Have you ever wondered what happens when our heroes and enemies aren't fighting? Well that's why I came up with something like this. I know you might think "This is just a game, not real life events" but let's just delve into the fun part...

What happens to characters with all the debuffs they get?

With all the burns, chills, poisons and so on, wouldn't it make sense for characters to be severly scalded by their myriad burns, suffering from gangrene and pneumonia from chills and developing debilitating mutations from so much poison? And the psychic attacks, Emma Frost for example, she applies all the mental anguishes to her victims; shouldn't the victims suffer from irreversable mental decimation from repeated brain damage?

What happens after combats?

With all the commotion around, will the characters ever get their required rest such as sleep and reassurance that someone isn't about to kill you them when their guard is down? Do they ever eat at a local restaurant in peace without paranoia that a fight might break out at any moment? They they even gossip and talk, like normal people do? 

Or do they talk in very strict and formal dialogues? Like this:


Do they talk about their recent battles at all? Like do they ever say stuff like "Thanks for covering me when the sentinels went after me" or "You could've dodged that, but you took the hit and I used the last of the Shawarmas to heal you" after battle?

What do civilians see our "Heroes" as?

Do they see the sporadic freys as beyond-human-comprehension gang feuds? Do they even know what's going on around them? If we all lived in Earth 616, would you come outside? Would you really support the heroes or see them differently from a civilian's perspective? Keep in mind that battles may cause death, injury and put people in harm's way.

What do you think happens when the characters aren't in action?

Feel free to post your comments, replies and thoughts. It is always good to have a second opinion. 

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