is already strong and has many possible alts.
Captain Britain Icon 1 The hero that's "old" but don't need revamp yet, I see others as better options.
Constrictor Icon 1 Former villain, although he needs a revamp.
Doctor Doom Icon 1 Everybody in Marvel loves to use Dr. Doom, he is overused as a villain and it's hard to see him as a "goon".
Elektra Icon 1 Don't need revamp, was already a villain and has many other possibilities to get highlights.
Fantomex Icon 1 He got a small revamp with the latest X-Force uniforms and I think there are better options.
Havok Icon 1 Don't need a revamp at all, it has pleny highlight in the comics now, so I don't think his alt wouldn't be "Marvel NOW".
Magneto Icon 1 Former villain, don't need revamp and has better alts and storylines to "shine".
Mockingbird Icon 1 Her sprites are not suitable and her class is hard to change. She's been a long time without an alt, but now she's on Agents of SHIELD.
Moon Knight Icon 1 A covert task hero, class changer and recently added. Hard to fit in.
Nico Minoru Icon 1 The character is new, so don't see the need to refresh. Can get more attention if other Runaways come to M:AA.
Omega Sentinel Icon 1 Former villain and class changer. Hard to fit in.
Punisher Icon 1 Class changer and has an unsuitable sprite. Can get many other alts, don't need the hammer for that.
Sabretooth Icon 1 Might get some attention in the comics with the death of Wolverine, therefore he will have better alt options. Former villain.
Sandman Icon 1 Totally forgotten while villain and just came to the heroes side. I beleive he won't get attention any time soon.
Satana Icon 1 Former villain. There are better "Highway to Hell" options for the hammer.
Shanna Icon 1 The sprite is suitable, but she is one of the latest releases among the candidates and a convert task hero.
Spiral Icon 1 Got a small revamp with the latest X-Force uniforms and I think there are better options. Unsuitable sprites.
Squirrel Girl Icon 1 It's really hard to imagine Doreen transformed into a bad, hammer wielding villain! Covert task hero.
Taskmaster Icon 1 Already a villain, unsuitable sprite and really recent to the game.
Thane Icon 1 Really new character. I think Playdom will wait and see more of him in the comics before doing such major changes.
Wasp Icon 1 Not easy to fit the hammer with her moveset, and she has many possible alts to recieve and storylines to appear.

Divided beliefs
Ares Icon 1 Has already played among the villains, but his axe could easily be replaced by a hammer.
Bishop Icon 1 Weak hero that need a revamp, but I see others as better options.
Domino Icon 1 I consider her a little "fresh" in the game yet, but surely could have a revamp.
Magik Icon 1 Has an announced alt, but it never came. Has already been a villain (somehow), but is "old" and has good background.
Moonstone Icon 1 Former villain. I don't believe she will get an Ms. Marvel alt, so this may be her best chance.
Shatterstar Icon 1 He's such an ignored character that is difficult to tell what are Playdom's plans for him.
Sunfire Icon 1 Covert task hero, but he's is very similar to Human Torch and could use a hammer for some innovation.
Union Jack Icon 1 He could be a good call, but can appear on the upcoming "Agent Carter" TV series and/or get a "Howling Commandos" alt.
Valkyrie Icon 1 Suitable sprite, "old" char. But can appear in a future Thor movie and I don't think the hammer will catch an Asgardian. -ruled out- link
Wonder Man Icon 1 He's been around for a while and could use some attention, but I think there are better options.

Good calls
Black Knight Icon 1 He's an old release, has suitable sprites and moves. Good background (cused blade, magic immune).
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 1 Suitable sprites and background, but it's weird to have a "possessed demon".
Doctor Voodoo Icon 1 Don't need revamp, but has suitable sprites and background.
Gambit Icon 1 Would form a weird couple with the Horsemen Rogue, but has a really suitable sprite.
Ghost Rider Icon 1 As Daimon, is hard to imagine a "possessed demon", but he also has a suitable sprite. -ruled out- link
Hercules Icon 1 He fits the "bruiser pattern" observed on the original Worthy. An "old" character with no alt yet.
Red Hulk Icon 1 A good option to replace Hulk as one of  the Breakers ("bruiser pattern"). A non innovative option, but still a good one. -ruled out- link
Thundra Icon 1 She wasn't many possible alts, needs revamp and her sprite is perfect for one of the hammers.
Tigra Icon 1 An "old" char. Her outfit hasn't changed much along all these years, maybe she could find some variation with the hammer.

The best bet
Spider-Woman Icon Large 1 Jessica has almost no other outfit and has been replaced by another "Spider-Women" in another games when they wanted an alt.
She got a revamp, but little has changed.
She is the only starter hero with no alt, just like She-Hulk and Luke, before the getting their hammers.

Final hints

Looking at this image bellow and comparing to the first image at the top of this post, we can see that Skadi/Sin and She-Hulk replaced "female silhouettes" and Luke Cage replaced a "male silhouette".


If they keep this pattern, we will have 3 more female characters (2 of them already released) and 2 male ones. So far, so good.

And finally, remember that this is M:AA, so it's possible that Playdom will balance the Worthy "team" with the six classes. But that's not a major thing, in the four Horsemen, two were bruisers and two were generalists.

My personal bet, after all this reflexion

My favorites are:


Followed by:


I'm really believing in this "gender hint". If wasn't for it, I would change Tigra for Red Hulk, Hercules or Daimon.

I know everybody has their bets, but what about these criteria, what do you think about them?


I got three out of five right! And a forth one in my "second options"! Only Mockingbird was out of my bets.

Take over message, analyzing the situation can give you "worthy" hints... ;-)

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