BLOG!! ..... That's about it. I can't think of anything to say. T_T

Well, I can say that I'm a HUGE fan of the game, but I only jumped on in right around the time of that Special Ops where Falcon was up for grabs. But since then, I haven't stopped playing this game. Having the time of my life. 

Me personally, I'm a talented Artist, conceptualist, drafter, storyboard artist, cooking apprentice, and I'm looking for employment. Apart from that, that's about it. I can be impatient sometimes, disillusioned, anxious, even a little overly emotional; but I'm really friendly, and I like making friends and talking to people. I tend to say the wrong things whenver I get nervous, but I try my best not to say the wrong thing in a conversation and not be so easily ruffled. 

I'm currently enjoying the game and managed to successfully acquire Ant-Man from the recent SO, and have collected up 193 Atomic Lockboxes. This was my favorite SO, though I haven't seen the movie from which the SO was adapted. The writing and story progression for each mission was exciting and fun. Plus, this is the first SO where I had all the required heroes for each deploy to unlock the EB, which made getting 5 stars in each mission so, SO much easier! :) 

So... anybody want to talk their favorite stuff, or just regular everyday things? Cause I'm open to that. 

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