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Today, Marvel Avengers Alliance is over. In this video I want to share with you my final thoughts about this game that was so important to me. Please excuse my Brazilian accent, but I want to do the voice-over myself, since this is a very personal subject, despite some technical limitations. In other words, I’m not at KingFisher’s level, but please bare with me.

You’re seeing on the background the assembling of a spritesheet. These are the last characters released in the game, Adam Warlock and his evil self. The sprite ripping was a huge part of my MAA experience, the reason I got into the wikia and probably the reason why you may have heard about me.

So, how am I feeling about this? It’s a mix of feelings. I knew it would come one day, with very few exceptions, no online game lasts forever, especially when hosted in a third party platform, like Facebook, and especially with a big franchise like Marvel. After the launch of M:AA2 and the shutdown of other Marvel games (GoG, Mighty Avengers), I knew that M:AA1 could be closed anytime soon. So I was kinda prepared for that. On the other hand, I regret the so many great opportunities M:AA lost. Let me talk about them.

The game finished with 167 playable characters, including the Agent. It’s debatable which one is the game with most playable characters, but many point to Tobal! 2 on the first PlayStation, which have 200 playable chars. So, with just 34 more characters, MAA could plead the “game with most playable characters” world record. And if you want my wishes to fill that space, here they are.

And speaking of characters we wanted in the game, is really sad that the game is finishing without some HUGE Marvel characters. Everybody have their own favorite characters, but no one can deny that is a shame that a Marvel game with 166 playable Marvel characters lacks Silver Surfer, Namor, Jubilee, Quasar, Polaris, Guardian, Hope and Rachel Summers, Sunspot and so on… The issue with Fox regarding X-Men and Fantastic Four movie rights took a big toll on this game, I have a post about that explaining everything, in case you don’t know; link in the description. And now, with the ending of the game, we feel the total weight of this fight between Disney and Fox in Hollywood. I think Adam Warlock was a perfect choice to finish the game, but this last SpecOps was not enough to fill this void, especially regarding villains. Wouldn’t be great to battle Annihilus, Attuma, the Brood, Fing Fang Foom, Omega Red, Shuma Gorath, the Kree, the Skrull, the Shi’ar, ... What about Galactus? He is not a typical villain, but if we can battle Odin, we could have some interaction with him too. He should have been on the game, one way or another. We never got to visit Atlantis. What’s wrong with Namor? He was kicked out of the Phoenix Five though he had a major role in the AvX comics. Mockingbird was chosen as the Breaker of Oceans of all people! Mockingbird… breaker of oceans…

But well, that was my rant about the lack of some characters. Despite that, I couldn’t imagine that such a great game would ever be made. It’s the biggest Marvel game ever. There were so many great moments, so many good memories I have, many good people I got to know due to this game. It was a blast!

If you’re looking for a new Marvel game to play, I recommend Marvel First Alliance, made by my fella ZVitor. It’s a free fan-made game, inspired by the 16-bit era of games. I had a minor contribution to the development, I did the sprite work of Black Panther, check it out, it’s really fun and it gets some sweet updates from time to time, soon it will have the Guardian of the Galaxy members.

I’ll still be active in the wikia for a while. Latter I’ll migrate to the fanfic wikia, but I won’t be as active there as I was in the regular wikia. My sprite work will continue, turning my focus back to Super Nintendo game, which are my passion. If you want to contact me, try my e-mail and twitter. Check also my blog, for some cool projects I’m planning. And, in the future, I also want to be active at youtube.

Thank you Playdom for such a great game. Thank you for being with me in this Avengers Alliance ride during 4 years and for listening to me.

See you on the other side Agent.

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