When the 18th Spec Ops came, I though: "Oh Green Goblin as an EpicBoss again?"
But, there was any truth behind this whine?

Let's see who are the top villains on Avengers Alliance!

Considerations: Season 2 is currently on Chapter 5 and we had 18 Spec Ops (2014-May-20).

Most frequent villains

Who are the villians that we see more often on the game?

Villain Season 1 Season 2 Spec Ops Total
Wrecker Icon Wrecker 5 2 6 13
Baron Zemo Icon Baron Zemo 6 2 4 12
Executioner Icon Executioner 7 1 4 12
Toad Icon Toad 4 3 5 12
Thunderball Icon Thunderball 4 2 5 11
Avalanche Icon Avalanche 3 2 6 11
Bulldozer Icon Bulldozer 4 2 5 11
Crimson Dynamo Icon Crimson Dynamo 4 3 4 11
Jack O'Lantern Icon Jack O'Lantern 6 3 2 11
Piledriver Icon Piledriver 4 2 5 11
Mystique Icon Mystique 4 3 3 10
The Hood Icon The Hood 5 2 3 10
Blob Icon Blob 3 3 4 10
Madame Masque Icon Madame Masque 7 1 2 10

We can see that the complains about the Wrecking Crew were right, these guys are always appearing in the game.


  • Considering just the first season, the most frequent villians were Executioner and Madame Masque, with 7 appearances.
  • On the second season (up to the current chapter), the higher number of appearances is 3; twelve characters appeared three times in this season.
  • On the Spec Ops, Wrecker and Avalanche are the most frequent, with 6 appearances, followed by Toad, Thunderball, Bulldozer, Piledriver and Venom (!), with 5 appearances.

Most important villains

We all know that the plain sum of how many times we faced a villain isn't enough to measure its impact on the game. The relevance of a epic boss is much higher than a mini-boss.

Who are the truth main villain of MAA?

Score weightsMini-boss = 1; Boss = 2; Regular Missions Epic Boss = 3; Spec Ops Epic Boss = 4 * ; Group Boss = 5; Heroic Battle enemies = 2; Themed gear = 1.
* as they are the main villain of a whole event, they receive a higher score

Villain Season 1 Season 2 Spec Ops Gear Total
Dormammu Icon Dormammu 10 2 8 4 24
Loki Icon Loki 12 0 8 4 24
Green Goblin Icon Green Goblin 6 4 9 4 23
Baron Zemo Icon Baron Zemo 10 3 7 2 22
Destroyer Icon Destroyer 7 3 6 5 21
Mystique Icon Mystique 7 6 7 1 21
Dr. Doom Icon Dr. Doom 10 2 4 3 19
M.O.D.O.K. Icon M.O.D.O.K. 8 7 2 2 19
Red Skull Icon Red Skull 4 3 9 2 18
Wrecker Icon Wrecker 6 4 7 1 18
Enchantress Icon Enchantress 8 2 5 3 18
The Hood Icon The Hood 9 4 3 1 17
Executioner Icon Executioner 10 1 5 1 17
Ultron Mode-B Icon Ultron 0 5 9 2 16

There is no denying, the main men of M:AA are:

Mini-boss at Boss at Epic Boss at Heroic Battle Themed Gears
Dormammu Dialogue Ch12 m5 Ch07 m5 Ch09 m6 Ch12 m3 CH10 cover SpecOps 4 cover SpecOps 13 cover S2 C02 M1 Dark Sigil Frozen Hell Touch of Flame and Shadow Twisted Gift
Loki Dialogue Ch12 m5 Ch01 m5 Ch05 m5 Ch12 m1
Op05 3 Op15 3
Ch05 cover SpecOps 8 cover Ch02 m6 Norn Stone Swift Liar Loki's Sceptre Staff of Mischief
Green Goblin Dialogue Ch12 m5 Op13 1 Ch03 m5 S2 C05 M4 Ch07 cover SpecOps 6 cover SpecOps 18 cover S2 C02 M5 Goblin Glider GG Prototype Gaseous Glider Pumpkin Bomb
Baron Zemo Dialogue Ch10 m4 Ch11 m6 Ch12 m5 S2 C02 M4 Op03 3 Op10 3 Op17 1 Ch01 m3 Ch12 m2 CH11 cover SpecOps 10 cover S2 C04 M6 Adhesive X Launcher Sword of the Barony


  • On S1C8M5, only The Hood was considered as Epic Boss, the others were considered Mini-Bosses, as they only assist the main boss. Same for Power Armor in two occasions.
  • Villains that are "clones" of a hero, like Dark Thor and Hammer, won't be credited for the hero's themed weapow, like Mechanical Mjolnir.
  • Chalange mode gear won't count as a second themed gear.
  • Supplies, like the Pumpkin Bomb, count as themed gear.

