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New year, new expectations!
What the year of 2015 may bring us?

Images taken (mostly) from Marvel Microheroes Wiki



First, let’s see what happened on 2014 and 2013. The number of heroes we got were:

Released Heroes
Event/Year 2013 2014
SpecOps Havok Icon 1 Hank Pym Icon 1 Vision Icon 1 Rescue Icon 1 Wonder Man Icon 1 Daimon Hellstrom Icon 1 Ares Icon 1 Black Bolt Icon 1Heimdall Icon 1 Nico Minoru Icon 1 Iceman Icon 1 Falcon Icon 1 Anti-Venom Icon 1 Cannonball Icon 1 Star-Lord Icon 1 Ka-Zar Icon 1 Blade Icon 1 Crystal Icon 1
PVP Punisher Icon 1 X-23 Icon 1 Fantomex Icon 1 Shatterstar Icon 1 Red Hulk Icon 1 Angel Icon 1 Bishop Icon 1 Spiral Icon 1 Domino Icon 1 Agent Venom Icon 1 Hogun Icon 1 Rocket Raccoon Icon 1 Drax Icon 1 Karnak Icon 1 Nova Icon 1
CT Squirrel Girl Icon 1 Moon Knight Icon 1 Sunfire Icon 1 Volstagg Icon 1 Shanna Icon 1 Morbius Icon 1
Lockbox Thane Icon 1 -
90 CPs Wasp Icon 1 Captain Britain Icon 1 Black Knight Icon 1 Union Jack Icon 1 Thundra Icon 1 Doctor Voodoo Icon 1 Fandral Icon 1 Gamora Icon 1 Groot Icon 1 Medusa Icon 1 Gorgon Icon 1 Molly Hayes Icon 1
TOTAL - 29 - - 23 -
Released Villains
Event/Year 2013 2014
SpecOps Dragoness Icon Living Pharaoh Icon Living Monolith Icon Kang Icon Ultron Mode-B Icon Titanium Man Icon Blizzard Icon Savin Icon Arnim Zola Icon Baron Strucker Icon Grim Reaper Icon Taskmaster Icon Venom Icon Proxima Midnight Icon Corvus Glaive Icon Thanos Icon Kurse Icon Malekith Icon Arcade Icon Apocalypse Icon Batroc Icon Winter Soldier Icon Scream Icon Carnage Icon Hybrid Icon Mr. Sinister Icon Sauron Icon Sebastian Shaw Icon Bastion Icon Black Dwarf Icon Supergiant Icon Nebula Icon Ronan Icon Stegron Icon High Evolutionary Icon Dracula Icon Maximus the Mad Icon
Missions Red Skull Icon Sugar Man Icon Selene Icon Sin Icon Man-Ape Icon Skadi Icon Lizard Icon Mysterio Icon Absorbing Man Icon
TOTAL - 23 - - 23 -

*I’m not counting the “playable villains”, released by lockboxes, because they're already in the game.
*I'm not counting the Dark Avengers as new villains because they're direct rip-offs from the existing heroes. So, the effort to make them was the same to make a new alt. Same for the Horsemen of Apocalypse.

  • Playdom launched this game near the first Avengers movie premiere, since then, all Marvel movies got an SpecOps in M:AA, with no exception.
  • The comics' big crossover events got SpecOps in 2012 and 2013 (AvX, AoU and Infinity), but 2014's events (Original Sin and AXIS) didn't receive any attention.
  • TV Shows never got anything game related in the game. Coulson is in the game, but he isn't TV exclusive.
  • Sony movies (Amazing Spider-Man) earned some themed supplies and a new alt.

2015 Marvel events

gm9S2ni.jpg S7th4pD.jpg b1WOnpz.jpg oWinhIj.jpg

zqSumX3.jpg 5VXCGup.jpg PeTzJlR.png m23WSGz.jpg

Known facts

  • Guardians of the Galaxy and Inhumans are the current focus on Marvel.
    • The Krees are strongly linked to these teams.
  • Female spideys are doing fine in the comics (Spider-Man was always a strong name in the comics). Spider-Gwen and Silk are getting their own comics (separately).
  • Wolverine is dead on the comics. Some of his "relatives" are getting highlights to "replace" him.
  • Falcon is the new current Captain America. Thor is now a woman.
  • There is no Sony/Marvel movie scheduled to 2015.
  • There is a new Fantastic Four movie, by FOX, scheduled to 2015, but we better not talk about that...
  • 2016 will bring us Civil War in the MCU!!!!
  • The MCU will also have Doctor Strange, GoG 2, Ragnarok, Black Panther, Infinity War (twice), Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and Inhumans in the future.
  • Playdom mentioned that they'll release 2 or 3 more Runaways.

SpecOps & Covert Tasks

In 2013 there were 13 "task-based events that give us a new hero", 11 in 2014. I'm hoping to get 12 in 2015.

