This was suppose to be a youtube video that I wanted to post before Deadpool's movie, but real life got in the way. Now that the subject emerged again, it's better to just post the text I made.

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Today: “No More Mutants! The Fox-Marvel issue”

Some people believe that this is mere coincidence or another crazy conspiracy theory. In this post, I’ll prove you that the threat is real and it doesn’t involve Illuminati or the end of the world, but something much more powerful: Money.

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We all love the characters, the universe, the stories, but the thing that decides the future of our favorite franchises is how much money they make.

Nowadays, the movies are by far the biggest money makers in the super hero gender. They bring tons of people to the movies, they boost the popularity of cartoons, comics, games and help selling toys, T-shirts, candy and all kind of licensed products. So, even if X-Men comics are selling well, them don’t make money for Disney like Iron Man or Thor. I’m pretty sure that if you ask the young boys on your family if they want a Wolverine or a Hulk toy, they will probably pick Hulk. Several years ago, Wolverine would easily be the favorite choice for most boys. t3OHj72.jpg
Ant-Man-Modern Comics are great and they have a huge following, but the reach of the movie is way bigger. Last year, I brought my brother-in-law to see the Ant-Man movie. He didn’t know anything about the character and he loved it, the movie is great. Thing is, even if he was into comic books, he wouldn’t enjoy an Ant-Man comic very much without previous knowledge of the character. Comics are hard to get into. Sometime later, he saw the POP Funkio toys of that movie and really wanted to buy one (We didn’t buy because these toys costs eighty to a hundred bucks here in Brazil… bummer). But can you see how powerful the movies can be? This last Christmas, almost every young boy in my family got a super-hero toy.

X-Men and F4 can’t be used on Marvel movies. So, what Marvel and Disney are doing about this? They are cutting the exposition of those character in other media, wishing that other characters may take their fans and bring more profit to the company. And how drastic is this cut? Well, let’s take a look at some recent decisions:

  • X-Men and the Fantastic Four are been left off of promo materials. Last year’s line up Marvel poster completely removed X-Men and F4 characters. Is this such a big deal? It’s something to consider since characters like Wolverine and the FF were front and center back in 2007, as you can see, and still in the front on 2013’s poster.
u6Gk30n.png 2
  • X-Men comics were reduced and F4 were finished. Despite the recent highlight F4 and Dr Doom got in the recent Secret Wars, as a consequence of this saga, there is no F4 anymore. X-Men are being killed by the thing that “creates” Inhumans; ironic, isn’t it?
  • Wolverine and The X-Men cartoon was canceled, even after been well recepted. Avengers EMH cartoon were also cancelled even with great acceptance and was replaced with the MCU-friendly, Avengers Assemble.
  • New Marvel games completely lacks any X-Men or F4 character. Games launched earlier like Contest of Champions and Marvel Heroes 2015 still were able to include the mutants and F4 on their hoaster, but the same can’t be said about the newer games.
  • Marvel Mighty Heroes and Future Fight, launched in 2015, don’t have ANY X-Men or F4 character.
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes, instead of getting a bigger sequel, will get a smaller one: Lego Marvel Avengers, with less characters, focused on the MCU, without any X-Men or F4, except for Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and her sons; which were recently transformed in “not mutant” characters, stating that their powers came from experiments made by the High Evolutionary on them, this is clearly another influence of the MCU in the Marvel universe, even something so traditional like this is not immune. Back to Marvel games, do you see how they changed “super heroes” to “Avengers”? This is to emphasize the “brand”.
  • Next: the infamous Avengers Alliance 2, which I talked about last blog/video, also don’t have any of them. Even Adamantium was removed from it.
  • In Avengers Alliance 1, we don’t receive a new X-Men since Cannonball, back in July 10, 2014. The last character with the “x-gene” was Molly, member of the Runaways, released in December 9, 2014. No X-Men or F4 related villains were released since Cannonball’s debut.
  • Thundra was supposed to be a Worthy and PD had even it's icons and sprites done, but in the last minute she was replaced by Ghost Rider. Thundra was introduced in a F4 comic and is possible that her moive rights are with FOX, so it's possible that she was replaced because of the boycott. By the way, the only new alts that came to a "FOX character" in the last years were Magik's and Rogue's.

Not convinced yet? Let’s take a look in what happened with the Spider-Man franchise. In 2013, PD released one Spider-Man related playable character, Agent Venom. In 2014, another one, Anti-Venom, and Hybrid was made playable by Christmas time. In 2015, just after they announced the agreement between Marvel and Sony, bringing Spider-Man to the MCU, PD released Miles Morales, Silk, Spidey Noir, Anya Corazon, Superior Spidey, Spider-Gwen, Spidey 2099 and Mayday Parker. Nothing less than EIGHT new spider-characters.

Ultimate Spider-Man-Comics Silk-Original Spider-Man Noir-Classic Spider-Girl-Modern Superior Spider-Man-Marvel NOW! Spider-Gwen-Original Spider-Man 2099-Original Amazing Spider-Woman

Take a look at the characters released before the boycott and after the boycott:

Can you see how heavy is the influence of the MCU in recent Marvel games? Tony Sherrill recently stated: “Red She-Hulk had been planned for release at least two years ago, but she was bumped to make room for movie themed Spec Ops and such.” Interesting how the word BUMPED was used. We all want to see the movies’ content into the game, but it seems sometimes that PD force some MCU content in our throats.
Look Heimdall, for example, he is supposed to be a guy who guards the Bifrost Bridge, not a hero that SHIELD carries around to fight goons at the streets; but he was chosen to be a recruitable reward hero because he was on Dark World movie. It looks like they couldn’t give us a character that wasn’t in the movie.
Same with Age of Ultron SpecOps, they could have gave us Jocasta or even Victor Mancha, but they chose an alt instead of a new hero, because the Hulkbuster was a high point in the trailers and it looks like they can’t walk beyond what the movie presented. Notable exception to Rescue and Mandarin, on the Extremis SpecOps.

In conclusion to this, unless Marvel does a miraculous agreement with FOX, allowing them to use X-Men and/or F4 on the MCU, there will be #NoMoreMutants on MAA1, no Deadpool movie related content, no Galactus or Silver Surfer and so on. Nothing!

Namor is a complicated case that needs a dedicated explanation. Some people say his rights are with Universal (same people who did the first Hulk movie). Furthermore he is an X-Men, sorta. Thing is, he is such a big name inside Marvel that it MUST be a reason for him not appear anywhere outside the comics. He was cut from the Phoenix Five crew back in 2012, last year we got Mockingbird as the Breaker of Oceans and no sign of Namor, Attuma is in the Avengers Assemble cartoon and no sign of Namor, now Tiger Shark will be in MAA2, will Namor finally shows up?

What do you think about this? Is Marvel doing the right thing, in order to prevent things like these? Or do you think Marvel is hurting itself with these decision? Or maybe you think this is not a boycott, just a huge coincidence.

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