More crazy ideas from Cyrus, yeah! I really like this game, but there are somethings that really could be better. That’s why I suggested HD sprites and a task-based PvP season, none of them happened, but I don’t care, I like to share my ideas anyway. Here’s my new idea:

Some features of M:AA are very important and funny, the Combats for example. On the other hand, there are some features that doesn't make any difference in our gameplay, we simply ignore them. These features need a new purpose or, as we like to say about heroes, they need a revamp.

In the first months of MAA, how many times did you visited Marvel XP? Why did you fight on PVP back then? Can you remenber the last weapow you bought on the Store (except Limited Edition Items)? The last time you researched to unlock a weapow?

Playdom has already revamped some features on the game. PVP was totally useless, some players spent a lot of time (and Gold) to stay on the top without any reward (besides personal satisfaction). Now, with the PVP Tournaments, the best PVP players can win the most disered price on this game: new Heroes. The tournament also served to reward the process of recruiting and lvl up your heroes with the Hero Bonus, revamping the Team Management. Now the deploys, even those which don't unlock Epic Bosses, are important; they can reward the player with a good PvP armory item (for example: Widow's Kiss and Damage Amplifier).


I'm a researcher, biochemistry researcher. It's really sad for me to see such an useless feature named "Research". The only usefull researchs are Uniforms, Isotope-8 and those asked by Spec Ops (that makes us hate Research even more, due the long time it takes). The rest is waste of Silver, better save them to train heroes and buy ISO8.

The supplies? I have a ton of healing supplies, gained on boss roulletes and dropped by enemies, I sell most of them, keeping only the best ones. The Offense and Defense supplies, I sell them all to get more Silver to train my heroes and buy ISO8...

What if Playdom gives new rewards for players that do more Research? Wouldn't we have to thing more about our Silver's destiny?

Can you image a new hero that you'll need to research somthings to recruit him? Example: to recruit X-23, we should complete the following researchs:

X-23 Portrait Art
Healing Factor Healing Factor IV
Duration Icon 6 Hours
63,200 Silver-icon     15 Shield point-icon
Required: Level 111
Healing Factor III
Scrapper Research Unarmed Combat V
Duration Icon 2 Hours
54,200 Silver-icon     16 Shield point-icon
Required: Level 133
Unarmed Combat IV
Advanced Genetics Advanced Genetics
Duration Icon 4 Hours
6,300 Silver-icon     Shield point-icon
Required: Level 27
Augmented Vibranium Adamantium (ficitional)
Duration Icon ?? hours
??? Silver-icon     ?? Shield point-icon
Required: Level ???

(by the way, this is a good way to avoid "level parking", only Level >133 player could recruit her)

Alternativelly, the reward could be an alternative costume for a "Egghead" hero:

Eggheads Heroes who are geniuses Beast Icon 1Black Knight Icon 1Black Panther Icon 1Blue Marvel Icon 1Fixer Icon 1Hank Pym Icon 1Hulk Icon 1Iron Man Icon 1Lizard Icon 1Magneto Icon 1Morbius Icon 1Mr. Fantastic Icon 1Spider-Man Icon 1Spider-Man 2099 Icon 1Superior Spider-Man Icon 1

So many possibilities, vote on your favorite:
(if you have an idea that is not on the following pool, plase share on the comments)

Revamping: Players that do a lot of Research should earn?

The poll was created at 11:40 on January 21, 2013, and so far 95 people voted.

30XP tasks

Yeah, those useless tasks that don't unlock chapters and aren't related to Spec Ops.
"Use someone in battle", "Win x PvP battles", "Research something"
The big prize: marvelous 30 XP-icon!!! Oh, what a GREAT prize!

30 xp is totally useless! This feature urgently needs to be fixed imediatly or be finished, it's ridiculous!

The easiest way to change it: change the prize. Better prizes would harder tasks, of course.

