Following the idea of my previous post about the main villains of the game, here's the math to show who are the main heroes of M:AA.

I totally have a hint for the winner, but let's go to the numbers to see if my supposition is right. You probably know who I'm talking about...

Current status: Season 2-Mission 8; Sepc Ops 26
(until Kate Bishop, including announced content)


  • Villains closely related to the heroes > 4 points each.
  • Other heroes closely related to the hero in question > 4 points each.
  • Themed gear and supplies > 3 points each.
  • Number of available/announced uniforms > 5 points each.
  • Deploys > 1 point each.
  • Team-Ups > 2 points each.
  • Heroic Battles > 4 points each.
  • Premium missions > 3 points each.

  • A-ISOs and E-ISOs won't count because they are inherent to the Team-ups and Heroic Battles.
  • Themed SpecOps won't add extra points to the hero's score because they already increases it by the form of team-ups, themed gear and villains' score.
  • Closely related means that the hero in question was important to the creation and "survival" of the caracter. This is a complicated concept, so some discution might be needed in some cases.
  • X-Men is a diverse team, not all characters are closely related to Cyclops or Wolverine, for example. A villain closely related to the X-Men might not be closely related to a X-Men member. For example, Magneto is closely related to the X-Men, but not to Wolverine.
  • Heroic Battles only counts if the hero is playable, not the enemy.
  • Team-ups only counts for bosses and epic bosses, not mini-bosses.
  • Upgraded versions of another gear won't be counted.


The most used heroes are:

14 deploys 13 deploys 12 deploys 11 deploys 10 deploys 10 deploys 10 deploys 10 deploys


The most proactive heroes are:

14 team-ups 13 team-ups 12 team-ups 7 team-ups 6 team-ups 6 team-ups 6 team-ups

Gears and supllies

The most "inspiring" heroes are:

7 supplies
12 gears
8 gears
5 supplies
2 gears
3 supplies
4 gears
4 supplies
3 gears
3 supplies
3 gears
6 gears

Premium missions

The heroes who have premium missions are:

Black Panther Icon 1 Captain America Icon 1 Deadpool Icon 1 Domino Icon 1 Dr. Strange Icon 1 Gambit Icon 1 Hercules Icon 1 Hulk Icon 1 Human Torch Icon 1 Iron Man Icon 1 Luke Cage Icon 1 Mr. Fantastic Icon 1 Phoenix Icon 1 Punisher Icon 1 Scarlet Witch Icon 1 Spider-Man Icon 1 Thor Icon 1 War Machine Icon 1 Wolverine Icon 1 Wonder Man Icon 1

Heroic Battles

The maximum number of HB a hero has participated is two. These are the ones who appeared twice (as a playable character) in HBs:

Bishop Icon 1 Black Cat Icon 1 Cable Icon 1 Captain America Icon 1 Hawkeye Icon 1 Molly Hayes Icon 1 Spider-Man Icon 1 Wolverine Icon 1


No surprises here, you already know them. The ones with more uniforms (five) are:

Captain America Icon 1 Hulk Icon 1 Hybrid Icon 1 Iron Man Icon 1 Thor Icon 1


The "Batmans" with more "Robins" are:

Beta Ray Bill Icon 1 Destroyer Icon 1 Enchantress Icon 1 Fandral Icon 1 Heimdall Icon 1 Hogun Icon 1 Loki Icon 1 Sif Icon 1 Valkyrie Icon 1 Volstagg Icon 1 (10)
Agent Venom Icon 1 Anti-Venom Icon 1 Black Cat Icon 1 Hybrid Icon 1 Sandman Icon 1 (5)
Crystal Icon 1 Gorgon Icon 1 Karnak Icon 1 Medusa Icon 1 (4)
Cable Icon 1 Emma Frost Icon 1 Havok Icon 1 Phoenix Icon 1 (4)
Doctor Doom Icon 1 Human Torch Icon 1 Invisible Woman Icon 1 Thing Icon 1 (4)
Drax Icon 1 Gamora Icon 1 Groot Icon 1 Rocket Raccoon Icon 1 (4)
Deadpool Icon 1 Kitty Pryde Icon 1 Sabretooth Icon 1 X-23 Icon 1 (4)

Do you disagree? Let us have a nice, calm and healthy conversation in the comments section.


Some villains are strongly linked to a specific hero. The ones with more of that are:

Carnage Icon Doctor Octopus Icon Green Goblin Icon Hammerhead Icon Hybrid Icon Hydro-Man Icon Kraven Icon Lizard Icon Mysterio Icon Sandman Icon Scream Icon Venom Icon Vulture Icon (13)
Dark Thor Icon Destroyer Icon Enchantress Icon Executioner Icon Hammer Icon Hela Icon Kurse Icon Loki Icon Malekith Icon Surtur Icon Ymir Icon (11)
Arnim Zola Icon Baron Strucker Icon Baron Zemo Icon Batroc Icon Militant Icon Red Skull Icon Sin Icon Taskmaster Icon Winter Soldier Icon (9)
Crimson Cowl Icon Crimson Dynamo Icon M.O.D.O.K. Icon Savin Icon Tactical Force Icon Titanium Man Icon Whiplash Icon (7)
Dr. Doom Icon Ironclad Icon Vapor Icon Vector Icon X-Ray Icon (5)

The final verdict!

