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Gear Based on Char type
Bully "Bully" Hunter Enemy
Lucky Shot "Lucky Shot" Domino Hero
"Snikt" "Snikt" Wolverine Hero
A Pound of Cure A Pound of Cure Beast Hero
Acceleration Shield Acceleration Shield Kang Villain (Playable)
Adhesive X Launcher Adhesive X Launcher Baron Zemo Villain
Advanced Idea Advanced Idea M.O.D.O.K. Villain
Algrim's Rage Algrim's Rage Kurse Villain
Apocalypse's Subjugator Apocalypse's Subjugator Apocalypse Villain
Arc Reactor Charge Arc Reactor Charge Iron Man Hero
Asgardian Gauntlet Asgardian Gauntlet Destroyer Villain (Playable)
Baltag's Blaster Baltag's Blaster Kang Villain (Playable)
Bifurcator Bifurcator Mr. Fantastic Hero
Binding Contract Binding Contract Mephisto Villain
Blade of the Corruptor Blade of the Corruptor Auspex Enemy
Blade of the Guardian Blade of the Guardian/Gear Hercules Hero
Bleak Harvest Bleak Harvest/Gear Grim Reaper Villain
Blind Justice Blind Justice** Daredevil Hero
Blind Rage Blind Rage/Gear Daredevil Hero
BMKG-Rifle 3007 BMKG-Rifle 3007 Rocket Raccoon Hero
Bonechiller Bonechiller Jotun Ice-Crafter Enemy
BP-1 Headhunter BP-1 Headhunter Hellfire Sniper Enemy
Brannblodhammer Brannblodhammer** Skadi (Sin) Villain
Brannhammer Brannhammer Skadi (Sin) Villain
Britannic Sceptre Britannic Sceptre Captain Britain Hero
Brute (Gear) Brute/Gear Blackheart Villain
Cat's Claw Cat's Claw Tigra Hero
Chain Wrapped Fist Chain Wrapped Fist Thundra Hero
Charged Future Blaster Charged Future Blaster** Kang Villain (Playable)
Chitter Box Chitter Box Squirrel Girl Hero
Chitter-Chatter Box Chitter-Chatter Box** Squirrel Girl Hero
Chronolift Chronolift Dr. Doom Villain (Playable)
Conductor Conductor Havok Hero
Contingency Plan Contingency Plan/Gear Taskmaster Villain (Playable)
Cosmic Flame Cosmic Flame Phoenix Hero
Cosmic Ray Bomb Cosmic Ray Bomb X-Ray Villain
Coulson Special Coulson Special Destroyer, Agent Coulson Villain (Playable), NPC
Coulson's Revenge Coulson's Revenge Destroyer, Agent Coulson Villain (Playable), NPC
Cracked Energy Band Cracked Energy Band M.O.D.O.K. Villain
Cracked Staff of Asklepios Cracked Staff of Asklepios Angel Hero
Crimson Crusher Crimson Crusher Red Skull Villain
Crooked Branch Crooked Branch Loki Villain (Playable)
Crooked Grin Crooked Grin Venom Villain
Cruel Glaive Cruel Glaive Corvus Glaive Villain
Cryptozootoxinator Cryptozootoxinator** Viper Villain
Custom Doombringer Custom Doombringer** Dr. Doom Villain (Playable)
Custom Electrostatic Arm Custom Electrostatic Arm** Doctor Octopus Villain
Frank Castle Special Custom Frank Castle Special** Punisher Hero
Custom Goblin Glider Custom Goblin Glider** Green Goblin Villain
Custom Grecian Sai Custom Grecian Sai** Elektra Villain (Playable)
Custom Magnetic Field Generator Custom Magnetic Field Generator** Magneto Villain (Playable)
Custom Only For Killing Custom Only For Killing** M.O.D.O.K. Villain
Custom Possessed Pistol Custom Possessed Pistol** The Hood Villain
Custom Spitting Viper Custom Spitting Viper** Viper Villain
Custom Sword of the Barony Custom Sword of the Barony** Baron Zemo Villain
Custom Touch of Flame and Shadow Custom Touch of Flame and Shadow** Dormammu Villain
Damocles Target Painter Damocles Target Painter Kang Villain (Playable)
Dark Boot Dark Boot The Hood Villain
Dark Mace Dark Mace Dormammu Villain
