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This article or section contains fake content that is a fanwork or a joke.
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Do you consider yourself a good M:AA player? How do you measure that? Based on PvP torunament results, heroes recruited, resources that you gathered, mastery stars, PvE score or something else?
Who is the best player of this game? Maybe one of the top 10 guys on PvP, but... are they really good or are they the ones that spend more money or that parked at low levels?
So, the best player is the one that has all heroes, all alternative uniforms (properly ISO'd), all mastery stars, hasn't spend any money, is at level 300 and got Adamantium in all seasons! OK, this guy, the best player, probably doesn't exist.

But I know another guy (you too), and he is the worst player of the history of this game: Tony Stark Ally Icon Tony Stark!

Distress Call

The great moment of Tony

When you started to play, he was at level 20, you called him for help and Thor showed up, devastating your enemy..
Epic Overkill...
you thoght: "WOW, this is the guy to call when things get complicated"...

You had just started to play, with no CP, no gold, only three free heroes and your ally Tony has Thor, a 90 CP hero! As you continued to play, you've notive that he has many more heroes on his squad, he has everyone!

But the time passed and Tony start to loose his charm. Months later, he is still on level 20! You're now above level 200 and he never left level 20! It looks like Tony quited the game but NO, he is still playing, he's just a awful player.

  • Some people report that Tony has recruited Black Knight, which was released several days ago.

Play pvp icon
You might think, he has parked his agent on level 20 to get high PvP leagues. But Tony doesn't play PvP! Never! You can check his avatar, he isn't even on Silver League! IF, he palys PvP, he only does it on Pratice mode. C'mon Tony, couldn't you start a single fight to get some Silver?

Deploy Mission Map Icon
OK, I don't like PvP too, but I really enjoy PvE on regular missions and SpecOps. But, if Tony never level up, he doesn't play PvE either! So, he doesn't have any of the golden, epic, deploy or specops gear.

To make things worse, there are some evidences that our ally Tony spend a lot of gold in this game. Once he never level up, we can conclude that he spend real money.

  • We can't see his squad, but he probably recruited all available heroes. If he doesn't play PvE, he uses gold for that.
  • If he doesn't play PvE, he must have recuited all SpecOps heroes (except, of couse, Mockingbird) skipping the tasks with gold.
  • Tony recruited Magneto, can you imagine how many gold he spend on it?
  • Some said that Tony reached level 20 on the very first day of the game, on the first hours since its releasing on Facebook. Can you image how he leveled so fast? With gold, of course.
  • In the middle of a SpecOps now Tony is sending us SHIELD Points!?!?!? Wake up buddy! You need to read PKB's Boy Scout's Guide!


So, there goes Tony...Mk I Sparrow
He must spend all his gameplay time in the Flight Deck, maybe leveling up his heroes (with the XP gained on Remote Ops).He probably have unlocked and upgraded his jets with gold; was anyone requested to be part of his crew member?
He should have done research too, Silver and Shield point-icon shouldn't be a problem but, well, he's still at level 20, he isn't able to do a lot of research.
He has millions of allies, but don't send gifts to anyone.
Then he spend a lot of gold to buy new heroes, but he don't spend ANY CP with alternative uniforms. Can't you spend 34 Command point icon / 17 Gold on WWII Cap America? Isn't it worthy?
No PvE. No PvP.

But, well, if Tony is playing for more than a year, looks like he's having fun in his weird way of playing.
How about you, who complains about deploy heroes of SpecOps, released heroes, not released heroes, heroes prices, PvP, CVE, released gear, nerfs and revamps? Effect Icon 127 Red
Are you a good player? Are you having fun like our ally Tony? Effect Icon 112 Green

What do you think about Tony's way of playing?

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