We can evaluate the importance of a character in two ways. Individually or "as a whole" (including the controversial points for the sidekicks and villains).


10 44 points 10 63 points
8 56 points 9 65 points
8 56 points 8 68 points
7 57 points 7 71 points
6 59 points 6 83 points
5 69 points 5 88 points
4 76 points 4 133 points
3 79 points 3 141 points
2 85 points 2 146 points
1 110 points 1 163 points


As expected, the Marvel's "trinity" is everywhere.

Iron Man Icon 5 Iron Man (as he said in the Age of Ultron movie) "designs everything, pays for everything and make everyone looks cooler", so he get a lot of points from weapons, gadgets and supplies.
Captain America Icon 5 Captain America's points are distributed, he has many deploys, team-ups, 6 themed items and a high number of villains.
Thor Icon 5 Thor got a huge amount of points from his Asgard friends and foes. You can argue that it not fair, but you can't deny that EVERYTHING related to Asgard is directly related to Thor. It's how it it supposed to be; everything from Wakanda relates to Black Panther, everything World War II relates to Cap, everything Atlantis will relate to Namor, everything Asgard relates to Thor.

And now, the (arguably) most popular Marvel hero is inside the money maker MCU, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will get more and more highlights.

Spider-Man Icon 4 Spider-Man has a lot of villains, maybe more than any other hero, he also has a lot of clones, symbiotes, female versions, girlfriends... is expected that Peter will get highlights everywhere, but due the inicial Hollywood issues, he got a cold start. Now he's unleashed in the MCU, brace yourselves!

"Dear Playdom", I love you, but I have to do a little rant here.

I understand that these three are the main columns of Marvel nowadays, but why you have to put them in every single area of the game?

  • I know that Thor have a lot of interesting enemies that are good options for a alliance game like M:AA. To face such a huge team of heroes (more than a hundred) the villain has to be a little overpowered; you don't find this level of power at the "street level", but you do in the other eight/nine realms. Anyway, Spider-Man has more related villains than Thor (13 against 11), but Spider-Man teamed-up with us only 5 times and Thor did it 13 times! Why only Thor has to deal with his foes? He has 10 "sidekicks" to help with them! Why his foes are so exclusive?
  • Asgard guys are not independent and diverse like the Avengers, X-Men, Inhumans, Runaways or GoG. Rocket Raccoon and Groot work fine without Star-Lord, but the Warriors Three still rely on Thor's shadow. Yes, they do. Futhermore, they are always medieval fighters. Please stop giving us Thor's sidekicks for a while. Please, give us a dozen of Guardians of the Galaxy, Young Avengers, Runaways, Inhumans before releasing Balder, for example (he's cool, I know, but he's more of the same). Same thing for Spider-people, too many people with too little variation.
  • And why... THIS? Thor-Classic Thor-Modern Armor Thor-Avengers Thor-Mighty Thor-Avengers Age of Ultron Hammer Dark Thor Beta Ray Bill-Classic
  • Sabertooth and X-23 are heavily similar to Wolverine, but they're still unique somehow. Dark Wolverine is not, please don't do this again.
  • Ms. Marvel and Black Cat have ONLY ONE team-up in the entire game*! Loki already has four...

*Some SpecOps team-up data are incomplete, so this number can be imprecise, but still, shows the trend

  • Grey Hulk and Mighty Thor were totally necessary. We all know that they will receive another movie-related alt sooner or later, why give them a palette swap or a sleeveless version?
  • Many interesting characters has not a single themed item: Black Bolt, Black Cat, Gambit, Ghost Rider, Invisible Woman, Ka-Zar, Sif, Spider-Woman, Star-Lord, Storm. Red-Hulk has three themed weapons, She-Hulk has none. The Destroyer is just a "weapon" and it has inspired 6 items! Ms. Marvel has 3 uniforms, a related villain (now "sidekick"), a heroic battle and just a single themed item. Do you know what it is? Please, review the previous items before designing new ones.
  • Dr. Strange is cool, but give the guy a break. He only have two related villains (Baron Mordo and Dormammu), but already has 7 themed items, a HB, a premium mission, 10 deploys and 14 team-ups! Let Ghost Rider, Daimon and even Dr. Voodoo have some "mystical" space! Strange will get a solo movie soon, there is much more to come. Please, look foward events before overusing a character.
  • Where is Thane? The guy doesn't have a single team-up, themed item, heroic battle... nothing. He is an interesting char, could use some attention. Agent Venom made a huge fuzz when released, but the only thing he got so far is the obligatory SpecOps-EpicBoss deploy and a single themed item. Do you know what it is?
Ms. Marvel Valentine -What? Aren't these enough for you?
Agent Venom Valentine

So, my final conclusion is:
Marvel has some characters that shines more than the others, that have more fans that the others. They deserve more space but, sometimes, PD could have made some slightly different choices and increase the diversity in the game.

Games like M:AA are great way to promote obscure characters to the bigger audience (the Smash Bros. series, from Nintendo, is a good example to follow). Take it easy on the overused guys, give the opportunity to the others; they have their fans too and can add so much more to the game.

Marvel is a good company in therms of diversity, but maybe is better to let Falcon shines as Falcon, instead of making Captain America black...
Image credits:East Carolina University

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