Dark Sigil Dark Sigil Dormammu Villain
Darkness Darkness Malekith Villain
Decade Decade Kang Villain (Playable)
Deflector Fist Deflector Fist** Iron Man Hero
Demon Talon Demon Talon Baron Strucker Villain
Demonic Dagger Demonic Dagger Mephisto Villain
Dense Electro-Tech Hammer Dense Electro-Tech Hammer** Dark Thor Villain
Density Phase Array Density Phase Array Vision Hero
Destroyer Power Relic Destroyer Power Relic Destroyer Villain (Playable)
Destruction Destruction Destroyer Villain (Playable)
Devitalizer Devitalizer Mr. Sinister Villain
Devolver Devolver Arnim Zola Villain
Displacer Displacer Kang Villain (Playable)
Dragon's Foot Dragon's Foot Iron Fist Hero
Eclipse Eclipse Dark Elf Cannoneer Enemy
Electro-Tech Hammer Electro-Tech Hammer Dark Thor Villain
Electrostatic Arm Electrostatic Arm| Doctor Octopus Villain
EMP Blaster EMP Blaster Crimson Dynamo Villain
En Sabah Nur's Liberator En Sabah Nur's Liberator Apocalypse Villain
Encephalizer Encephalizer Ultron Villain
Enchanted Crowbar Enchanted Crowbar Wrecker Villain
Enchanted Odin's Steel Enchanted Odin's Steel** Valkyrie, Odin Borson Hero, NPC
Energy Band Energy Band** M.O.D.O.K. Villain
Enigma .45 Enigma .45 Mystique Villain
Ex Oblivione Ex Oblivione Beast Hero
Face Punch Face Punch Luke Cage Hero
Famine's Toll Famine's Toll Rogue Hero
Fantastic Fix Fantastic Fix Fantastic Four Hero group
Fantastic Formula Fantastic Formula/Gear Fantastic Four Hero group
Ferric Blade Ferric Blade Iron Man Hero
Ferric Shield Ferric Shield Iron Man Hero
Fist of the Colossus Fist of the Colossus Colossus Hero
Flaming Sword Flaming Sword** Surtur Villain
Flashing Eye Flashing Eye Enchantress Villain (Playable)
Frank Castle Special Frank Castle Special Punisher Hero
Frigga's Hope Frigga's Hope Frigga Not in game
Frostbound Hatchet Frostbound_Hatchet Jotun Berserker Enemy
Frozen Hell Frozen Hell Dormammu Villain
Fury Fury Bellator Enemy
Future Blaster Future Blaster Kang Villain (Playable)
Galactic Crusher Galactic Crusher Ronan Villain
Galvanic Arm Galvanic Arm Doctor Octopus Villain
Gamma Booster Gamma Booster Abomination, Hulk Villain, Hero
Gamma Gadget Gamma Gadget Abomination, Hulk Villain, Hero
Gamma Hammer Gamma Hammer Red Hulk Hero
Gamma Knuckles Gamma Knuckles Hulk Hero
Gamma Radiation Emitter Gamma Radiation Emitter Red Hulk Hero
Gaseous Glider Gaseous Glider Green Goblin Villain
Gaunt Caress Gaunt Caress/Gear Rogue Hero
Gauntlets of Orthrus Gauntlets of Orthrus Hercules Hero
Gaze of Ra Gaze of Ra Living Pharaoh, Living Monolith Villain
GG Prototype GG Prototype Green Goblin Villain
Girl's Best Friend Girl's Best Friend Emma Frost Hero
Goblin Glider Goblin Glider Green Goblin Villain
Goblin Mask Goblin Mask Green Goblin Villain
Grecian Sai Grecian Sai Elektra Villain (Playable)
Grief Grief Praefectus Enemy
Grim Mace Grim Mace Hogun Hero
Guardian Insignia Guardian Insignia Guardians of the Galaxy Hero group
Guided Repeater Guided Repeater Dark Hawkeye (Bullseye) Villain
Hand of Apocalypse Hand of Apocalypse Apocalypse Villain
Hand of Kagutsuchi Hand of Kagutsuchi Sunfire Hero
Handheld Hohlraum Handheld Hohlraum Human Torch Hero
Hard Nox Hard Nox Harpe Enemy
Hardened Chain Wrapped Fist Hardened Chain Wrapped Fist** Thundra Hero
Heavy Sai Heavy Sai Elektra Villain (Playable)
Hex Wand Hex Wand Scarlet Witch Hero
