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    MAA Oblivion

    September 30, 2016 by Cyrus Annihilator

    Today, Marvel Avengers Alliance is over. In this video I want to share with you my final thoughts about this game that was so important to me. Please excuse my Brazilian accent, but I want to do the voice-over myself, since this is a very personal subject, despite some technical limitations. In other words, I’m not at KingFisher’s level, but please bare with me.

    You’re seeing on the background the assembling of a spritesheet. These are the last characters released in the game, Adam Warlock and his evil self. The sprite ripping was a huge part of my MAA experience, the reason I got into the wikia and probably the reason why you may have heard about me.

    So, how am I feeling about this? It’s a mix of feelings. I knew it would come one day, with…

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    This was suppose to be a youtube video that I wanted to post before Deadpool's movie, but real life got in the way. Now that the subject emerged again, it's better to just post the text I made.

    Some people believe that this is mere coincidence or another crazy conspiracy theory. In this post, I’ll prove you that the threat is real and it doesn’t involve Illuminati or the end of the world, but something much more powerful: Money.

    We all love the characters, the universe, the stories, but the thing that decides the future of our favorite franchises is how much money they make.

    Nowadays, the movies are by far the biggest money makers in the super hero gender. They bring tons of people to the movies, they boost the popularity of cartoons, comics, …

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    The sequel to Avengers Alliance is coming soon. Are you looking forward to play it? Well… I’m not…

    Here's why:

    I'm starting to experiment in the video editing stuff, so if the amateur aspects of the video annoys you, the text is available below:

    Video script

    Number 10 - Starting again
    I don’t want to… It seems pretty obvious that, in a new game, we’ll have to start from the beginning and I don’t feel in the mood to do it. It’s not like we’re starting a brand new game and the novelty pays off the initial grinding, but MAA2 we’ll have the same mechanics. So basically, we’ll replace an Iron Man that does 1 million HP damage, to an Iron Man that basically does the same moves, face the same enemies, but does 20 HP damage…

    Number 9 - Mobile only
    Good …

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    VOTE HERE on your favorite characters
    and tell everyone who you want next on M:AA!

    Annual statistics chart (2013 - 2015)

    I think 2015 started as an awful year in the game. We started the year another Thor-themed SpecOps, along with his horse version, and the first two LB-characters were Thor-related. We also had a SpecOps without a new hero or a new villain, just alts. Then Marvel made a deal with Sony to bring Spider-Man to the MCU and we got an spider-overdose, nothing less than EIGHT spider-clones arrived on M:AA in 2015. To complete this “much more of the same” year, PD gave us a Hawkeye clone, a Hank Pym clone and two Hulk clones.

    The space trend we’ve got in 2014 with GoG and Inhumans was way gone, sadly. The…

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    An archive to assist on my "ranking" posts

    • Villains ranking
    • Heroes ranking

    Gear Based on Char type
    "Bully" Hunter Enemy
    "Lucky Shot" Domino Hero
    "Snikt" Wolverine Hero
    A Pound of Cure Beast Hero
    Acceleration Shield Kang Villain (Playable)
    Adhesive X Launcher Baron Zemo Villain
    Advanced Idea M.O.D.O.K. Villain
    Algrim's Rage Kurse Villain
    Apocalypse's Subjugator Apocalypse Villain
    Arc Reactor Charge Iron Man Hero
    Asgardian Gauntlet Destroyer Villain (Playable)
    Baltag's Blaster Kang Villain (Playable)
    Bifurcator Mr. Fantastic Hero
    Binding Contract Mephisto Villain
    Blade of the Corruptor Auspex Enemy
    Blade of the Guardian/Gear Hercules Hero
    Bleak Harvest/Gear Grim Reaper Villain
    Blind Justice** Daredevil Hero
    Blind Rage/Gear Daredevil Hero
    BMKG-Rifle 3007 Rocket Ra…

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