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Don't panic, it's just a crazy speculation of mine. [2] "Why are you doing this?" Because it's funny for me, and for some other wierd people...
Today M:AA completes two years old, and why we keep playing it? For me, because there are still heroes to recruit; but not the already launched, those who are yet to came.

In 2013, there were 10 SpecOps, 10 PVP tournaments , 6 heroes released just by CPs (B Knight, Cap Britain, Dr Voodoo, Thundra, U Jack and Wasp), 3 by Covert Tasks (Squirrel Girl, Moon Knight and Sunfire), 1 for lockboxes (Thane). Yeah, there were the playable villains, released by lockboxes, I won't count them, because they're already in the game.
So, on the last year, 30 new characters came to us! In this post, I'll assume that the same amount will come this year (althought I personally think that it will be more).

It's speculation night baby, make your bets. GoB6CCT.jpg

Spec Ops, where the big Marvel events take place

Everybody knows it, the movies appeared here (those owned by Marvel), the big comic crosovers too (AVX, Age of Ultron and Infinity). So, it's totally likely that this pattern will be kept in 2014; we can expect SpecOps for The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.

In a first moment, I though that the Netflix TV series would debbut this year and would get a themed SpecOps, but this might happen next year.

My bet for ten specops this year are:

  • Apocalypse
    • Heroes: Iceman.
    • Already launched when I wrote this
  • Winter Soldier OuWWtv1.png (Thank you Captain Obvious)
    • Heroes: Falcon and Winter Soldier
    • A 99% sure bet, I just hope that they release two chars at once (like BBolt and Thane on the Infinity SpecOps).
  • Guardians of the Galaxy OuWWtv1.png (Thank you Captain Obvious)
    • Different from the previous movies, GoG has FIVE major characters that weren't launched, this "problem" makes harder to speculate who will be the prize hero. My bet is the boring and obvious choice: the leader. And I also hope for a second hero in this SpecOp, the most popular, need to say each one?
    • Heroes: Starlord and Rocket Racoon.
  • Original Sin lX7mbKW.png
    • Heroes: Nova or Silver Surfer nLy82zk.png
    • Who Killed The Watcher? The big comic crossover will bring the main Marvel characters, most of them are already in the game. I think SS or Nova will be the hero, it's likely that will be a "cosmic" and "non-GoG" hero. My biggest fear is that PD would choose Sam Alexander instead of Richard Rider. I hope they make the right choices (like they did with Mandarin).
  • "The second comic crossover" -> AXIS lX7mbKW.png
    • I don't know the name, the plot or anything so... hard to speculate anything, but I think that there will be a big crossover on the second semester and this event will appear on M:AA.
  • A secondary SpecOps for a big event lX7mbKW.png
    • When a single SpecOp is not enough. A second GoG SpecOps, a second Winter Soldier SpecOps, a SpecOps to introduce the "cosmic universe" before Original Sin SpecOps... This happened with AvX (2012) and Age of Ultron (2013); might happen again.
  • Halloween OuWWtv1.png
    • Heroes: Blade and/or Morbious OuWWtv1.png
    • 2012 got a Halloween SpecOps (with Ghost Rider), but 2013 doesn't. The explanation for that is The Dak World, the second Thor movie that got a themed SpecOps in October 29. There won't be a movie close to Halloween date on 2014, so, along with Blade's popularity, this is a good bet.
  • Any classic or new comics storyline
    • On 2013 we got the Dark Reign, we also got known storylines to brinh Havok, Magnum, Hellstrom and Nico Minoru. It's likely that another comic storyline will show up in this tenth SpecOp of 2014 (aside from the Apocalypse one, the first of this year); hard to tell each one. If I could choose, I would pick Secret Invasion, although it wasn't thaa great on the comics, it was great potencial for a game like M:AA, I can imagine great new features with this plot.


PVP, no more X-Force and Thunderbolts?