High Capacity Incinerator Unit High Capacity Incinerator Unit** Punisher Hero
Hobnail Hobnail X-23 Hero
Holographic Shield Holographic Shield Moon Knight, Captain America Hero
Holographic Shields Holographic Shields Captain America Hero
Horn of Wisdom Horn of Wisdom/Gear Heimdall Hero
Huldran's Call Huldran's Call Enchantress Villain (Playable)
Huldran's Powerful Call Huldran's Powerful Call** Enchantress Villain (Playable)
Ice Sickle Ice Sickle Iceman Hero
Incensor Incensor Red Hulk Hero
Incinerator Unit Incinerator Unit Punisher Hero
Indiction Indiction Kang Villain (Playable)
Infernal Axe Infernal Axe Tetrabrach Enemy
Infernal Blade Infernal Blade Tetrabrach Enemy
Infernal Trident Infernal Trident** Daimon Hellstrom Hero
Insert Coin Insert Coin Arcade Villain
Ion The Ball Ion The Ball Wonder Man Hero
Ion The Prize Ion The Prize** Wonder Man Hero
Ionic Blaster Ionic Blaster Wonder Man Hero
Ionic Cannon Ionic Cannon** Wonder Man Hero
Ionic Emitter Ionic Emitter/Gear Wonder Man Hero
Ionic Hammer Ionic Hammer Wonder Man Hero
Ionic Sledge Ionic Sledge** Wonder Man Hero
Item 47 Item 47 Chitauri Not in game
Kuzuri Kuzuri Wolverine Hero
Laprov Laprov Deadpool Hero
Laprov! Laprov!** Deadpool Hero
Lasercutter Lasercutter Iron Man Hero
Laufey's Knife Laufey's Knife Laufey Not in game
Laufey's Needle Laufey's Needle** Laufey Not in game
Lightning Rod Lightning Rod Hellfire Hunter Enemy
Loki's Sceptre Loki's Sceptre Loki Villain (Playable)
M1911 Patriot M1911 Patriot Captain America Hero
Maddening Mace Maddening Mace** Dormammu Villain
Maggia "Triggerman" Maggia "Triggerman" The Maggia Enemy group
Magnetic Field Generator Magnetic Field Generator Magneto Villain (Playable)
Mahayuga Mahayuga** Kang Villain (Playable)
Manvantara Manvantara** Kang Villain (Playable)
Mark of the Brotherhood Mark of the Brotherhood Brotherhood of Mutants Enemy group
Marksman Patch Marksman Patch Dark Hawkeye (Bullseye) Villain
Marksman's Spotter Marksman's Spotter Hawkeye Hero
Mass Acceleration Shield Mass Acceleration Shield** Kang Villain (Playable)
Mechanical Mjolnir Mechanical Mjolnir Thor Hero
Memento Mori Memento Mori Iceman Hero
Mental Manipulator Mental Manipulator** Mr. Sinister Villain
Mercurial Mercurial Quicksilver Hero
Mimic Mimic Taskmaster Villain (Playable)
Mindbreaker Mindbreaker Hellfire Officer Enemy
Mindkiller Mindkiller** Hellfire Commander Enemy
Mine Launcher Mine Launcher Winter Soldier Villain
Mk VI Revolver Mk VI Revolver Union Jack Hero
Molten Demonic Dagger Molten Demonic Dagger** Mephisto Villain
Momentum Generator Momentum Generator Juggernaut Villain (Playable)
Monstrosity Monstrosity Destroyer Villain (Playable)
Multishot Injector Multishot Injector Arnim Zola Villain
Mutant's End Mutant's End Omega Sentinel Villain (Playable)
Mysterium Manifold Mysterium Manifold** Mysterio Villain
Mysterium Mirror Mysterium Mirror Mysterio Villain
Netheranium Trident Netheranium Trident Daimon Hellstrom Hero
Neurotrope Neurotrope Beast Hero
No Mercy No Mercy X-23 Hero
Norn Stone Norn Stone Loki Villain (Playable)
Nuclear Fuel Rod Nuclear Fuel Rod X-Ray Villain
Odin's Cane Odin's Cane Odin Borson NPC
Odin's Staff Odin's Staff Odin Borson NPC
Odin's Steel Odin's Steel Valkyrie Hero
Old Ebony Old Ebony Sebastian Shaw Villain
Only For Killing Only For Killing M.O.D.O.K. Villain
Pendragon Pendragon/Gear Black Knight Hero