My favorite option is 1 Command point icon. The hero prices are increasing, farming can be very boring in a long-term, a new way of getting CPs would be welcomed. Just 1 CP isn't too much, specially if the tasks become harder/longer, maybe with a "1 task per day" limit.

Do you agree?
(if you have an idea that is not on the following pool, plase share on the comments)

Revamping: New tasks reward should be?

The poll was created at 19:09 on January 18, 2013, and so far 126 people voted.


Before starting, let me explain something: Allies, aren't useless, there are good advantages on them. The thing is, it can be better! I don't know about you, but multiplayer means Co-Op for me, not PvP. This is a MMO, isn't it? So, when do we fight with (or agaisnt) your friends? Have you faced any ally on PvP? Are you satisfied with Distress Calls? Would Guilds be enough to you stop complaining, Cyrus? NO =P

I would like to face Potkettleblack on PvP, I know I would be smashed, but it'd be fun to see him in action. Better than see him jumping on the screen, doing one (devastating) atk and the leaving. But, better than anything, would be fight alongside my allies...
Effect Icon 073 Green "United We Stand"

Co-op multiplayer maybe is asking too much. Maybe could only be launched on Season 2, or later. Maybe it would change the whole current gameplay. But is something that players enjoy.
Can you imagine the most popular MMO games without co-op? Imagine an alternative World of Warcraft, which you could only battle monsters alone, complete quests alone, BUT you can fight against other players. Seens like a MMORPG to you?
Do you think that an single agent could defeat "big guys" like Galactus, Apocalypse or Surtur? Think about that, I return later with more ideas on this...

Avengers Alliance is much more fun with friends!

Co-op multiplayer:

The poll was created at 13:48 on January 21, 2013, and so far 68 people voted.


Antitoxin Thawing Formula Extinguisher Smelling Salts Hemostatic Spray

This idea started with a discution with Trin1. The healing supplies have its importance, but it's much lower than it should. If you're familiar with RPGs, you may think it odd to don't use healing supplies constantly. On the classic RPG games, debuffs like poison, burning or bleeding continues to damage your characters after the fight and you need to use an item to cure him/her. Futhermore, to health and stamina (on classic RPGs) aren't fully restored after you beat your enemies. Wouldn't it be more logical?

If the characters on M:AA remain as they were when the battle finished, the game would change completely. Players couldn't go thought thousands of battles using the same team, the would have to use other heroes while the wounded ones are healing. The game would be harder, specially for new players; who said that all my suggestions would be to make the game easier? However, the buffs would be "durable" too, so you could equip your heroes with supplies before the battle; revamping defense and offense supplies.

A new feature could be created, a medical center that players would upgrade to increase heroes recuperation. The biggest issue would be the Agent, once we can't remove him/her from the team; the Agent would our major demand for supplies.
Durable buffs and debuffs:

The poll was created at 14:59 on January 28, 2013, and so far 33 people voted.

Key Items

Artificial Fingerprints Bolt Cutter Gamma Satchel Key Cards Skeleton Key

I created this topic on January 22. I didn't notice, but on that day Playdom modified the game, removing key objectives from mission unlock quests (check the Patch Note).

This wasn't what I want, I was thinking in something like the Infernal Fangs used to unlock the Grief, collecting these items to build something good. Alternatively, collecting some proofs and items would turn a villain to your side.

50 Gemstone + 20 Incendiary Munitions + Silver = Omni-Fury
3 Photograph + Data decoder key + Decryption Device + 2 Custom Grecian Sai + 2 Heavy Sai = Elektra Icon

No pool for this topic, as Playdom already killed them.

Major improvements that I dreamm about

High definition sprites
(The ones from iOS would be enough)
Viper Task Icon-iOS
Multiplayer battles
(as described on "Allies" section)

Agent-Male 7 Infiltrator


Agent-Female 7 Infiltrator

A new battle genre
Beat'em up, fighting, plataform missions
Combined moves/abilities

Big dreams, big spectations and...

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