• Cressenborne

    My opinions of the X-Force alts: I think I'm going to be abstaining.

    I think there are only really two situations where I'd consider getting them:

    1) If I had most of, if not all, the heroes already available.

    2) If I regularly ran a team with any two of the five heroes with the X-Force team up buffs.

    Neither of those apply to me though.

    You only get additional benefits (as I understand it) from these alts if you take two of them (or Archangle or Fantomex) into battle [though why I went up against a PVP team today which had only one hero with an X-Force alt went over my head, so maybe there's something I'm missing...]. Since I don't regularly take a team with two of those heroes that means they have very limited utility for me.

    120 to 150 CP (18…

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