Possessed Pistol Possessed Pistol The Hood Villain
Power of Four Power of Four/Gear Hydra Four Enemy group
Primitive Spear Primitive Spear Shanna Hero
Prototype Psychic Amplifier Prototype Psychic Amplifier Emma Frost Hero
Psychic Amplifier Psychic Amplifier** Emma Frost Hero
Psychic Punch Psychic Punch Phoenix Hero
Psychic Sacrificer Staff Psychic Sacrificer Staff Selene Villain
Pym-Grown Needle Pym-Grown Needle Hank Pym Villain
Radian Cannon Radian Cannon Havok Hero
Radian Pistol Radian Pistol Havok Hero
Radian Rifle Radian Rifle** Havok Hero
Radiation Emitter Radiation Emitter Red Hulk Hero
Ram's Horn Ram's Horn Iron Man Hero
Rayshield Generator Rayshield Generator Havok Hero
Reboot Reboot Ultron Villain
Repulsor Fist Repulsor Fist Iron Man Hero
Restored Mk VI Revolver Restored Mk VI Revolver** Union Jack Hero
Retractable Claw Retractable Claw Moon Knight, Wolverine Hero
Ring of Balthak Ring of Balthak Dr. Strange Hero
Ring of Cyttorak Ring of Cyttorak Baron Mordo Villain
Ring of Denak Ring of Denak Denak Not in game
Ring of Ikkon Ring of Ikkon Ikkon Not in game
Ring of Ikthalon Ring of Ikthalon Ikthalon Not in game
Ring of The Faltine Ring of The Faltine Dormammu Villain
Ring of Valtorr Ring of Valtorr Dr. Strange Hero
Roaring Thunder Roaring Thunder Thor Hero
Ruby Quartz Rifle Ruby Quartz Rifle Cyclops Hero
Sabretooth's Claws Sabretooth's Claws Sabretooth Villain (Playable)
Satellite Support Satellite Support War Machine Hero
Savage Spear Savage Spear** Shanna Hero
Scourging Gaze Scourging Gaze Demons Enemy group
Screamer Screamer Executioner Villain
Second Amendment Second Amendment War Machine Hero
Seduction Seduction Enchantress Villain (Playable)
Serpentine Serpentine Constrictor Villain (Playable)
Servoguard Programming Interface Servoguard Programming Interface Servo-Guards Enemy group
Shadow Shadow/Gear Malekith Villain
Sharpshooter Patch Sharpshooter Patch** Dark Hawkeye (Bullseye) Villain
Odin's Staff Shepherd's Staff Angel Hero
Sinflayer Sinflayer** Incascia Enemy
Sinister Scepter Sinister Scepter Baron Mordo Villain
Skullripper Skullripper** Hellfire Heavy Enemy
Skullsplitter Skullsplitter Hellfire Gunner Enemy
Soldering Iron Soldering Iron Fixer Villain (Playable)
Sonic Fist Sonic Fist Avalanche Villain (Playable)
Soulfinder Soulfinder** Incascia Enemy
Soulfire Blade Soulfire Blade Magik Hero
Source of the Nile Source of the Nile Living Pharaoh, Living Monolith Villain
Specimen Scanners Specimen Scanners Arnim Zola Villain
Spider-Sense Injector Spider-Sense Injector Spider-Man Hero
Spitting Viper Spitting Viper Viper Hero
Staff of Asklepios Staff of Asklepios** Angel Hero
Staff of Mischief Staff of Mischief Loki Villain (Playable)
Stake Thrower Stake Thrower Blade Hero
Stark Industries A.R. Resilient Stark Industries A.R. "Resilient"** Iron Man Hero
Stark Industries Catalyst Stark Industries Catalyst Iron Man Hero
Stark Industries Isotope Cannon Stark Industries Isotope Cannon Iron Man, Bullets Hero, Enemy
Stark Industries PDW Elite Stark Industries PDW Elite Iron Man Hero
Stark Resilient Stark Resilient Iron Man Hero
Stone Golem Club Stone Golem Club Hræzla Enemy
Sunspike Sunspike Proxima Midnight Villain
Cauterizer Super Blade Punch War Machine Hero
Supernatural Side Arm Supernatural Side Arm The Hood Villain
Survivalist Survivalist Savin Villain