The highest profiles (and the lowest)

Which villains get the highest "jobs" on M:AA? Which one only pick small plots

  • Note: I'm considering only villains that appeared at least three times on the game.

The higher profile villains are:

Villain Score / Nº of appearances
Ultron Mode-B Icon Ultron 4.000
Red Skull Icon Red Skull 3.600
Dormammu Icon Dormammu 3.000
Magneto Icon Magneto 3.000
Green Goblin Icon Green Goblin 2.750
Mephisto Icon Mephisto 2.750
Dr. Doom Icon Dr. Doom 2.714

The lowest profile villains are those who only appeared as mini-bosses. They are:

Boomerang Icon (8 times) Nitro Icon (7 times) Power Armor Icon (5 times) Exoskeletal Battletank Icon (4 times) Sandman Icon (3 times)


  • The highest profile of Season 1 is Magneto (ratio = 2.5).
  • The highest profiles on the SpecOps are Ultron and Red Skull (ratio = 4.5).
  • If we don't exclude characters with less than 3 appearances, Arcade would be the highest rank (ratio = 5.0), as he only appeared as a Group Boss.
  • Thor was a 2.75 ratio, but was disconsidered because he is too apart from the villain concept.

Organizations ranking

Organization Members Total
Masters of Evil Abomination Icon Baron Zemo Icon Boomerang Icon Bulldozer Icon Constrictor Icon Crimson Cowl Icon Crimson Dynamo Icon Doctor Octopus Icon Dr. Doom Icon Enchantress Icon Executioner Icon Fixer Icon Grey Gargoyle Icon Hydro-Man Icon Loki Icon Madame Masque Icon Moonstone Icon Nitro Icon Piledriver Icon Sandman Icon Thunderball Icon Whiplash Icon Wrecker Icon 196 8.52 296 12.87
Thunderbolts Black Widow Icon Dark Widow Icon Deadpool Icon Elektra Icon Green Goblin Icon Hawkeye-B Icon Juggernaut Icon Moonstone Icon Red Hulk Icon Satana Icon 36 3.60 71 7.10
A.I.M. Blizzard Icon Boomerang Icon Crimson Cowl Icon Crimson Dynamo Icon Exoskeletal Battletank Icon Fixer Icon Grey Gargoyle Icon Iron Patriot Armor Icon M.O.D.O.K. Icon Nitro Icon Savin Icon Titanium Man Icon Vulture Icon Whiplash Icon 89 6.36 130 9.29
Hellfire Club Emma Frost-B Icon Green Goblin Icon Magneto Icon Mystique Icon Selene Icon 27 5.40 67 13.40
Hydra Arnim Zola Icon Baron Strucker Icon Baron Zemo Icon Hydra Soldier Icon Fixer Icon Grim Reaper Icon Moonstone Icon Power Armor Icon Red Skull Icon Sin Icon Taskmaster Icon Viper Icon Bowman Icon Hammer Icon Militant Icon Tactical Force Icon 89 5.56 156 9.75
Brotherhood of Mutants Avalanche Icon Blob Icon Dragoness Icon Juggernaut Icon Magneto Icon Mystique Icon Sabretooth Icon Toad Icon 67 8.38 106 13.25
Dark Avengers Ares Icon Dark Hawkeye Icon Dark Thor Icon Dark Widow Icon Dark Wolverine Icon Moonstone Icon Venom Icon Vulture Icon 26 3.25 42 5.25
The Hand Bullseye Icon Daredevil Icon Elektra Icon Sabretooth Icon 19 4.75 32 8.00
The Maggia Boomerang Icon Hammerhead Icon Hydro-Man Icon Jack O'Lantern Icon Madame Masque Icon Sandman Icon 47 7.83 61 10.17
Wrecking Crew Bulldozer Icon Piledriver Icon Thunderball Icon Wrecker Icon 46 11.50 57 14.25
U-Foes Ironclad Icon Vapor Icon Vector Icon X-Ray Icon 32 8.00 51 12.75

  • Wrecking Crew is definitely the most prevalent team on M:AA, with the highest average numbers of all!
  • The highest profile team is the Hellfire Club (ratio = 2.48), followed by the Thunderbolts (ratio = 1.97).
  • The lowest profile team is the Wrecking Crew (ratio = 1.24), followed by The Maggia (raio = 1.30).

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