  • Hero: I'm hoping for Jocasta, but I think that Victor Mancha has a big chance too.
  • Villains: Klaw and possibly a new "skin" for Ultron
  • Additional content: Alts for Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (maybe Vision too) and the Hulkbuster armor.
    I'm thinking that Hulkbuster will be more than a simple alt, it may change all current moves of Iron Man and maybe will be represented as "a different character", needing to be trained from the level 1.
by JohnnyMuffintop
Klaw997.gif Ultron10.png
Ant-Man-Lang.gif ANT-MAN MOVIE
  • Hero: Scott Lang
  • Villain: Yellowjacket
  • Additional content: I think they'll give an alt for Wasp and/or Hank Pyn.
Namor4_Dfist.png ATLANTIS
  • Hero: Namor
  • Villains: Attuma and Tiger Shark

Easily one of the biggest unreleased heroes. Has a great scenario and a whole set of interesting villains and "sidekicks". Playdom is not holding Marvel's big names, in 2014 we got Iceman, Anti-Venom, Ka-Zar, Blade, Nova and all the movie stars. I believe that the most popular ones will finally come in 2015, including Namor and...

SilverSurfer-Kirby2.gif THE HERALDS
  • Hero: Silver Surfer
  • Villains: Terrax

Like I said, the big boys are coming in 2015. The focus is all in the space now, so Playdom'd better launching Silver Surfer soon, before Fox screw him up. I'm serious, do it Playdom befrore it's too late, before Fox transform the badass herald of Galactus in a Hawaiian guy who get contaminated by radioactive silver or something like that...

MP_Phyla_Vell_Quasar_07_4.gif MORE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY
  • Hero: Phylla-Vel
  • Villains: Krees

Time for more GoG members. The second movie is coming only in 2017, there is no sense on waiting that long for newcomers. Phylla-Vel seems the best option, she is SOOOO COOL and her Kree background fits well in the Marvel's current moment.

  • Hero: Quake
  • Villains: Mister Hyde and Kraken
  • Additional content: Mockingbird alt

It didn't happened on the first season, but now we got Quake, Mockingbird and bigger villains. EVERYONE was excited about Skye been Quake, everyone wants to play as her, Playdom may not loose this opportunity.

MOE-4misterhyde.gif KrakenSW-ar.png
Comics crossover's events?

Captian Marvel, Photon, Pulsar, Spectrum... she is pretty big and might get at least a CT to be released. Do you remember the classic cover of Secret Wars? All characters featured in that cover are already in the game, except Monica. Maybe she'll get an important role in 2015's events and can be the prize for themed SpecOps or CT.

ChaseSteintalkback-ar.png MORE RUNAWAYS
  • Hero: Chase Stein
  • Villains: The Pride (3 of them)

More Runaways are coming, at least one may get SpecOps or CT. Chase is the more interesting for me.

Blanchett_Geoffreywilder.gif Dale_york10.png Robert_minoru10.png
181px-Blanchett_cloakdagger2.gif CLOAK AND DAGGER

Probably integrated to the chapter's history, tied to Kingpin's debut, along with any other "street level" villain.
They are great, they can be just like Ka-Zar and Zabu. Do it Playdom!

  • Hero: Guardian
  • Villains: Omega Red and Wendigo

Come on Playdom, we've already traveled to your "brother" England, but where is your neighbor? There are so many possibilities in Canada...

OmegaRed-WolverineOrigins%28Romuluspt3%29-Spz.gif Wendigo.gif
Wiccan-YoungAvengers%28SecretIdentitiesPt1%292-Spz.gif MAGIC THEMED
  • Hero: Wiccan
  • Villains: Mandarin and/or Morgan Le Fay

Wiccan is pretty popular and could be good to introduce more magic-related villains. It's worthy to remember that in 2016 we'll get Dr. Strange's movie, maybe magic will get the highlights soon.

RyanCMandarin04.gif JR-Morgana.gif
Polaris0.gif POLARIS

Another great character. Maybe the most popular unreleased female character. A good option for a X-Men themed event (if Marvel doesn't turn her into Inhuman =P ).

Bonus bet:

Jewel.gif Jessica Jones Netflix series was recently confrimed to debut in 2015.

It's hard to predict how Jessica will be portrait in the series, but if she comes to the game, she may come as a superhero, as Jewel.

Like I said, Playdom can give her an event to please the fans who will seen her on screen and will and to play as her. But this all depends on when the show will debut, if it will conflict with PD's schedule.

Chapter Villains

Already confirmed on Chapter 8
Like Dracula, a good Avengers' cartoon enemy to debut in the game.
Wild guess
Radioactive Man
Wild guess
The Serpent Old
I believe the Season 2 will end in 2015.


10 in 2013, only 5 in 2014 (8 if you count the pre-seasons). I'm expecting for 8 in 2015.

Songbird1-ar.png SONGBIRD

A popular (former) Thunderbird member, seems the ideal PVP bet for me.

SkaarIH-ar.png SKAAR

Same bet I did for 2014. Former Thunderbolt and current Agents of SMASH member, ongoing cartoon.

RedShe-HulkH-ar.png RED SHE-HULK

I don't like "clones", but I think RSHulk has a big chance to come soon to M:AA. She's popular, violent enough to fit as PVP prize and her role in the Fear Itself comics maybe made Playdom remember her as a possible release.