Swift Liar Swift Liar Loki Villain (Playable)
Sword of the Barony Sword of the Barony Baron Zemo Villain
Target Pistol Target Pistol Madame Masque Villain
Taste of Thunder Taste of Thunder Thunderball Villain
Techno-Organic Endoskeleton Techno-Organic Endoskeleton Cable Hero
Tempered Asgardian Gauntlet Tempered Asgardian Gauntlet** Destroyer Villain (Playable)
Temporal Shielding Temporal Shielding Kang Villain (Playable)
Terrifying Goblin Mask Terrifying Goblin Mask** Green Goblin Villain
Tesseract Simulation Device Tesseract Simulation Device Red Skull Villain
The Bishop The Bishop Hellfire Elite/Tactician Enemy
The Doombringer The Doombringer Dr. Doom Villain (Playable)
The Exsanguinator The Exsanguinator Slicer Enemy
The Freezer The Freezer Blizzard Villain
The Rook The Rook Hellfire Elite/Blaster Enemy
The Toolbox The Toolbox Hammerhead Villain
Thunder Strike Thunder Strike Thor Hero
Titanium RPG-7 Titanium RPG-7 Titanium Man Villain
Touch of Flame and Shadow Touch of Flame and Shadow Dormammu Villain
Touch of Madripoor Touch of Madripoor Dragoness Villain
Transcranial Stimulator Transcranial Stimulator Angler Enemy
Trident Trident Daimon Hellstrom Hero
Twisted Gift Twisted Gift/Gear Dormammu Villain
Ultraconductor Ultraconductor Magneto Villain (Playable)
Uni-Pulse Uni-Pulse Iron Man Hero
Uterpendragon Uterpendragon** Black Knight Hero
Vajra Vajra** Omega Sentinel Villain (Playable)
Vampiric Sword Vampiric Sword Dracula Villain
Vexing Pistol Vexing Pistol Emma Frost Hero
Vibra-Spear Vibra-Spear Man-Ape Villain
Vibranium Gauntlets of Orthrus Vibranium Gauntlets of Orthrus** Hercules Hero
Vigilante Toolkit Vigilante Toolkit Moon Knight Hero
Volt-Caster Volt-Caster Omega Sentinel Villain (Playable)
Voodoo Staff Voodoo Staff Doctor Voodoo Hero
Warbringer Axe Warbringer Axe Hulk Hero
Warsplitter Axe Warsplitter Axe Ares Hero
Watcher's Blade Watcher's Blade Heimdall Hero
Wave-Nullifier Wave-Nullifier Angler Enemy
Weather Control Device Weather Control Device Crystal Hero
Web Blaster Web Blaster Spider-Man Hero
Widow's Scorn Widow's Scorn Black Widow Hero
Wretched Defender Wretched Defender Harpe Enemy
Wrist Slinger Wrist Slinger Moon Knight, Spider-Man Hero
Zootoxinator Zootoxinator Viper Villain
Magnetic Pulse Cannon Magnetic Pulse Cannon Victor Mancha Hero
Latent Staff of Return Latent Staff of Return Nico Minoru Hero
Staff of Return Staff of Return** Nico Minoru Hero
Prototype Hi-Tech Gauntlet Prototype Hi-Tech Gauntlet Chase Stein Hero
Hi-Tech Gauntlet Hi-Tech Gauntlet** Chase Stein Hero
Crystalline Dream Crystalline Dream Karolina Dean Hero
Iso-Saur Whisperer Iso-Saur Whisperer Iso-Saurs Enemy
H.A.I. Emiter H.A.I. Emiter Iron Man Hero
Panther's Claw Panther's Claw Black Panther Hero
Vigilante Mask Vigilante Mask Spider-Man Noir Hero
Superior Combat Sensor Superior Combat Sensor Superior Spider-Man Hero
Mysterium Magna Mysterium Magna Mysterio Villain
Razor Wing Razor Wing Vulture Villain
Black Roscoe Black Roscoe Spider-Man Noir Hero
Micro Mandible Micro Mandible Yellowjacket Villain
The Mandible The Mandible** Yellowjacket Villain
Micro Stinger Micro Stinger Yellowjacket Villain
The Stinger The Stinger** Yellowjacket Villain
The Pincer The Pincer Yellowjacket Villain
The ANTenna The ANTenna Ant-Man, Hank Pym Hero
The Carapace The Carapace Ant-Man Hero