The X-Force/Thunderbolts "tradition" was broken on the very first tournament of this year.
Among the other nine remaining seats:

  • I think that one or two GoG will show up to help PD to release the five characters around the movie premiere. Gamora and Drax fit well here; Rocket Racoon could be a PVP hero too, instead of a SpecOps one. OuWWtv1.png

So, the other seven killers might be:

  • Fandral and Volstagg (remaining Warriors Three) nLy82zk.png
  • Shang-Chi (current Avengers member, good option to help M:AA explore other countries) lX7mbKW.png
  • Songbird and/or Penance (former Thunderbolts and popular characters) lX7mbKW.png
  • Skaar (former Thunderbolt and current Agents of SMASH member, ongoing cartoon) lX7mbKW.png
  • Sunspot (former X-Force and Brazilian, good option to introduce a mission on South America) lX7mbKW.png
  • A Inhuman char, Karnak and Gorgon are my favorite here. OuWWtv1.png


Apart from GoG members, the others are totally wild guesses...

90 CPs, old but gold

With or without Convert Tasks, we can expect at least seven chars coming by this old-fashined method.

I start, again, with GoG, the much antecipated Marvel movie with five characters that all players with to add on their squad. So, those who won't come by SpecOps nor PVP, we hope to see them by CPs. Can be one, two three of even four; we just hope that none of the five upcoming member don't arrive here. OuWWtv1.png

Aside from those I already cited above, that can come by normal purchase instaed of SpecOps or PVP, I expect to see...

  • Namor, totally classic, totally popular, has his own group of cool villains and Atlantis is a great scenario.lX7mbKW.png
  • Wiccan and Speed, they are popular and they are teens, good to diversify the heroes set.lX7mbKW.png
  • Guardian, classic and Canadian, another good option to open M:AA horizons (and lure Canadian players).lX7mbKW.png
  • Jubilee, classic and popular, I still remember her memorable role on X-Men 90's cartoon.lX7mbKW.png
  • Ka-Zar, not that popular, but has a great scenario (Savage Land) that ALWAYS appears on Marvel games and big crossovers; and Sauron, his enemy, was already hinted as a future villain. nLy82zk.png
  • Some Inhumans, due "Original Sin" and "Inhumanity" events, most likely Medusa and/or Crystal. OuWWtv1.png
  • Hellcat, a wild guess, but a really thing she will come this year.lX7mbKW.png


Agree? Hated?
Leave your hopes and complaints on the comments!

FYI: Hollywood speculation

I just came across a supposedly list of Marvel films until 2021 and their villains. lX7mbKW.png

Ok, let's be honest, it's impossible to believe 100% that is a true list from Marvel but it's interesting and totally great news for Marvel movies fans. If you want to play "What if", this list might help you speculate about M:AA future events for the next seven years. O.o

But even if this list was handwritten by Kevin Feige, it's impossible to wait on the movies to debutt some characters here. The time to make a movie is way bigger than the time to make a SpecOps. So, why would Playdom wait until 2020 to bring the Krees to M:AA? Would the game survive until 2021?

Anyway, from what is confirmed, I still believe Jessica Jones, Cage, Fist and DD will get some attention from Playdom next year.


  • Fandral and Volstagg were confirmed by PD, but they came by CPs, not by PVP.
  • Winter Soldier and GoG SpecOps confirmed. (Thank you Captain Obvious)
  • The movie stars: Winter Soldier, Falcon, Starlord, Rocket Racoon, Groot, Gamora, Drax and Groot confirmed. (Thank you Captain Obvious)
  • Rocket Racoon and Drax were confirmed as a PVP Adamantium rewards; while I'm not surprised, this was the first time that it happened, so it wasn't obivious. =D
  • Many right bets with the Inhumans! Yeah!
  • Halloween SpecOps with both mentioned heroes.


16 / 29 (55.2%)


3 / 6 (50%)

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