Play pvp icon Intro: the PvP problem

The truth is, I hate PvP! And I hate PvP seasons (tournaments) even more! I'm not alone, I think everybody hate PvP seasons. Seriously, do you know ANY player who likes PvP that much? Who enjoys fighting more than 100 times in a month, who likes that thrill when you check your score on the PvP after a good night's sleep?

I had to put this out of my chest... deadpool_dislikes.png

Now, when we stop and think, PvP has its place on M:AA. There are players who put their efforts on many heroes, they want to recruit all heroes and are well prepared for Spec Ops; they are the "Pokemon players". There are players who put their efforts in a few heroes, they might not have many heroes on their cast, but they have two or three heroes at the top levels equipped with the best Iso-8 and are well prepared for PvP; we can call them "Army of Two players" (because they only need two heroes besides the agent). Playdom decided to contemplate these "army of two" players with more than high ranks.

Spec Ops are good for "pokemon" players; PvP seasons are good for "army of two" players. But there's something wrong! Despite all the complaining about Spec Ops, LOTS of players complete them, but how many players get good PvP prizes? 0.5% is a really SMALL NUMBER, even 3% is small too. You have 3% happy and 97% (or 99.5%) really sad. I'm seeing desmotivation among the most loyal players... PvP season make people spend more gold, but, in a long run, Playdom will loose money with this.

But I'm not here just to complain, I have a suggestion to solve this issue.

Mystique Icon The breakthrough: Long Live the Queen

M:AA started with a big success. Not a surprise, it's Marvel, it's the Avengers! Any game with these characters would have a lot of players at it's begining. Several months later, developers knew that updates are necessary to keep the game interesting (and keep $$$ gains). They released a new hero and the Special Operations. The first Spec Ops was hard for me, I didn't have great heroes like Capt America and Thor and I wouldn't get Mockingbird if developers haven't made it easier.

Emma Frost Dialogue 1

Emma, M:AA finest inovation

Then the Queen arrived! After a lot of announcements at San Diego, Playdom released a new Spec Ops. Different from the previous one, it was task-based.

Why this was so important? The 25 tasks we had to complete fit perfectly with the RPG essence of M:AA. This is the basis of a RPG game, a QUEST! Hellfire club was atacking, we fought against them, figured out what happened, discovered Mystique's location, defeated her and gained Emma's trust. It's was perfect. Emma is not just one of the strongest heroes in the game, she is a hallmark of major changes in game's history.

So, task-system fixed the Spec Ops issue. Can it fix PvP seasons? I think it can!

PVP Task Icon A PvP quest!

So, if I could design the next PvP season, here's how I'd do it!

Instead of a simple tournament, which players have fight like crazy animals to achieve the goals, I would use the Spec Ops model: 25 tasks (for example), all related to PvP. But in this case, we could complete the tasks simultaneously.

Razorgirl made an amazing comment about the tasks-based system: "Stuff that would challenge not only our ability to make an awesome team, but stuff that would challenge our ability to think outside of our comfort zones and to try new things in PVP".

Some example of tasks for a PvP Season:

  • Win 10 consecutive ofensive battles
  • Win a battle using a specific hero
  • Win a battle against a higher level player
  • Win a battle using two bruisers
  • Win a battle without ofensive gear (no meele or ranged waepows, just gadgets)
  • Win a battle using two X-Men
  • Finish 3 battles with agent's stamina full (and win)
  • Finish 15 battles without losing any hero
  • Perform 20 overkills
  • Perform 3 epic overkills
  • Kill an enemy with bleeding debuff
  • Win 100 battles

The prizes wuold be a mix of SpecOps with the current PvP season's system:

Rank (League) Completed tasks Reward
Silver League
Silver PVP Reward Icon
Gold League
Gold Sale 1
Diamond League
60% Exclusive gear
Vibranium League
80% Power armor
Adamantium League
100% New hero

The introduction of Spec Ops was a great idea, but needed some adjustments. PvP Seasons was a good idea too, but need fixes as soon as possible. With this system, players that buy gold with cash will still have their advantages, but success will rely only on player itself, won't depend of the opponents; and it would end the "last day madness" that occurs on current PvP tournaments...



It's 06/24/13, six months and nine tournaments later...

Looks like the tournaments won't change and I am resigned to this. As a PVP hater, is really frustating to loose any goodies that the tournament give but, although I love my Power Armors and my Scroll of Angolob, I could live without them and still have fun on the PVE (where I belong). It took me a while to accept, but PVP seems to be really lucrative for Playdom (more than any other feature) and people who spend lots money and tons of gameplay hours with the game MUST be rewarded. I still prefer the task-based system, but I know that it wouldn't generate as much money as the tournament.

In one of those "wallet warriors" vs "free riders" discussion, Potkettleblack wrote:
"At any rate, people have different priorities. I enjoy PVP. So I spend (money) on PVP. You don't, so you play PVE and enjoy a game subsidized by people like me.
If you don't enjoy PVP in general, I don't understand why you would play it. You don't need gold for PVE. PVE is the non-competitive portion of the game. No need of gold, LE weapons, fancy armors or really anything that doesn't drop in the game to play PVE well. CPs are free to farm, and not that hard to obtain if you know how and special ops are also easy.
Now, if I were someone who didn't want to spend anything on the game, got frustrated with PVP, and just wanted to play story mode, I would probably do 5 fights a day, and set my team as the worst possible PVP team to play, and rack up easy wins against low level competition for the extra XP, the roulette rewards and the free silver"

The introduction of daily bonus, collections and side-quests brought a new meaning for PVP, good rewards even for players who can't stand the huge volume of fights, specially on the final moments; a good reason to play PVP every day.

The introduction of more side-quests/tasks would improve the PVP tournament and I think that the rewards could be less "luck-based". The PVP has evolved, the tournaments probably will not end and I hope it to have even more features one day.

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