Sentry10.gif SENTRY

Another hero that I personally don't like, but he also have some fans. I though he would came along with the Dark Reign SpecOps, but he didn't. He will cause a lot of controversy when he arrive in M:AA and controversy is usually very good for the developers.

Triton-Adams.gif TRITON

The most popular Inhuman yet to come. Interesting to debut near the Namor SpecOps I'm expecting.

Angela.gif ANGELA

She is related to Guardians of the Galaxy, to Asgard and even with another company. She is perfect for a PVP prize.

TC_Starhawk_Stakar_3b.gif STARHAWK

Not the most interesting "spacial character" around, but seems to fit well as PVP prize.

WerewolfbyNight-Ploog.gif WEREWOLF

On 2015, my bet it's that we'll get an Halloween-themed PVP Tournament, instead of a SpecOps. Werewolf is the guy, with Man-Thing as a good option too.

CPs & cia

We got 6 in 2013 and 6 in 2014. I'm expecting more 6 in 2015.

Blanchett_Jubileenationx.gif JUBILEE

Another very popular unreleased character. Could also get a nice vampire alt around the Halloween, it would be a good "refresh" to get a Halloween-PVP and an Halloween-alt instead of a Halloween-SpecOps

MP-Speed_July_06.gif SPEED

Another clone, I know, but Quicksilver is a really strong character in the game and along with his debut on MCU, he can get a clone-char.

Namori15.gif NAMORITA

To complement the Namor-SpecOps I'm expecting (just like Ka-Zar and Shanna). I chose her over Namora due the upcoming Civil War movie... who knows?

MantisGG-ar.png MANTIS

A great GoG member. Could be another "white mage" character, like Rescue, we have really few pure-healing character options.

Lucy_i10.gif KAROLINA DEAN

One of the most interesting Runaway characters remaining. Alex Wilder is more like an NPC, Xavin may not come before Skrulls arrival in the game (which may happen only after the whole Kree wave), and Gertrude and Old Lace can wait for the next year, we'd better take Cloak and Dagger as a duo this year, I don't believe we'll get two duos now.

Red_rose11.gif KLARA PRAST

The other Runaways member(s) I think will complete the ones Playdom promised to release. She's as short as Molly, and Justin Woods hinted that a character as short as Molly is in the works.


Events (10) Playable chars (28) Villains (17)
  • Age of Ultron
  • Ant-Man ✔✔✔
  • Atlantis
  • Heralds
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Agents of SHIELD
  • Runaways ✔✔
  • Kingpin's ✔✔
  • Canada
  • Magic themed
  • Angela ✔✔
  • Chase Stein ✔✔
  • Cloak & Dagger
  • Guardian
  • Jessica jones ✔✔
  • Jocasta
  • Jubilee
  • Karolina Dean ✔✔
  • Klara Prast
  • Mantis
  • Monica Rambeau
  • Namor
  • Namorita
  • Phylla-Vel
  • Polaris
  • Quake
  • Red She-Hulk
  • Scott Lang ✔✔
  • Sentry
  • Silver Surfer
  • Skaar
  • Songbird
  • Speed
  • Starhawk
  • Triton
  • Victor Mancha
  • Werewolf
  • Wiccan
  • Attuma
  • Hyperion
  • Kingpin ✔ ✔
  • Klaw
  • Kraken
  • Mandarin
  • Mister Hyde
  • Morgan le Fay ✔ ✔
  • Omega Red
  • Pyro
  • Radioactive Man
  • Serpent Old
  • Terrax
  • The Pride
  • Tiger Shark
  • Wendigo
  • Yellow Jacket ✔✔
  • ✔: right theme ||| ✔✔: right theme and right hero or villain ||| ✔✔✔: right theme, right hero and right villain
  • ✔: right hero ||| ✔✔: right hero and right recruiting method
  • ✔: right villain ||| ✔✔: right villain in the right occasion
Released Heroes
Event/Year 2015
SpecOps Beta Ray Bill Icon 1 Chase Stein Icon 1 Ultimate Spider-Man Icon 1 Ant-Man Icon 1 Silk Icon 1 Spitfire Icon 1 Jessica Jones Icon 1
PVP Angela Icon 1 Victor Mancha Icon 1 Deathlok Icon 1 Spider-Man Noir Icon 1 Spider-Girl Icon 1 A-Bomb Icon 1 Misty Knight Icon 1 Colleen Wing Icon 1
CT -
Lockbox Superior Spider-Man Icon 1 Hyperion Icon 1Howard the Duck Icon 1
90 CPs Karolina Dean Icon 1 Kate Bishop Icon 1 Quake Icon 1 Spider-Gwen Icon 1 Spider-Man 2099 Icon 1 Amazing Spider-Woman Icon 1 Kamala Khan Icon 1 Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1
TOTAL - 26 -
Released Villains
Event/Year 2015
SpecOps Ymir Icon Hela Icon Surtur Icon Flag-Smasher Icon Electro Icon Karn Icon Yellowjacket Icon Morlun Icon Umar Icon Morgan le Fay Icon Kingpin Icon Beetle Icon Shocker Icon
Missions Kraven Icon Mandarin Icon
TOTAL - 15 -

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