Hello guys,

Avengers Alliance has very good graphics but, have you noticed that the characters of this game seems a little blurred? Like when you draw something and save it in JPG format. People use to say that the image is jpged (or jpg'd).

Why? My first guess was that the developers made the sprites on a higher definition, then shrinked them to a lower size, causing some corruption of the image. And I was right, see the following images:

Vector_Marvel_XP.png Vector

Vapor_Marvel_XP.png Vapor

The image from Marvel XP for Vector and Vapor are the same for their sprites, but with higher resolution and without color corruption. They look like the dialogue artworks, with well defined border/lines and colors.

Now take a look in different Rogue sprites: roguespritespost.png Some people might disagree, but the sprite from Capcom, despite its lower size and color usage, has a better resolution then MAA's sprite. It's about how they were made, the sprite for the arcade game was drawn pixel by pixel, in its proper size. MAA sprite were drawn as a big image, then shrunken...

So, here is the question: How about playing Marvel: Avengers Alliance in High Definition (HD)? There are two obstacles for that:

1-Drawn the HD sprites.

Well, as we saw for Vapor and Vector, we can consider that this HD images are already done.

2-Make the game slow/heavy

So, this is a Facebook game, a "social game", meant to be light and fast, for casual players who don't care about the quality of the graphics or the gameplay, players who just want to compete in their social networks. WRONG! M:AA players are usually quite different from "Happy Farm" or "CityVille" players, and we would love some HD battles. And Playdom can make it optional, you can choose when we like HD or not.

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