** Upgraded version of another existing gear.


Gear Based on Char type
A.I.M. EMP Grenade Prototype Blueprints A.I.M. EMP Grenade Prototype Blueprints A.I.M. Enemy group
A.I.M. Perpetual Motion Machine A.I.M. Perpetual Motion Machine A.I.M. Enemy group
A.I.M. Radiation Mask A.I.M. Radiation Mask A.I.M. Enemy group
Accursed Helm Accursed Helm Hræzla Enemy
Acorn Acorn Squirrel Girl Hero
Adhesive X Canister Adhesive X Canister Baron Zemo Villain
Agent Venom Valentine Agent Venom Valentine Agent Venom Hero
Android Hand Android Hand Ultron Villain
Ant Bomb Ant Bomb Hank Pym Hero
Arctic Helm Arctic Helm Jotun Chieftain Enemy
Armor Plating Armor Plating Iron Man Hero
Black Mirror Black Mirror Dr. Strange Hero
Black Widow Valentine Black Widow Valentine Black Widow Hero
Bottle of Bub Bottle of Bub Wolverine Hero
Bound Grimoire Bound Grimoire Dr. Strange Hero
Captain America Snapshot Captain America Snapshot Moon Knight, Captain America Hero
Captain America Valentine Captain America Valentine Captain America Hero
Cloak of Levitation Cloak of Levitation Dr. Strange Hero
Crown of Blindness Crown of Blindness Zom Not in game
Dark Elf Mask Dark Elf Mask/Supply Dark Elves Enemy group
Deadpool Corps Ring Deadpool Corps Ring Deadpool Hero
Doombot Processor Doombot Processor Dr. Doom Villain (Playable)
Dust of Death Dust of Death Red Skull Villain
Emma Frost Valentine Emma Frost Valentine Emma Frost Hero
Empty Extremis Injector Empty Extremis Injector Savin Villain
Goblin Serum Goblin Serum/Resource Green Goblin Villain
Hawkeye Valentine Hawkeye Valentine Hawkeye Hero
Heart Shaped Herb Heart Shaped Herb Black Panther, Wakanda Hero, Location
Hellfire Club Mask Hellfire Club Mask Hellfire Club Enemy group
Hive Death Spore Hive Death Spore Baron Strucker Villain
Hive Parasite Hive Parasite Hive Not in game
HYDRA Badge HYDRA Badge Hydra Enemy group
Hydra Signet Ring Hydra Signet Ring Hydra Enemy group
Iron Man Power Band Replica Iron Man Power Band Replica Iron Man Hero
Iron Man Valentine Iron Man Valentine Iron Man Hero
Jet-Powered Roller Skates Jet-Powered Roller Skates Iron Man Hero
Kitty Kap Kitty Kap Molly Hayes Hero
Kree Bracers Kree Bracers Krees Not in game
Lethal Hand Wraps Lethal Hand Wraps Karnak Hero
Limited Edition Watch Limited Edition Watch Iron Man Hero
Lost Kree Helmet Lost Kree Helmet Krees Not in game
Lost Page of the Vishanti Lost Page of the Vishanti Dr. Strange Hero
Mad Tech Mad Tech Maximus the Mad Villain
Mad Tech Grenade Mad Tech Grenade Maximus the Mad Villain
Mastermold Cypher Mastermold Cypher Sentinels Enemy group
Meanie Beanie Meanie Beanie Molly Hayes Hero
Mental Amplifier Mental Amplifier Test Subjects Enemy group
Mesodermal Augmentation Mesodermal Augmentation Test Subjects Enemy group
Ms. Marvel Valentine Ms. Marvel Valentine Ms. Marvel Hero
Murderworld Doll Murderworld Doll Arcade, Murderworld Villain, Location
Mystical Munition Mystical Munition Magik Hero
Nefaria Casino Chip Nefaria Casino Chip Count Nefaria Not in game
Nova Corps Badge of Honor Nova Corps Badge of Honor Nova Hero
Occular Scanner Occular Scanner Test Subjects Enemy group
Phoenix Essence Phoenix Essence Phoenix Hero
Polliwog Protector Polliwog Protector Molly Hayes Hero
Prototype AI Prototype AI Ultron Villain
Pumpkin Bomb Pumpkin Bomb Green Goblin Villain
Punisher T-Shirt Punisher T-Shirt Punisher Hero
Pym Particle Capsule Pym Particle Capsule Hank Pym Hero
Red Shinobi Shozoku Red Shinobi Shozoku The Hand Enemy group
Regenerative Ooze Regenerative Ooze Morbius Hero
Ruby Quartz Fragment Ruby Quartz Fragment Cyclops Hero
S.H.I.E.L.D. Comm Device S.H.I.E.L.D. Comm Device S.H.I.E.L.D. Hero group
Scroll of Watoomb Scroll of Watoomb Dr. Strange Hero
Sealed Locket Sealed Locket Magik Hero
Sentinel Hand Sentinel Hand Sentinels Enemy group
Sentinel Head Sentinel Head Sentinels Enemy group
Seraphim Feather Seraphim Feather Angel Hero
Silvermane Silver Lighter Silvermane Silver Lighter The Maggia Enemy group
Sinister Crystal Sinister Crystal Mr. Sinister Villain
Snakeroot Seal Snakeroot Seal The Hand Enemy group
Spider-Man Snapshot Spider-Man Snapshot Moon Knight, Spider-Man Hero
Spider-Tracer Spider-Tracer Spider-Man Hero
Stark Industries Key Card Stark Industries Key Card Iron Man Hero
Sturdy Glove Sturdy Glove Rogue Hero
Terrigen Crystals Terrigen Crystals Inhumans Hero group
Thor Valentine Thor Valentine Thor Hero
Wakandan Insignia Wakandan Insignia Black Panther, Wakanda Hero, Location
Way of the Spider Way of the Spider Spider-Man Hero
Web Grenade Web Grenade Spider-Man Hero
Wolverine Snapshot Wolverine Snapshot Moon Knight, Wolverine Hero
Wonder Man Headshot Wonder Man Headshot Wonder Man Hero
WWII Captain America Shield Replica WWII Captain America Shield Replica Captain America Hero
Portable Arc Reactor Portable Arc Reactor Iron Man Hero
Cybertek Prosthesis Cybertek Prosthesis Deathlok Hero
Cybertek Neural Implant Cybertek Neural Implant Deathlok Hero
Cybertek Arnament Cybertek Arnament Deathlok Hero
Superior Tech Component Superior Tech Component Superior Spider-Man Hero
Fedora Noir Fedora Noir Spider-Man Noir Hero
Nano-Spider-Tracers Nano-Spider-Tracers Superior Spider-Man Hero
Special Edition Spider-Men Special Edition "Spider-Men?!" Spider-Man, Spider-Characters Hero, Hero group
Ant Attractant Ant Attractant Hank Pym, Ant-Man Hero
Pym Tech Component Pym Tech Component Hank Pym Hero
Spider Society Carapace Spider Society Carapace Spider-Man, Spider-Characters Hero, Hero group
Spider Society Goggles Spider Society Goggles Spider-Man, Spider-Characters Hero, Hero group
Spider Society Grappling Disk Spider Society Grappling Disk Spider-Man, Spider-Characters Hero, Hero group

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